Samuel Thornton b. 1755 SC married Naomi unknown, what is Naomie's last name?

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Samuel Thornton RS

b. July 1755 Matthew's Bluff, SC  

d. 07 Mar 1847, Appling Co, GA   

Married: Naomi unknown, 1819 Liberty, GA - NEED TO KNOW WHAT WAS HER LAST NAME?


1. Reddic A. Thornton, Sr.  b. 1793 Bulloch, GA

2. Ezekiel Thornton b. 1797 Bulloch Co, GA

3. Elbert Thornton b. 1798 Bulloch Co, GA

4. Isaac Thornton s/o Samuel, b. 1801 Tattnall Co, GA,  m. Mary O'Steen  NEED BIRTH & DEATH RECORDS

5. William "Bill" Thornton CSA, s/o Isaac, b. 20 Mar 1820 Appling Co, GA,  m. Nancy Moody NEED RECORDS RE: WILLIAM "Bill" IN APPLING, NEED CORRECT CSA RECORDS (Several William's in this area)

6. Simeon Thornton CSA, s/o William, b. 20 Oct 1841 Appling Co, GA    m. Telitha Cumi Bennett - NEED MARRIAGE RECORD

7. William J. Thornton, s/o William "Bill", b. 20 Sep 1861-3,  Pierce Co, GA m. Ellender Douglass, May 1883, Pierce Co, GA
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I have seen this info on Samuel Thornton's possible parents being James Thornton & Janet/Janneth Montgomery, posted on several Message Boards. It is not documented, only copied like wild-fire.

First clue is the researcher (Eric Thornton) has Samuel's Mother (Janet) was born the same year he was born. Apparently, Eric has not checked his genealogy with a critical eye, and common sense.

Second, there are 3 siblings listed (Jane, Abner and Pollie) as being born in the same year of 1771, unless they were triplets, that's quite an accomplishment.

Third, If Samuel was born in 1755, you list his next born siblings in your reply as Jane, Abner and Pollie all being born 16 years later (1771). That seems unlikely.

Fourth, Naomi's last name being Reddick is only speculative. I appreciate your quick response, but I don't believe your source is reliable. Do you have any of what you answered documented? If so, please share.

I have had Y-DNA testing done on 2 different relatives, and both resulted in "exact match" to Thornton. My line is of the Virginia-A Thornton's. Samuel Thornton RS b. 1755 St Mathews Bluff (now Dorchester Co), SC has been our brick wall. We have RS records, Pension application, Church records, etc....but before the Revolutionary War he is not documented.

Many researchers post on Message Boards various names suggested as Samuel's parents, yet none of them offer documentation. That is what makes genealogy a lifetime hobby only for the very patient and very brave...LOL....Again, I appreciate your help.

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Samuel Thornton "revolutionary Soldier"

1755 - 1847

Birth: July 1755

image  St Mathews Bluff, Dorchester, South Carolina, USA

Marriage: Marriage to: Naomi Thornton "Revolutionary Soldier" (born Reddick)1790

image  Abbevillie, South Carolina, United States

Death: Mar 7 1847

image  Beards Creek, Tattnall, Georgia, USA

Family members

Parents: James Thornton

1735 - 1814

Jane Janneth Thornton (born Montgomery)

1755 - 1840

Wife: Naomi Thornton "revolutionary Soldier" (born Reddick)

1765 - 1830

Siblings: Jane Thornton

1771 - 1784

Abner Thornton

1771 - 1784

Samuel Thornton

1790 - 1860

William Thornton

1794 - 1874

Polly Thornton

1771 - 1784

John Thornton

1789 - 1856

Mary Polly Thornton

1792 - ?

Levi Thornton

1794 - 1795

Children: Reddick Thornton

1794 - 1860

Elbert Thornton

1798 - ?

Isaac Thornton

1801 - 1876

Ezekiel Thornton

1797 - ?

Isaac Thornton

1801 - 1876

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Beautifully done, Chris!
Dorothy, Please read my reply to Chris' information. There are many errors in it. Thank you!
Ok, that's fine, it was what I found and can be wrong.
I was impressed by the speed of Chris' reply and the volume. I would presume that before anybody used the information they would source and confirm the material.

And trishmax, it would be wonderful if you would join us on Wikitree. I appears that you may not have completed all of the steps to becoming a full member. We do need positive and thorough "cousins" to join us in our goal of making one family tree. You would be most welcome here.
I apologize, Patricia. I didn't initially see your profile name (Patricia Maxwell) and assumed that you were communicating as a person who had yet to sign the Wikitree pledge or become confirmed as a Wikitree Genealogist. My mistake!

In the past, when Ive asked a question about one of my brick wall profiles, I have received well-meaning but "unhelpful" answers because the responder has not lived as closely with the difficulties of the profile as I have. I could have dismissed the "newly" acquired information  as being repetitive. Instead its caused me to reexamine this material through the newly suggested source.

Imagine my surprise when "inaccuracies" proved to be correct, when several "misspellings, several references to various wives, and an a host of unfamiliar "children" including a hitherto unknown "full sister" of the target profile tuned out to be absolutely correct.

(Check out "Paschal Hickman Cook" if you want to see an example.)

My new Wikitree motto? Leave no stone unturned. Assume nothing. Call in the Wikitree troops and continue to thank them.

You'll be glad you did. We're all in this together.

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