Merger of Two John Perkins was Rejected. Why?

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I proposed a merger of the profiles of John Perkins and John Perkins, Sr. a few days ago based on the fact that they have the same wife and the same death date in Massachusetts in 1654. The merger was rejected by one of the Profile Managers on the basis that "dates do not match too many gaps in family lines". It is true that the birth dates do not match, one says 1590 and the other 1583. Perkins-6856 is a new profile and has very little source information. The child listed for him is definitely wrong as he was only 10 when she was born. According to Anderson (GMB p.1432), there was only one John Perkins who came to America during the Great Migration - on the ship Lyon in 1631 - and that he was born in 1583 and died "at age 64" in 1654, so take your pick of birth date.

In my opinion, the rules of Wikitree say that there should be only one profile for John Perkins and that the discrepancies should be worked out on the merged profile. Is this right?

WikiTree profile: John Perkins
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I see what you mean and I re-initiated a merge for that one.  Maybe a different profile manager will complete the merge and explain the discrepancy within the source.
I concur, eliminate the wrong birth date, eliminate

Anne Doane, (she doesn't fit in that family). Merge the two profiles.
The rules that many PMs work on would make it impossible to merge many duplicates, except by brute-force methods.

I think you're supposed to get onto the TL of both profiles by claiming to be a descendant, who must therefore be supposed to have some special knowledge.

With Open profiles, I guess most of the easiest ones have been done and the system is increasingly not working for the ones that are left.

There's a growing problem in that the smart-matching systems ignore rejected matches, but there are more and more good matches ending up on the reject pile.

I have located a source ( that shows Anne (Perkins) Doane as the daughter of John Perkins. That site does not provide any confirmation about the parentage of Anne (Perkins) Doane.  According to THE FAMILY OF JOHN PERIKINS OF IPSWICH BY George A. Perkins, M. D.  (printed in  1889 by a Member of the New England Historic Genealogical Society,) this Anne was not a daughter of John Perkins Sr. (Perkins-122).  Tom Bredehoft's suggestion to disconnect Anne from John should be done for this reason alone.  Once that is done, correcting a birth date error which is indicated as "about" would remove any objection to the merger.

Errors do happen, and weight should be given to a well documented profile when merging a new unsourced profile. In my opinion, this merge should not have been rejected due to the reason given, instead it should have been merged and the erroneous daughter placed in the comment section as an unsourced and a probable error.

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This has been discussed in the past, and this is a good example of why detail in a merge request is important....that said, too many times a rejection happens because the PM does not read the notes, they just look for perfection in the data.   Should you continue to have issues with the other profile manager, take a look at our "problems w/Members" process under the Help menu.

For everyone, I am going to work with the other profile manager as a Mentor.
by Robin Lee G2G6 Pilot (645k points)
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