Are you related to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau?

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Canada has a new Prime Minister!! He is the son of a past PM, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, his tree is already pretty well developed! So, are you related to the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada?

If you've got some French Canadian in you, you probably are! I'm his 7th cousin, and we share a whopping 61 ancestors from New France.

WikiTree profile: Pierre Elliot Trudeau
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Yes; 19th cousins twice removed!
No. Je suis très désolée.
Yes, we share a 7 X great grandfather, Joseph Trottier.
9th cousins and share 41 common ancestors...
Yes,  I was 7th cousin once removed to his father. Haven't checked to see whether I'm 8th cousin to Justin, or 7th twice removed - somewhere in the vicinity anyway!!
We are 9th cousins
I am his 19th cousin once removed
Ninth cousins, once removed... Bon Jour, Cousins!
We are 8th cousins and share 111 common ancestors. Wow!
LOL if he was related to me i would never admit to it
We are nineteenth cousins.
7th cousin once removed and share 73 ancestors.
8th cousin once removed. Pierre Thibideau common ancestor.
my husband, Terry Lapointe, is Justin's 9th cousin ... their first common ancestor couple is Philippe Matou & Marguerite Doucient
He is my 20th great grandfather's wife's 19th great nephew.
Common ancestor is  Bernabò Visconti, signore di Milano
Must say that today in answering this question, I have found so many distant cousins. This is a great way to find the cousins who share your ancestry and can add to your tree!



Justin and I are 22nd cousins. We have 193 common ancestors. The first being

9th cousin 3x removed through Pierre Gasnier!
Pretty distant but 22nd cousin.
I am not afraid to share! Justin and I are 20th cousins once removed!


10th cousins 2x removed

 Our common ancestor is Zacharie Cloutier.

I'm actually related both on my paternal and maternal sides.  Through dad's side, we'd be 10th cousins, through mom's 9th cousins.  My paternal gr-grandmother and maternal grandfather are siblings.
We're 9th cousins once removed, both descending from Pierre Miville...

Yes, I am a direct 9th. cousin to Justin. Our first common ancestors are, Jacques Menard & Catherine Forestier. Also related to Celine Dion, Angelina Jolie, Hillary Clinton and many, many more; essentially almost anyone who has deep French-Canadian ancestry. The "Nos Origines" site also allows these sort of comparisons,

 but not to the extent that Wikitree does. Cheers, Jim

I am blessed. No relation at all. :D
Huh, 9th cousins!
24th cousins once removed.  Now if I ever meet my Prime Minister I can say we're cousins.  Lol.
I am an 8th cousin, through Pierre Sauvé.
Yup! We are 9th cousins.
My Grandmother's maiden name was Beaubien of the Trottier/Beaubien branch (and the Cote/Martin family).  Through her ancestry I am 9th cousin to Justin Trudeau and 7th cousin, once removed to his good wife, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau.  Also, Jean Chretien is a 7th cousin, once removed, Celine Dion and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall are 9th cousins, twice removed, Madonna is a 9th cousin and Hillary Clinton is a 10th cousin.  (My surname was originally a Huguenot name, Senechal, and corrupted/shortened to Seney.)

I most certainly am and to many others also. Here is my connection to Justin Trudeau:

Justin and Jeannette are 8th cousins once removed

Justin Trudeau and Jeannette (Martin) Saladino are both descendants of Pierre Thibodeau.

1. Justin is the son of Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliot Trudeau [confident]
2. Pierre Elliot is the son of Grace (Elliot) Trudeau [unknown confidence]
3. Grace is the daughter of Phillip Armstrong Elliot [unknown confidence]
4. Phillip is the son of Edward Elliot [unknown confidence]
5. Edward is the son of Simon Elliot [unknown confidence]
6. Simon is the son of Elizabeth Louise Josephte Savoie [unknown confidence]
7. Elizabeth is the daughter of Simon Savoie [unknown confidence]
8. Simon is the son of Marguerite Thibodeau [unknown confidence]
9. Marguerite is the daughter of Charles Thibodeau [unknown confidence]
10. Charles is the son of Pierre Thibodeau [unknown confidence]
<!-- it's the last --> This makes Pierre the eighth great grandfather of Justin.

1. Jeannette is the daughter of Joseph Stanislaus Martin [confident]
2. Stanley is the son of Suzane (Colette) Martin [unknown confidence]
3. Suzane is the daughter of Maglorie Collet [unknown confidence]
4. Maglorie is the son of Joseph Collet [confident]
5. Joseph is the son of Rosalie Thériault [unknown confidence]
6. Rosalie is the daughter of Madelaine Robichaud [unknown confidence]
7. Madelaine is the daughter of Jean Robichaud [unknown confidence]
8. Jean is the son of Marie Jeanne Thibodeau [confident]
9. Marie is the daughter of Pierre Thibodeau [unknown confidence]
<!-- it's the last --> This makes Pierre the seventh great grandfather of Jeannette

I believe I am related through Charlotte Marcil a Trudeau descendant married to Joseph Dumont. Not sure what degree.
Justin Trudeau is my 10th cousin our 8th times great grandfather is Zacharie Cloutier who was born on Aug 16/1617, in Perch France

Not exactly: 3rd cousin 6x removed of wife of brother-in-law of 3rd cousin 1x removed of wife of 4th cousin 8x removed

Took a second look; we share the same 8th great-grandparents Pierre Gasnier and Marguerite Rouzée.
Thank you Sue!  That was a great laugh launcher.
Now it says that we are 22nd cousins once removed.   Keep growing wikitree!
Yes, I was just checking geneology about my husband's connections with Pierre Tremblay and I found this link:

It appears they are cousins, like most French Canadians.

I am having my DNA tested now but it appears that I am 2nd cousins to Justin father was apparently an illegitimate  son of Pierre Trudeau's brother Charles Elliott Trudeau, Jr.

YesI am. Follow the link or just read this,,,

Pierre Elliot and Joe are 8th cousins once removed

Pierre Elliot Trudeau and Joe Lastowski are both descendants of Jean Baptiste Trottier.

1. Pierre Elliot is the son of Charles-Emile Trudeau 
2. Charles-Emile is the son of Joseph rudeau 
3. Joseph is the son of Louis Trudeau 
4. Louis is the son of Marguerite (Gagne) Trudeau  
5. Marguerite is the daughter of Marie (Hamelin) Gagne 
6. Marie is the daughter of Rene Hamelin
7. Rene is the son of Madeleine Trottier 
8. Madeleine is the daughter of Jean Trottier
9. Jean is the son of Jean Baptiste Trottier 
This makes Jean Baptiste the seventh great grandfather of Pierre Elliot.

1. Joe is the son of [private mother] 
2. [Private] is the daughter of Antoinette (Grenier) DeMars 
3. Antoinette is the daughter of Anthony Grenier  
4. Anthony is the son of Maximilien Grenier 
5. Maximilian is the son of Marguerite (Giard) Grenier 
6. Marguerite is the daughter of Marguerite (Lefebvre) Giard 
7. Marguerite is the daughter of Catherine Lafond-Mongrain
8. Catherine is the daughter of Marie-Catherine Trottier
9. Marie-Catherine is the daughter of Augustin Trottier
10. Augustin is the son of Jean Baptiste Trottier
This makes Jean Baptiste the eighth great grandfather of Joe.

I have Marie Anne Louise Thibodeaux born 1661 in Acadie as my 8th gr-grandmother married to Antoine Landry b. 1660. mrd in 1683

Her parents are Pierre Thibodeaux 1631 and Jeanne Theriau 1644.

I was told a long while back that I was related but I haven't made the connections yet.

I think I put this comment in the wrong spot lol but I thought I saw a Pierre Thibodeaux and Jeanne Theriau in there. sry.

Okay I've got the connection. We are 9th cousins.

Yes, and you are my ninth cousin. 

Lianne and Joseph are 9th cousins once removed

Lianne Lavoie and Joseph Lastowski are both descendants of Paul Chalifou.

1. Lianne is the daughter of Gil Lavoie DNA confirmed 
2. Gil is the son of Louis Jacques Lavoie DNA confirmed 
3. Louis is the son of Joseph Carmel Lavoie DNA confirmed 
4. J. C. is the son of Marie Philomène (Gagné) Lavoie 
5. Philomène is the daughter of Louis Gagné
6. Louis is the son of Marie Claire Silvestre Champagne
7. Marie is the daughter of Marie Claire Joncas
8. Marie Claire is the daughter of Jacques Joncas
9. Jacques is the son of Louise Nolin
10. Louise is the daughter of Françoise (Chalifou) Chalifour 
11. Françoise is the daughter of Paul Chalifou
This makes Paul the ninth great grandfather of Lianne.

1. Joseph is the son of Alma (DeMars) Lastowski
2. Alma is the daughter of Antoinette (Grenier) DeMars
3. Antoinette is the daughter of Anthony Grenier  
4. Anthony is the son of Marie Zénaïde (Couillard Despres) Grenier 
5. Zénaïde is the daughter of Jean François Régis (Couillard Despres) Couillard Després 
6. François Régis is the son of Emmanuel Edmond Couillard Despres
7. Emmanuel is the son of Marie Geneviève Chalifour
8. Marie Geneviève is the daughter of François Chalifour 
9. François is the son of Pierre Chalifour
10. Pierre is the son of Paul Chalifou
This makes Paul the eighth great grandfather of Joseph.

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Mr. Trudeau is my grandfather's ninth cousin, although he's a bit younger than me. (Wait? A global leader is younger than me? I feel old.) Our closest common ancestors are the immigrant couple Simon Jean Cardinal and Michelle Garnier. WikiTree shows 32 common ancestors for us.

I'm just 1/16 French Canadian, with ancestors who settled in southern Indiana and Illinois in the 1740s. In order to keep their land, they signed oaths of allegiance first to England and later to the United States.

by Karen Lowe G2G6 Pilot (134k points)
Karen, then we are cousins since I am descended from Michelle Garnier's sister Louise.  :D

Neat! In addition to the Garnier family we share with M. Trudeau, we're even closer through the Savary family - seventh cousins twice removed.

Danielle. We're 8th cousin. Our common ancestor is Jean Pepin.
Fun Karen.  And you have an Australian cousin working on her tree (wikitree member), also descended from Michelle Garnier, I have 2 connections to her back then and 'met' her through other means.  Have to let her know she's related to him.  She's going to find it extremely funny.
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Just for fun and not expecting to be related to him I ran the relationship to me and to my amazement I am a 24th cousin to him.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
I got 20th cousin once removed, but I don't believe it. The most recent common ancestor is John of Gaunt, and my supposed lineage from him goes through at least one "Questionable Gateway Ancestor."
same here, 24th cousin

Edit:  I just noticed this thread is from 3 years ago.. wow
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Justin and Jacqueline are 7th cousins once removed through Charles Thibodeau.

by Jacqueline Girouard G2G6 Mach 6 (60.6k points)
Moi aussi (me too). I did not know Justin had Acadian ancestors. His 4th Great Grandfather in the Elliot line married and Acadian Elizabeth Savoie.
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Yes. Eighth cousins. And Half fourth cousins with his wife.
by Karen Fleming G2G Crew (590 points)
I hadn't thought to check my connection to his wife! She is my 9th cousin, once removed.
I wonder if Justin and Sophie are related to each other. I haven't traced their entire lines, but it would not be surprising.
Apparently they are 9th cousins! With 6 shared ancestors. Maybe we won't tell them that...
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We are 8th cousins with common ancestor François Xavier Savoie.

by Richard Van Wasshnova G2G6 Mach 1 (18.6k points)
I see a wiki link problem here with my post. I linked to Saviie-65 and it added a middle name Xavier which should not be there.

Something wrong here.
You should do separate post with tag to wikitree tech on this Richard, rather odd.

This is a test. In previous post I entered "Savoie-65 | Francois Savoie" with double square brackets [[ ]] instead of " "  [[Savoie-65 | Francois Savoie]]. When I checked to see if link worked it did link to the correct person but it displayed as François Xavier Savoie


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Justin and Mags are 21st cousins twice removed. Very interesting!

by Mags Gaulden G2G6 Pilot (519k points)
Mags , I just found out we are 19 th cousins. Somewhere a connection must have happened. Hey coz.
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7th cousins once removed, going back to Jean-Baptiste Riel.  117 common ancestors within 25 generations.  Funny, I used to live in his riding and actually met him briefly once.
by Danielle Liard G2G6 Pilot (334k points)
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Yes, we are 9th cousins and have 21 other ancestors in common. Germain Savoie is our shared 8th great grandfather.

by Skip McDonald G2G Crew (640 points)
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Justin is my 9th cousin. We share a common 8th great grandfather Jean Crete.
by Dougie Walsh G2G1 (1.1k points)
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Yes, 7th cousins, twice removed. We share my 6x great grandfather Pierre Thibodeau (Thibodeau-30)
by Donna Storz G2G6 Mach 2 (22.1k points)
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Eighth cousin once removed. Same degree of separation as with Tom Mulcair. Tous nous Quebecois et les descendants sont des cousins!
by Ross Ashley G2G6 (9.4k points)

Mulcair is my 9th cousin, once removed.

8th cousin twice removed with Thomas Mulcair.  I Agree with Ross, we're all family here.
My connection to Mr Mulcair has disappeared ... it was a bit tenuous anyway. Oh, well.
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Yes, Justin and I are 20th Cousins through John Plantagenet or John of Gaunt, our common Great Grandfather!   Genealogy is so interesting with amazing revelations.
by Rand Prouse G2G4 (4.7k points)
edited by Rand Prouse
Justin is related to George Washington-11 thru John Plantagenet according to the Relationship Finder.
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Yes! We are 9th cousins twice removed.
by Krysia Seither G2G Crew (470 points)
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Yup!  9th cousins once removed.  Jean Baptiste Trottier is my 9th great grandfather and his 8th.  Very cool!
by Cathleen Bachman G2G2 (2.2k points)
edited by Cathleen Bachman
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9th cousins, share 46 ancestors within the 25 generations
by Rebecca Dean G2G2 (2.5k points)
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Yes we are 8th cousins!

by Patricia Menton G2G Crew (880 points)
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The Connection Finder says NO, but it only checks 10 steps. I am 26 steps from AJ and AJ is 28 steps from Trudeau, so I am no more than 54 steps from Trudeau, and possibly less, correct?
by Sharon Centanne G2G6 Pilot (154k points)
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My son-in-law, who wishes to remain Anonymous, is a tenth cousin of Trudeau.
by Sharon Centanne G2G6 Pilot (154k points)
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Yes, I am related to Justin Trudeau (and also to many other Prime Ministers in Canada's past), as follows:

1. Justin Trudeau is my 8th Cousin, once removed.

2. We are related through my 7th Great Grandfather (Justin's 8th GG), Jean Crete.

Jeannette (Martin-Brideau) Saladino
by Jeannette Saladino G2G6 Mach 1 (12.6k points)
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This trail tells us that Jean is the eighth great grandfather of Justin.

1. Jeannette is the daughter of Alma Marie (Brideau) Martin [unknown confidence]
2. Alma is the daughter of Lazare Brideau [unknown confidence]
3. Lazare is the son of Lazare Allain Brideau [unknown confidence]
4. Lazare is the son of Joseph Brideau [unknown confidence]
5. Joseph is the son of Leon Brideau [unknown confidence]
6. Leon is the son of Louis Brideau [unknown confidence]
7. Louis is the son of Hilaire (Brideault) Brideau [unknown confidence]
8. Jean Hilaire is the son of Marie Crete [unknown confidence]
9. Marie is the daughter of Jean Crete [confident]
<!-- it's the last -->WOW!

by Jeannette Saladino G2G6 Mach 1 (12.6k points)

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