Are these two, Susannah Cooke/ Susannah Cook, the same person?

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There is disagreement about whether or not Cooke-2232 and Cook-3473 should be merged.  I am trying to assist with the process of working out the details but need help from someone who knows the line or has sources. Can you help? Thanks so much!

WikiTree profile: Susannah Singletary
in Genealogy Help by Paula J G2G6 Pilot (258k points)
One profile is a person and the managers objected to having the other profile with no data or relationships merged away into it.  The profile that is being merged away has Green privacy and no dates so I cannot force the merge. As you probably noticed, many notes have been left but they are mostly on the profile that is a person.  I left a new note on the other profile today to either add info indenting the person in the profile or merge. If there is no action in 10 days from that note I will send to admin to have it opened.  

Thanks for bringing this to my attention!  I really appreciate all you do to help me and others on WikiTree!!
I'm going to have someone look into this also. Thanks for your expertise!
And thank YOU for all you're doing. :-)
not all merges need to be made
This merge needs to be made. There's now one good profile for this woman. That second profile has been sanitized to remove most all data, but it used to represent Susannah Cook, and it needs to be merged with the good profile to avoid confusion and redirects that could result if it were used for some other person. And the green privacy setting on that second profile looks like a mistake that happened when it was sanitized.
When this started I proposed to merge these two profiles, but many objected. There is possibly evidence at of a Susannah Cook born in Norfolk in 1541 with her parents. I only know that from the bit returned from a Google search that gave teasing info only, but as I have no access to I could not ersue it. There was at one time references to other trees that included her, but when those sources were actually looked at, she wasn't there.

Before she is merged away, her citation at needs to be looked into. She may exist, not just as the wife of Richard Singletary.
I have left notes on the blank profile, the manager's profile and sent a private message. He was last active in Dec 2015. I have diaried to follow up in 10 days at which time we can send to Paul to be opened. I approved the merge for the profile that represents Susannah Cooke.
Do you mean that the empty profile, Susannah Cook, should be researched more?  

Does anyone have access to Ancestry UK?

Yes. I think there is a chance she exists, but not ever in the US. This is my source:  but it is not sourced, except with sources that are UK based on ancestry  UK.

Susannah Cook

Born about 1541 [uncertain] in Norfolk, Englandmap

Daughter of Francis A. Cook and Suzette (Armstrong) Cook

Sister of Henry CookAgnes Cook and Celia Renay Cook [add sibling]

Okay. Let me see what I can do.

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This matter is finally resolved. The profile manager filled out the information and the profile that was about to be merged away was actually Susannah Cook Unthank!  

Thank you to everyone who assisted with this.
by Paula J G2G6 Pilot (258k points)
selected by Maggie N.
Thanks. I learned a lot reading this thread. It was great that so many helped with their research.
Thanks, Maggje! I learned a lot from the process. Some things take time.  I am so pleased to report that respect and polite cooperation were a hallmark of this collaboration. I am so pleased with WikiTree's collaborative spirit and the members who patiently worked out this mystery!! This is an excellent example of why unresolved genealogical questions need not he contentious if everyone involved gives everyone else the benefit of the doubt and every member's opinion is carefully considered.
I should add the profile manager was gracious and thanked me for getting him back to finish the profile. He had not been able to work on WikiTree since December and giving him the benefit of the doubt paid off as well! I just love WikiTree!!
Wonderful outcome! Great work!
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I am the person who think the profile Cook-3473 should be merged and forgotten as an error in creation. I base this in large due to content here  pp3-15. 



by Susan Fitzmaurice G2G6 Mach 5 (57.6k points)
Thanks, Susan! For the record, there are some that agree with you so you are not the only one.
Thank you!
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by Anonymous Whitis G2G6 Mach 2 (20.2k points)
edited by Anonymous Whitis
Thanks, Chryse... And... Sigh... I so wish authors who publish genealogies would do  a better job of citing their sources. It's so frustrating to see what might be perfectly accurate information, but with no way to confirm it.
For the record (no one has complained - yet) I'm doing my best to get the people laid out before I add in biography and sources.  This family has so many duplicated names it's hard to keep the individual families straight.
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by Anonymous Whitis G2G6 Mach 2 (20.2k points)

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