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This is to inform you that "Hillegond" was a DAUGHTER of Willem Jacobs van Boerum (Oath of Allegiance 1687) She is not from the "van Buren" family.

 the likely marr. is ab. 1678 as first recorded child "Weintie: is in 21 Dec. 1679 in Kingston church records.
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Hi, Barbara. Thanks for pointing out the problems with that profile. But please know that you are not writing to "WikiTree Management." That page was created by an individual who volunteered to contribute to WikiTree. If you are interested in helping to improve and expand our "tree," you also could volunteer.

Now I'll climb off that soapbox and address your question. ;-) Thanks for providing that reference to the Kingston church records. It's clear from that record that Hellegond was the mother, so I've corrected her gender. From the profile and its edit history, it looks to me like everyone who edited it thought her name was van Boerum, so it's not obvious where ":Van Buren" came from! Before we change a person's Last Name at Birth (LNAB) at WikiTree, we need to make sure we've found the best estimate of the person's LNAB, and we need to see whether there are other profiles for this person that should be combined with this one.

That 1679 baptism record shows her last name as the patronymic Willems, not van Boerum. If in 1679 she wasn't using the family name van Boerum, chances are good that her LNAB was Willems.

I'lll start looking for other records from her life. If you know of other sources -- particularly for her name, please post them here. Or (even better) how about joining us here?
by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
Well, I've found three WikiTree profiles for her. I've marked them as unmerged matches. None of the last names is a good candidate for her LNAB (no patronymic forms and no "van Boerum" or "Van Boerum").

Van Boerum was selected as her father's LNAB here. However, the baptism records for her first few children all call her "Willems" or a variant thereof. Do you know of records that substantiate van Boerum as her birth name?

Actually there is no record for Hillegond Willems van Buren and not "Willem van Buren".

Hillegond has no LNAB because she has no record of birth or baptism. She is recorded from 1679 to 1720 mostly as wife of Jan Alderts Roosa being

Hillegond Willems, Hillegond van Boree, Hillegond Boere, Hillegond Willems  van Boerrum, Hillegond Borem.

She  is fourth and youngest living child of Willem Jacobsz van Boerum and Grietje Hendricks van Gogh.

They marr. in Amsterdam  as Willem Jacobsz j.m. from Burum with Geertje Heyndricx y.d. from Gogh in 5 Apr. 1643.

They have children as Willem Jacobsz and Girtje Henrix:

1644 Hendrick, 1645  Gertruyt and  1647 Jacob.

Willem Jacobsen van Boerum is recorded in 1687 (also his sons) being in this country 38 years

In 1686 sponsor to twins Abraham and Isaac (Roosa) of Jan Alderts and Hillegond is  "Willem Jacobs van Beuren and Geertruyd WIllems, being Hillegond's father and her sister.

In Oct. 1687 father Willem Jacobsen van Boerum makes a will naming children Hendrick, Jacob, Geertruyd and Hillegond and wife Geertje

There is no doubt Hillegond WIllems aka Boere,Beurrum,Borem etc. was daughter of WIllem Jacobsze van Boerum.

As she had her last child in 1698 she likely was born ab. 1654 and marr. ab. 1671 having unrecorded son Gysbert ab. 1672 (he marr. recorded in 1695 Geertje Hendricks Bond)

Hi, Barbara. I now see that you are a "Family Member" registrant. Please consider upgrading your involvement to become a WikiTree Genealogist!

At WikiTree, everyone has a Last Name at Birth, whether or not there's a baptism record or a birth certificate. Hillegond's LNAB should be the last name that would have been recorded if someone recorded her last name when she was a young child. It's important to choose a good LNAB and stick with it because the LNAB is part of the person's ID in WikiTree. There's no denying that people in New Netherland used a lot of names (including variant spellings), but we need to settle on a single last name for the LNAB. All the other names can be recorded on the profile, either as "Current Last Name" or "Other Last Names."

Given the customs of the time and place, the default assumption is that Hillegond would have been known by a patronymic name (i.e. Willems -- because Willem was her father's first name). Few Dutch families of that era used modern-style surnames. However, because someone in the New Netherland Settlers project decided that her father's LNAB was van Boerum and because there are a number of edits to her profiles by people who called her van Boerum, we must consider that name as a possibility. Since the earliest record you know of that lists her name calls her "Willems" and the Dutch-language sources cited in her father's WikiTree profile don't actually call him van Boerum (rather, they call him Willem Jacobs from Burum, and the mother is called Geertje Hendricx, young woman from Gogh), it seems to me that Willems is the best choice for her LNAB.

I.m.o. the same logic can be applied  to her father's LNAB, so that should be Jacobs, Jacobss, or Jacobsz. Any of these but definitely not van Boerum. In marriage banns of that era the origins of the ones getting married were included immediately after their names. Burum/Boerum is a hamlet in the province Friesland, Nederland. The LNAB of his spouse is correctly set to Hendricks, not to van Gogh. She probably came from  Goch, a German village near the border. Definitely not from Holland, Reusel-de Mierden, Noord-Brabant, Netherlands. A bogus location as reported by Steven Mix on several profiles and explained here.

I cleaned up the profile for Hillegond's mother; it was a mess. Thanks for the alert!

I agree that the father's LNAB needs to be fixed. That is lower priority in my mind than fixing the daughter's situation. The father has only one profile, but the daughter has four profiles that can't be merged until an LNAB is selected -- and none of the daughter's four profiles has an LNAB that corresponds to a name that I believe she actually used.

Nobody who has participated in this discussion is on the  trusted list for any of these profiles, so nobody here is in a position to correct the LNABs.
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Help is needed from the New Netherland Settlers project leadership to:

  1. Adopt one of the profiles for Hillegond and change the LNAB to Willems.
  2. Project-protect that profile so that the other three profiles for Hillegond can be merged into it.
  3. Change the LNAB for Willem Jacobs Van Boerum (which is project-protected) to a patronymic form. 
by Ellen Smith G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)

I totally agree with LNAB Willems. for Hillegond.

Ellen, if you can ask a Leader, such as Michelle or Liz, to add you as manager to a key profile in the matches, you can change the LNAB, and then we can move forward. I don't think there is any dispute on that name.

Or it may be easiest to do what we did before, when you created a new dummy profile, with the correct LNAB. Otherwise, a Leader has to add themself to the previiously existing profile, and then add you as well. Whereas if you make a new merge target Willems profile, then a Leader simply needs to give it a PPP, and we are done. Ready for merging.

Thanks, Steven. I created http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Willems-379 as a merge destination for Hillegond's four profiles, and I proposed the merges.

As you note, we'll need a Leader to make that profile PPP.
I just requested the PPP.

Proposing all those merge all at once before PPP is a bit dangerous. So hopefully it will all go right. The idea of the PPP is to put it on the profile before any merge proposals, so that nothing can go wrong. So you are living on the WikiTree edge here.

One easy way for multiple merge proposals to go wrong is when one merge completes, and then the person say, oh, look, more merges, and so clicks from the bottom of the target profile that they are then sitting on. Doing that puts the merge in exactly the opposite direction of what you proposed.
Given the activity level of the profile managers, I don't see much risk in  proposing the merge before getting PPP applied. ;-)

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