Incorrect Biography after GEDCOM import

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Hi all, this is my first posting, having very recently joined wikitree.

I've just imported my first GEDCOM - very small with only 14 people. On reviewing it, I find that for 2 of the people, the marriage detail in the biography is totally incorrect. 2 siblings (male and female) are both shown as marrying their father, and all children of their parents are their own children. Both have a spouse and children, but I don't a marriage record for them.The underlying tree records seem to be correct.

The 2 records are Hammond-4128 and Hammond-4125. The first of these is still living so set to private.

Do I have to add spurious marriage data to my tree in order to get the biography to be correctly generated?

WikiTree profile: Rhonda Margaret Tostevin
in The Tree House by Sue Smith G2G1 (1.1k points)
I started with 575 printed pages, I spent 18 months entering manually probably several thousand profiles. After a week it was really easy and I know nothing got confused by being imported.  I recommend this method. Sure, it takes time, but I know everything I put in was correct.
You were wise Tom. Regretfully, I upload a gedcom with about 800 profiles and have spent almost two years editing and correcting them.
I'm glad I only uploaded 14. I meant to add an extra 7 children of the oldest person, plus all their families, but I forgot to once I'd finished the first child's family.

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The biography you are seeing is auto-generated from the Gedcom import.

You can (and should) hand-modify the biography.
Simply go to the Edit tab of the profile and scroll down until you see the biography information.
Make whatever changes you need to, then click the Preview button to see if it looks OK. (You can click the button after any changes you make to have it update the preview)
by Bobby Benson G2G Crew (810 points)
selected by Maggie N.
Thanks you Bobby.

I understand that I can modify the biography manually, and indeed have been modifying the sources that were imported. However, if the biography is likely to be incorrect as well as there being lots of issues with sources (which I'm sure are to do with the way I have recorded sources in my genealogy application), then it's going to take longer to import a gedcom than to manually key in the data.
Which is why I gave up importing gedcoms and now add all profiles manually.
Thanks Shirley - I'm coming to the same conclusion :-(
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Hi Sue ... Welcome to WikiTree!

I'm sorry you're starting out with a badventure, but at least it's only a very small one and you did the best possible thing by asking about it here - any time you have questions, G2G is the place to go - there are lots and lots of members who are always ready to answer questions here, so you'll never have to wait very long, and with so many members, there are bound to be some who will be able to answer any question, no matter what the topic!

In this case, I looked at Rhonda's profile and don't see anything wrong, but that's only because I'm used to seeing imported GEDCOM's.  The original GEDCOM often contains all that marriage/children information for a person's parents in the biography section.  The information appears to be correct, although it is not information about Rhonda - only about her parents and siblings.  When you look in the data section (above the biography), it shows Rhonda's parents and siblings as matching the information in the biography.

You can delete that section in the biography for Rhonda and her siblings, but you might want to leave it in the parents' biographies since it is about them.

Profiles were not added for Rhonda's spouse and children - they were probably not included in the original GEDCOM.  You can add them whenever you'd like to by clicking the link to "add spouse" or "add child" that you'll see on the editing page.
by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (910k points)
Hi Gaile,

thanks for respdonding. I'm now confused. In the Biography section "Marriage" shouldn't I expect to see details of Rhonda's marriage, rather than her parents? Her parents marriage detail are already under their own profiles, so why would they be duplicated under the child's. And for her siblings where I don't have any spouse or children, the parents details aren't present.

The way it looks at the moment is that she was married before she was born (6 months - naughty parents!), she married her father and she was her own mother.

Her own husband and child don't get a mention. And they are in the same gedcom as Rhonda (and they weren't duplicates), and now have their own profiles correctly linked to Rhonda's.

I understand that I can edit the biography and add the correct data, but if importing a gedcom means that the biographies are incorrect, then that is really discouraging.

Sue, I feel your pain.  Technically, the information in the bio is not incorrect.  If you look at the listing of the children under the marriage of her parents, you'll see that all are linked to their respective profile pages except Rhonda - her name is listed in bold.  This indicates that she is a child of that marriage.  

That does not excuse the fact that the listing of her parents' marriage and all their children is really out of place to have on her profile and, I agree that it can appear confusing to see it there.  I am not alone in deploring the bad job done by WikiTree's import process.  My impression is that most people here are not in favor of importing gedcoms because they feel that it takes less effort to manually enter all the profiles than to clean up the bios after gedcom import.

I wish WikiTree did a better job of importing data in gedcom files, but the fact remains that it does what it does and we have to live with it.
When I see a chunk of info about a person's parents' marriage, if the info is OK (sometimes it's full of junk entries like @4325) I often insert a header that says "Parents' Marriage."

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