Did You Forget Which Profiles You Were Working On?

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I work on a number of One Name Studies.  I get tired of one profile and move to another, then I forget which ones still needs work.

I have created a category under Category: Carrier Name Study called: Category: Carrier in Progress.  That way, I can interrupt my work on one profile and find it to go back to work on it later.  I think this would work as a personal category, not part of a One Name Study.

Also, I have created two other categories that help if I am working up or down a line:

Category: Carrier Needs Descendants
Category: Carrier Needs Ancestors
in The Tree House by Vic Watt G2G6 Pilot (327k points)
That looks like a really good aid, Vic!  THANX!!!

Right now, I think I need a Category: Needs More Research Skills than I Have
That is a great idea. Only I think I'll make a category; Completed! Much smaller list.:)

I add personal categories for different sources and locations etc...==>

  • Category Sälgö-1_Graves_Hovdestalund is wikitree profiles with a graves i the graveyard Västerås Hovdestalund ==> when I visit that churchyard I should try to find them and take photos. Also add a link to the churchyard map on the category page
  • Category: Sälgö-1 Anbytarforum
    Profiles where I have asked about advice, reading helps at a site discussionsite Anbytarforum.... I normally link back to Wikitree also at Anbytarforum so I fast find tghe profile
  • Category: Sälgö-1 Check Military records contains profiles with military records ==> when I visit the War archive its much easier to find what I know etc..
  • Category:Sälgö-1 Check Prisonrecords contains all people I found been to prison ==> whe I learn something new about sources reegarding prisons I can easily find them
  • Category: Sälgö-1_SDB is all profiles where I should check in a database SDB that contains all people who died in Sweden between 1901-2013 magic BUT I have it just on my PC which I never use....



Sounds like a great way to make a categorized work list.

It just occurred to me that,

  • for the Bodie Name Study, we could have: Category: Bodies in Progress
  • for the Begin Name Study we could have: Category: Begin not Finished
  • for the Czech Project, we could have Category: Czech Sources
  • for the Wright Name Study, we could have Category: Wright Wrong LNAB
Love it, Vic! rofl




ETA: "love" it ... not "live" it ... sometimes my fingers gets ahead of my brain. Ugh.

My category for next time I visit Söderhamn

Maybe I should do a kayak expedition from Stockholm ;-) Last time I had to stay 2 nights in Söderhamn because of wind (22 m/s)

Maybe it's the early morning not enough coffee brain but "Bodies in Progress" amused me greatly this morning.

Thanks, Magnus
Magnus --

I will be very interested in your next kayak expedition! I'm sure you'll have a professionally produced video walk-through of the cemeteries for me, right? :-)


p.s. I suggest waiting until spring when you will have daylight past 1500.

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I have been using categories for the Ayer Name Study to populate to-do lists with profiles that lack sources, need clean up, need a bio, or have a data conflict that needs to be researched.  I can imagine expanding it for other things once we get the basics in better shape.
by Warren Ayer G2G3 (3.9k points)
Hi Warren, I actually saw two of your Ayer Name Study categories in action on one of the profiles I manage: Unsourced and Bio.  Boy did that make me sit up, source the profile and write a coherent biography for Kathleen Metella Sallee Eyre, Sallee-118 .  I have also added Ralph Waldo Eyre, Eyre-511; James Addison Eyre, Eyre-513; and Charles Addison Eyre, Eyre-512.
That is great for two reasons:  1) some profiles were improved, and 2) the categorization served a good purpose.

When I first started the Ayer Name Study, someone wanted to participate and asked the simple question, "how can I help?"  I realized I had no systematic way of answering and I thought it would be really useful to have lists of profiles needing sourcing, bios, adoption, cleanup, etc.  As I started setting up the categories to make the lists self-populating I realized it would also be useful if the categories were setup consistent with other projects so as to leverage their work and possible collaboration.  So, for example in addition to being subcategories of the name study, the ANS US unsourced is also a subcategory of the United States Unsourced Profiles of the Sourcerers; the ANS Unconnected is also a subcategory of the Unconnected Profiles of the Connector project; and the ANS Bio Needed is also a subcategory of the Needs Narrative/Bio of the Profile Improvement Project, etc.

I am also trying to do something similar for sources, tying into Rick Pierpont's Source categories but have not done much with them yet.

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