What are Project managed Profiles?

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I am writing this because I have received a number of comments where members do not understand the new approach that allows Projects to manage profiles.   Allowing a project to manage a profile is no different that when another person manages a profile.   When the profile is OPEN you can edit the profile using Wikitree Guidelines.   When the profile is PUBLIC or PRIVATE you can request trusted list access, just as with any profile on Wikitree.  It does not create profiles that "cannot be edited".

The reason the projects are managing profiles now is to help manage the changes to profiles, just like any member can see the changes made to the profiles they manage.  In the past, the profiles were managed by individual members of the project which caused several of us to have too many profiles to manage effectively on our Watchlists.

Are there more questions out there?
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Is this applicable to all profiles categorised as a project or only those "PPP"?
It's applicable to all profiles that have the Project Profile added as manager Ron .

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I asked a question about the validity of Senator John McCain being in the "US Presidents Project".  Yes, he ran for president, but as we all know, he didn't win; so when I wanted to change something in his profile, since I'm working on some of the POWs, the top of the page said that it was protected and could not be changed due to its being in the "US Presidents Project".  I see that it has now been taken out of that project.
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Darlene, because John McCain is a living person, his profile http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/McCain-6 can only be edited by trusted list members. The same is true for any living person.

The fact that the Project is a profile manager for that profile means that a person who requests trusted list access should be able to expect a pretty rapid response. (Faster than the average response when the profile manager is a 4th cousin of the person, who created his profile back in 2013.)
Ellen,  Believe me, I understand about the Trusted List process.  What I questioned was that until either last night or this morning he was "Project Protected" in the "Presidents Project".  Everyone continues with the reiteration of "Trusted List" rules.  What does that have to do with the original question that I asked when he was still in the "Presidents Project"?  Someone, thankfully, took him out of the "Presidents Project" where he didn't belong.
Project protection means only that the profile can't be merged away. Contrary to Wikitree urban legend, it does NOT mean that the profile is being tightly controlled by a project leader.
Even though he did not win, the Presidents project, and the Notables as well, had been working on some of the nominees. He would be covered under the Notables project, and would still warrant a PPP from it, in fact. That said, it shouldn't be taken that it can't be edited if it is protected. You just want to make sure to discuss major changes with the project. Adding categories, sources, helping write bios if there isn't one-those are all things that can happen without worrying about project contact. Adding family, changing names, major edits to existing bios-those do tend to be better done after touching base with the project to make sure there wasn't a reason for it to be the way it is.
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The new Help page says here in the Unconnected Tool Usage section that the account can see which profiles managed by the account need connecting.

This is a great idea, but when I click on the usual Uncoonected Profiles link from the menu in the upper right, it merely takes me instead to my own Unconnected special list.

Is this an oversight., or am I missing it?

by Steven Mix G2G6 Mach 3 (38.7k points)
It works for the US Presidents Project.   You have to be logged on the profile for the Project.   So, in my case, I am logged on as Wikitree-6, the US Presidents Project and then I see the unconnected profiles.
Thanks Robin.

I think I understand. Clearly it is not an option that a basic project member would use.

It would be nice if it worked instead like the Special link, which displays the Activity Feed. There must be some design reason for the difference.

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