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I need to learn how to create and classify a category for the German Baptist Brethren or Dunkers. Here's a Wikipedia article:

Thought I'd ask first instead of jumping the gun as I am wont to do.

Thanks everyone!
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I sent Mags a note about working on more religion categories.

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Hi Sandi

I created Category German Baptist Brethren, a subcategory of Baptists, which is a subcategory or Protestants which is a subcategory of Religions.

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Thank you. That was fast! It would more appropriately belong under Lutherans, from which they departed or Anabaptists. They had no real ties with Baptists. I assume it can be edited. I'll have to learn how to create categories

I see there is no Anabaptists subcategory either, under which would go Amish and Mennonites as well.

You are welcome. Happy to be of assistance.

I've moved Category German Baptist Brethren to a subcategory of Lutherans and added it as a subcategory of Mennonites as well.

To create and use categories see Categorization.  We also have Styles and Standards for Category Names.

Don't mind if I take a whack it later. The whole Religions category looks a little wan.
Maryann, So Mags sent me back. :-) The category is still not right, but I'd like to fix it if you don't mind. On the road but will do it later and ask you to check what I've done.
Hi again Sandy

I got a note from Mags as well. As of today I'm the Leader of the Categorization Project.

How is the category still not right, Sandy?  Can we discuss it here before you create new categories please?
Congratulations ... I think. :-)

In this case, There should be a category under Protestants for Anabaptists. Under Anabaptists should go Amish, Mennonites, and German Baptist Brethren. There are others, like Hutterites, that could be added under Anabaptists, but I'd just be happy to put the German Baptist Brethren in the right place.

Does that make sense?

Also, my name is Sandi with an Eye ;-)
And I see there is a lost Anabaptist category already, which could be moved to Protestants.

Sorry about the why instead of eye :)  "Congratulations ... I think" is a perfect comment.

To change it:

  1. go to Category: German Baptist Brethren 
  2. on the right of the page, click on the top edit link.
  3. to made it a subcategory of Anabaptists, where it says [[Category: Lutherans]] change it to [[Category: Anabaptists]] 
  4. to remove it from being a subcategory of Mennonites, delete [[Category: Mennonites]]
  5. click the Save Page button.

There'll be a red link to Anabaptists at the top of Category: German Baptist Brethren.

  1. click on the red link
  2. in the Edit page that opens add [[Category: Protestants]]
  3. click the Save Page button.

Will you be adding profiles to Meeting Houses?  If so, see Category: Clark County, Kentucky, Religious Institutions for the way the categories for them should be set up.

Please let me know if you need additional help.

Happy New Year!


Category: Anabaptist is a misnamed category so I've put a message on it to see Anabaptists and created Category: Anabaptists.  I also moved the Mennonites category so it's a subcategory of Anabaptists.

I've left the other for you to do.  Good luck.

Thanks so much for your help. I'm trying too many new things at once on WikiTree it sems, but I was able to change this group to  the more accurate category.
Glad to see you worked it out.  WikiTree has so many things to offer it's hard not to be doing too many things at once.

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