Are you related to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?

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Canada has a new Prime Minister!! He is the son of a past PM, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, his tree is already pretty well developed! So, are you related to the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada?

If you've got some French Canadian in you, you probably are! I'm his 7th cousin, and we share a whopping 61 ancestors from New France.

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I most certainly am and to many others also. Here is my connection to Justin Trudeau:

Justin and Jeannette are 8th cousins once removed

Justin Trudeau and Jeannette (Martin) Saladino are both descendants of Pierre Thibodeau.

1. Justin is the son of Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliot Trudeau [confident]
2. Pierre Elliot is the son of Grace (Elliot) Trudeau [unknown confidence]
3. Grace is the daughter of Phillip Armstrong Elliot [unknown confidence]
4. Phillip is the son of Edward Elliot [unknown confidence]
5. Edward is the son of Simon Elliot [unknown confidence]
6. Simon is the son of Elizabeth Louise Josephte Savoie [unknown confidence]
7. Elizabeth is the daughter of Simon Savoie [unknown confidence]
8. Simon is the son of Marguerite Thibodeau [unknown confidence]
9. Marguerite is the daughter of Charles Thibodeau [unknown confidence]
10. Charles is the son of Pierre Thibodeau [unknown confidence]
<!-- it's the last --> This makes Pierre the eighth great grandfather of Justin.

1. Jeannette is the daughter of Joseph Stanislaus Martin [confident]
2. Stanley is the son of Suzane (Colette) Martin [unknown confidence]
3. Suzane is the daughter of Maglorie Collet [unknown confidence]
4. Maglorie is the son of Joseph Collet [confident]
5. Joseph is the son of Rosalie Thériault [unknown confidence]
6. Rosalie is the daughter of Madelaine Robichaud [unknown confidence]
7. Madelaine is the daughter of Jean Robichaud [unknown confidence]
8. Jean is the son of Marie Jeanne Thibodeau [confident]
9. Marie is the daughter of Pierre Thibodeau [unknown confidence]
<!-- it's the last --> This makes Pierre the seventh great grandfather of Jeannette

I believe I am related through Charlotte Marcil a Trudeau descendant married to Joseph Dumont. Not sure what degree.
Justin Trudeau is my 10th cousin our 8th times great grandfather is Zacharie Cloutier who was born on Aug 16/1617, in Perch France

Not exactly: 3rd cousin 6x removed of wife of brother-in-law of 3rd cousin 1x removed of wife of 4th cousin 8x removed

Took a second look; we share the same 8th great-grandparents Pierre Gasnier and Marguerite Rouzée.
Thank you Sue!  That was a great laugh launcher.
Now it says that we are 22nd cousins once removed.   Keep growing wikitree!
Yes, I was just checking geneology about my husband's connections with Pierre Tremblay and I found this link:

It appears they are cousins, like most French Canadians.

I am having my DNA tested now but it appears that I am 2nd cousins to Justin father was apparently an illegitimate  son of Pierre Trudeau's brother Charles Elliott Trudeau, Jr.

YesI am. Follow the link or just read this,,,

Pierre Elliot and Joe are 8th cousins once removed

Pierre Elliot Trudeau and Joe Lastowski are both descendants of Jean Baptiste Trottier.

1. Pierre Elliot is the son of Charles-Emile Trudeau 
2. Charles-Emile is the son of Joseph rudeau 
3. Joseph is the son of Louis Trudeau 
4. Louis is the son of Marguerite (Gagne) Trudeau  
5. Marguerite is the daughter of Marie (Hamelin) Gagne 
6. Marie is the daughter of Rene Hamelin
7. Rene is the son of Madeleine Trottier 
8. Madeleine is the daughter of Jean Trottier
9. Jean is the son of Jean Baptiste Trottier 
This makes Jean Baptiste the seventh great grandfather of Pierre Elliot.

1. Joe is the son of [private mother] 
2. [Private] is the daughter of Antoinette (Grenier) DeMars 
3. Antoinette is the daughter of Anthony Grenier  
4. Anthony is the son of Maximilien Grenier 
5. Maximilian is the son of Marguerite (Giard) Grenier 
6. Marguerite is the daughter of Marguerite (Lefebvre) Giard 
7. Marguerite is the daughter of Catherine Lafond-Mongrain
8. Catherine is the daughter of Marie-Catherine Trottier
9. Marie-Catherine is the daughter of Augustin Trottier
10. Augustin is the son of Jean Baptiste Trottier
This makes Jean Baptiste the eighth great grandfather of Joe.

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Yes, he is my 7th cousin through his father. We share ancestors Francois Dupuis and fille du roi Georgette Richer, through their son Moise. Justin's father and my mother were both born in 1919! I compared our family trees to learn this.
answered by Jeanne Rigotti G2G Crew (350 points)
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20th Cousin 1xr. )
answered by Anonymous Vickery G2G6 Pilot (236k points)
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8th cousin through [[Savoie-65 | Francois Savoie]]

answered by Richard Van Wasshnova G2G6 Mach 1 (15.2k points)
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My Dad said that Pierrie is his 1st uncle so that I guess that makes Justin and I second cousins.
answered by
My wife's grandmother was Blanche Trudeau and Blanche's  father was Modeste Trudeau who was the brother of Justin's great grandfather Joseph Trudeau.  That said, my wife is a third cousin.
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Wow. Long distance, but only once removed:

Justin and Scott are 20th cousins once removed (Uncertain)

What was cool about this was who our shared ancestor was -  John (Plantagenet) of Gaunt KG 

Wow... I guess that makes me related to Royalty? The things you find out on WikiTree!

answered by Scott Fulkerson G2G6 Pilot (354k points)
I share your Wow! Have found so many 'royals' through DNA testing on and 23andMe! Never knew before I started my quest for my ancestors! I have connections to just about all the Royal houses in Europe, mostly through my maternal ancestry; but also, through my paternal ancestry.

It is exciting for sure,


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22nd cousins once removed.  And I just found a new great grand father. And a line I haven't seen before.
answered by Trudy Roach G2G6 Pilot (169k points)
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8th cousins twice removed. :)
answered by Justin Benore G2G Crew (350 points)
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Yes 7th cousins once removed
answered by Ray Girouard G2G Crew (840 points)
hi Ray, we are also 7th cousins once removed.  ;)
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Yes, 10th cousins
answered by Michael Byers G2G1 (1.5k points)
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Yes. I am 10th cousin
answered by Michael Byers G2G1 (1.5k points)
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Holy Hannah!!
My husband Andre is 9th cousins with Justin Trudeau!!

And 12th cousins once removed to Sophie!!
This is EXCITING!!!!
answered by Robynne Lozier G2G6 Pilot (504k points)
edited by Robynne Lozier
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Yes, 9th cousins once removed
answered by Janne Gorman G2G6 Mach 2 (21.8k points)
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Yes. 8th cousin through [Savoie-65 | François Savoie].

answered by Richard Van Wasshnova G2G6 Mach 1 (15.2k points)
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He would be my 10th cousin once removed (my mother's tenth cousin) according to the website  However, their lineage for Cécile Boudrot is that her father is Michel Boudrot and Cécile Leblanc.  Michel's mother is a Thibodeau, through her we would both be descendant from Pierre Thibodeau and Jeanne Terriot.  Cécile Boudrot has an entry in the Canadian Encylcopedia.  I am not yet convinced on the evidence of Cécile Boudrot's parents.
answered by Paul Berry G2G1 (1.5k points)
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I am a 9th cousin to Justin Trudeau and a 7th cousin, once removed, to his wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau.  My grandmother's main families were the Trottier-Beaubien family from Quebec and the Cote-Martin family.   Celine Dion, Madonna, Celine Dion, Justin Bieber, Hillary Clinton, etc. are all distant cousins.  It doesn't make me rich, famous, or smart but it's a great conversation starter.... especially when talking to Conservatives or NDPers. :-)
answered by
I am also related to Celine Dion, Madonna, Hillary Clinton and many others. Like you, it is a great conversation starter. My surname growing up is Martin and I believe I also am connected to the Cote family. Bon Jour, Cousin(e).


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9th cousin through common ancestors Gilles (Jules) Trottier and Catherine Loiseau.
answered by
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Just barely, we are 19th cousins twice removed.
answered by Dusty Boren G2G3 (3.8k points)
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Not related, which is good, since I think he is totally hot! It's generally frowned upon to lust after your relatives!  ;-)
answered by Beth Werrell G2G Crew (770 points)
lol, at the distance in relationship most of us have to him, that is not an issue.  ;)
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Justin Trudeau and I are 9th cousins.  Through 30 generations, both of us have 193 common ancestors.
answered by Nicolas LaPointe G2G4 (4.8k points)
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Yes -- through Jean Mercier.

Janine and Justin are 12th cousins twice removed

answered by Janine Barber G2G6 Pilot (133k points)
I had earlier commented in 2016 that yes, I am related to Justin Trudeau and this line ends up with my mother. Today, I checked once again, and voila!, I am also related to Justin through my father's ancestry! This is wholly possible, as both my parents' ancestors emigrated to Canada in the mid-1600's, both were Acadian, etc.

Today, I have found that Justin and I are 8th cousins once removed from Pierre Thibodeau who is my 7th paternal great grandfather. Wikitree has confirmed these findings for both my maternal and paternal connections; and also on a Canadian genealogy site, Your On that site, I am connected to Justin through many other families, seven to be exact. For today, I will list two connections found on that site:

1. Jean Crete and Marguerite Gaulin to my mother, Alma Marie (Brideau-Martin) = eight generations.. Of course, Justin shares these two ancestors to his father, Pierre-Elliott, = nine generations.

2. Jacques Paviot-Lapensee and Anne Michel to my father, Joseph Stanley Martin = 12 generations. Justin also share these two ancestors to his father, Pierre-Elliott, = 9 generations.

There are many more prominent family surnames that I am connected to on this site, including Roy; but, they are too numerous to mention here.

I have also found on Your Folks that I am related to a few Filles Du Roi and their husbands. This is great fun. I love communicating here on WikiTree and only wish I had more time to devote to my 'hobby'.



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