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Ester  surname  hyde married  William  meeks  Ester  believed  to be full blood  Cherokee  from  creek  band. Looking for information  regarding  Cherokee  orgins  

Other family  surnames  include ,  Williams ,  Fulgham ,  Meeks ,  Hyde
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My great-grandfather told my grandmother that his mother was "full-blooded Cherokee."  His mother was Elizabeth "Betty" Meeks.  

Her father was James Meeks, and I'll talk about her mother's name at the end, since no one can actually read what it says on the census.

I know that a lot of people claim Cherokee heritage, but I once had a Cherokee woman who had just moved away from the North Carolina reservation after living there her entire life walk up and ask me about my heritage, because she recognized my Cherokee features.  If you look at photos of my great-grandfather, his features look just like what you would expect in a vintage photo of a Native American.  If he had long hair and the right clothes, you would never guess that it wasn't one of those old vintage photos.  My grandmother looked more and more Native American as she got older, too.  

Maybe it's not Cherokee, and maybe it's not as recent as I was told, but I know it has to be there, and I believe my great-grandfather absolutely believed that his mother was "full-blooded Cherokee," even if it turns out that an ancestor much further back in time is the one who was Native American, and if it was Choctaw or something else that isn't Cherokee.


I have wanted to try to make a connection with descendants of my great-grandfather's older siblings, and descendants of his mother's siblings, to try to learn if there is the story of Cherokee heritage in other branches as well.

My great-grandfather told my grandmother that, when he was a boy, he used to spend a lot of time in the woods with a group of Cherokee.  I have not been able to verify the existence of this group, though they may not stand out in records.  They may have been relatives of his late mother.

Here is what I know about these ancestors:

Henry Jefferson Luttrell, born and died in Casey County, Kentucky, 1879-1954, claimed spent his childhood with local Cherokee.  Son of James Matthew "Matt" Luttrell and Betty Meeks.

Elizabeth "Betty" (Meeks) Luttrell, born in about 1846 in Kentucky, died between 1880 and 1889.  Married James Matthew "Matt" Luttrell.  Probably buried in Bowmer Cemetery in Casey County, Kentucky, in an unmarked grave next to her husband (his 2nd wife is buried on the other side; headstone reads Mat Literall).  She sometimes showed up as Betsey and sometimes had the middle initial E. or B. According to my grandma, Betty climbed up the chimney and jumped off the roof, killing herself, when my great-grandfather was a child.  This was definitely after the 1880 census but before Matt remarried in 1889.  Grandma never specified whether Henry remembered his mother or not.

Henry was the youngest child.  His older siblings are Zachariah T, Jesse D., and James F.  I believe it was James F whose mother's name showed as Betty Meeks on his death certificate.  Henry's shows as Betty Minks, but marriage records show her name was Elizabeth Meeks, and my grandma had simply misheard it, expecting a Native American name. Jesse's death certificate left his mother's name blank, and I have not found Zachariah's.  

James Meeks was born about 1824. He lived in Casey County in 1860.  I think he died in 1869, but now I can't find the record.  He is the father of Louisa S. (Meeks) Hiter, Louisa S.<br> Elizabeth "Betty" (Meeks) Luttrell, Martha A.Meeks, Joseph or Johanna Meeks,  Allen B. Meeks (he shows as Allen B.C. on one census), Lester or Foster Meeks, and James B. Meeks.  Any of their decendents might know more than I do.

Now, last but not least, the name of their mother.  My only sources are the 1860 and 1870 censuses, and nothing is consistent.  From her age, she was born between 1818 and 1820.  Her name showed up (to my careful analysis) as Delhis in 1860, and Delie in 1870, but it could be anything from Gelhis to Delia to Delilah.  I have no idea what her maiden name was.  I think died between 1870 and 1880, because I can't find an 1880 census for her in Casey County.  I know that one of their daughters, Louisa, married a neighbor, James Hiter, in 1862, and other than that, I don't know anything else.  

The only other thing I can add is that my great-grandfather took my mother into the woods in Casey County, Kentucky when she was maybe 3 or 4 years old, and he showed her all these different plants and knew what they were called and what they were for.  He signed his draft card with an X and only had a couple years of schooling, so I know he didn't learn this from a book.  It is possible that he was taught Native American plant lore from the Cherokee who were living in Casey County when he was a boy, but this is speculation.
I definitely have full-blooded Cherokee Indian relatives in my family, the Williams family, who came from Georgia.  One married Eliza Janes, daughter of Lydia J. Lightfoot.  In her tree, I have the Cherokee names, I will check my tree and get back to you on this.

Dona Floyd Kimmons
I have been working all morning on my full-blooded CHEROKEE bloodline, which is in my family under The Floyd Family Tree, my family line of Nancy J. Lightfoot (1819-1878) traced back to Colonel Phillip Lightfoot (1728-1747), brother of John Lightfoot (1725-1751)` who married Nancy Ga Ho Ga Lightfoot (1730-1790), born in Cherokee, Rome, Floyd County, Georgia, and died 1790, in Rome, Floyd County, Georgia. Profile no. Cherokee-43.

My Williams family tree came from Jasper County, Georgia, fought in the Civil War, and one came to Lufkin, Texas, Nathan Melford Williams and his wife Adeline Eluisa Cornwell, he was badly injured in that war, 1863. I worked all morning on Nancy Lightfoot's Cherokee heritage, and traced her back to Chief Willennawah Great Eagle (1720-1807), Stearns, McCreary, Kentucky, died on the Hiwasse River, Tennessee. He was married to Wurteh Red Paint Clan (1710-1770), had many children, one of which was Chu Qua LaTa Que Doublehead (1744-1807). The father of Chief Willenawah Great Eagle (1720-1807) was Amotoya Moytoy 1 the Elder Chota (Chief) (1660-1730) and his wife Ani Gatage Wil Women Deer Clan Moytoy (1680-1730). The CHEROKEE Indians kept very good genealogical records, and there are too many records for me to put on Wikitree, although I did put them on Ancestry, they are massive and extensive names and records.


My daughter was descended from Chief Quanah Parker, Commanche Indian Chief, Texas,Parker County. Parker/Commanche reunions were held every year in Waco, Texas, and they had volumes of genealogy records. She descends from the Sanders/Parker/Plummer families of Texas. I currently live on land once owned by the Commanche Indians, Texas Hill Country near between Austin and San Antonio, Texas.


One of my Lightfoot ancestors, Elijah Holiday Lightfoot fought at the Battle of the Alamo, died in 1836, Texas. Their family came from Kentucky and Arkasas.


Dona Floyd Kimmons
Please read my comments on the Williams/Cherokee connections.

Dona Floyd Kimmons

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I have no concrete proof,my grandfathers mom was Cora E Williams,and we have native features.We came from Tx to Ok..then Ca to would be interesting to know..
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Hi I am the descendant of Frank Meeks.I am also looking for proof of the Cherokee bloodline as my great grandmother is said to be full Cherokee. Frank Meeks is said to be adopted by the Cherokee in 1830. I came across a story by typing in Meeks stories in google search. His travel path matches yours.
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I have Hydes from South Dakota that are supposed to be full blooded Lakota but proving it is difficult. From what I can find so far, federal census marks race or color for individuals. I have several but not for Ester. I have George and Mary Hyde with their children all marked with In on the census of 1910 in South Dakota. We had blue cards for my great grandfather but they were lost in a house fire so back to square one for us. Good luck and try a federal census!
by Dena Joyner G2G Crew (350 points)

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