I set up a new category, but maybe the category people could help settle it in it's place?

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Recently Tibor Rubin passed away.  I created a profile today.  He was obstructed from getting the Medal of Honor when he was in the service, but thanks to the Leonard Kravitz act, he was awarded one later.


So, I set up this

Category: Leonard Kravitz Jewish War Veterans Act


it is under this category right now(Jewish Immigrants to America), but I think maybe there should be a Jewish category for America, or possibly the Jewish History category, needs a few subdivisions, like Israeli History, and Pre-Israeli History, and ???


WikiTree profile: Tibor Rubin
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Susan, I read the profile you created and his experiences are spine chilling.  The only thing is that I don't know if we need a category for the Leonard Kravitz Jewish War Veterans Act.  There wouldn't be very many people in it, plus I'm not sure what genealogical purpose it serves to group them.  I believe we have a category for Medal of Honor winners - that is certainly appropriate to put him in.  He also belongs in the Holocaust Survivors category, as well as the Holocaust project and he will belong in the Korean War project that I believe is not yet created but in the works.

Thank you for adding this profile of a truly amazing person.
It seems to me, that if we have a category for social activists, and other historical figures, that putting them in context is also necessary.  In general I see part of genealogy as preserving the tidbits of history.  And the 20 or so men, who were in integrated units, who were persecuted for being Jewish, is part of one of those tidbits, that I think should be shared.

I think that's probably a question for the categorization project to decide if it is a category we should have.

I noticed something else, though.  You created a new category for Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp and made it a subcategory of Holocaust Survivors, which has a note on its page indicating that it belongs to the Holocaust project.  The Holocaust category structure was very carefully planned with assistance from Philip Smith every step of the way when it was created and the planning was openly done in G2G.  The Holocaust Victims category has subcategories for all the places of imprisonment, but Holocaust Survivors is a bottom level category in which all Holocaust survivors are placed.

If you had consulted the Holocaust project before creating that category, we would have told you that Tibor Ribom belongs in the Holocaust Survivors category and the Mauthausen-Gusen concentration camp categpry needs to be removed from the Holocaust Survivors categories and put in the Misnamed Categories, with appropriate information about and links to the correct categories to use for profiles, which is either Holocaust Survivors or Holocaust Victims at Mauthausen-Gusen.  Do you want to do that or would you rather that I do it?


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The Leonard Kravitz Jewish War Veterans Act seems like a very important act which is worth honoring.  Sometimes categories do honor people, although that is not their main purpose.  The main purpose of categories is to group similar people together in order to assist the process of genealogy.  So the question would be raised -- is anyone besides Leonard Kravitz himself likely to be in this category?  Who would be grouped with him?  The other notes have given other excellent ideas of categories in which he should be grouped!
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categories also help people find their ancestors... Say a descendant heard that one of their ancestors had been recognized with an MOH because of the Act... granted, there aren't tons of MOH recipients, but having a separate "Category:Leonard Kravitz Jewish War Veterans Act" would narrow it down for them.

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