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I was attempting to tackle fixing John Briggs -440 and the duplicate children & incorrect children.  In trying to verify his parents, wife, children's birthplace many conflicts arose.

Most informative was the TAG V.59 from 1983 that was referenced and also WorldConnect Database: "Bogdonoff-Dick Ancestry" , by Jillaine Smith.  Plus this Briggs Genealogy

My question: can I accept the TAG article as definitive for John Briggs, his parents and children?

At least Samuel & Thomas will have to be removed from his profile and the wife Hannah may also need removal from him.  With no evidence of daughter Joanna might that be his sister Joane who remarried?

I'll do the work but the only real source seems to be the TAG article unless something more recent has been found.

WikiTree profile: John Briggs
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Jillaine Smith is an active contributor here. Have you contacted her yet?
I knew that which is why I included her name in the post and also hoping some others might chime in.  Even since I started this thread the profile has had someone make incorrect changes.  I hope to have sources that I can use to verify the changes BEFORE I make them.
Hi there. I found you! :-)

I think that between what's on the profile itself and also on the WorldConnect profile linked to above, there should be sufficient information to make the needed changes.

I would detach children Samuel and Thomas (but link to them in the bio?). I'd keep the other sons, though you might want to mark Richard as uncertain. We have documentation that Hugh was son of John, and we have documentation that Hugh was brother of William. We have a record where Richard is implied but not explicitly named as a brother of Hugh.

As for Hannah, I'd keep her attached but with "uncertain" and explain why in her (and his) bio.
I've just found a document that indicates Hannah Fisher married John Briggs b. 1642 in Portsmouth RI;  A different family altogether so she will be removed as wife of -440
It appears the John Briggs founder of Portsmouth RI has been confused with John Briggs of Taunton.

I have made changes to -440 to reflect some of the info above and await a merge request for the two Hugh's.  I do not believe Joanna is a daughter of John Sr. unless some evidence of her birth in America is found.

The baptism of the children of John in England is documented and Joanna is not included.
For the record, I've been mostly out of pocket lately, during which time received a private message asking why I had added the PGM tag to the Briggs profile.

Answer: I went to the profile to see what this G2G was about, ended up editing the profile to remove non-meaningful clutter that was getting in the way of reading it, and added the PGM template because (1) this G2G was tagged with the PGM template and (2) I saw a source that mentioned possible immigration in the 1630s. I didn't do more because I had no info to supply.  It's now clear to me that the John Briggs on a 1630s passenger list (also discussed in GMB) was a different man. Does he have a profile yet, to help reduce the potential for confusion?
Thanks for your work, Ellen.

This one is still also PGM as far as I can tell. Why do people think he's not?
Dave, just an update: since all this work, it looked like a bad merge happened, and the Taunton and Rhode Island John Briggs were merged. I think I've teased them apart again-- or at least made the Taunton family whole. You might want to check to see if I did it correctly.

I still need to track down a profile for the John Briggs of Rhode Island, who may have been merged away.

Well, shoot; you just added Hannah Fisher back as a spouse.

She's the wife of the Rhode Island man, not the Taunton man.
I've just created a freespace page to distinguish the five John Briggs of early New England:
No, I did not just add her back in.  She was there beforehand as his wife.  I agree she is wrong and belongs to the RI Briggs.  I have removed her as John of Taunton's wife on his page.
Well that's weird. According to the changes page, someone named David Mason re-attached her. Maybe it was one of those weird editing conflict errors. Glad she's now detached.
If you look at my Dec.21st comment at that time I found she didn't belong to Briggs of Taunton.   But I just remembered I did add her marriage date and place in RI today but hadn't detatched her yet.  That must have recorded as an attachment even though it wasn't.
All in Thornbury, Gloucestershire church records (per TAG 59(1983):177-179

John Briggs m. 11 Nov 1633 Agnes Thayer

John Briggs ch 21 Sep 1634; nfr

Katherine ch 6 Jan 1636/7 nfr

Richard chr 17 Mar 1638/9

Last record of John and Agnes in Thornbury is a 1644 christening record where John appears as godparent.
Excellent.  Now to update the childrens birth date/place in their profiles.

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TAG 33:76 has info on him as well, saying wife is unknown.

NEHGR 125:76+ has info

American Ancestors magazine 14.4:57+ has DNA info on his family.

None of these references include a wife Hannah, or sons Samuel and Thomas.

Jillaine's page has more sources besides these three and the TAG article you mentioned.
by S Willson G2G6 Pilot (145k points)

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