Help with Holland (Dutch) ancestors, pretty please.

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Good afternoon:

My grandmother explained that our ancestors changed their surname to americanize it.  The original name was Boshhoven or Boshoven.  I found "John Bush" on a record, so it may have been shortened to Bush or Bosh.  John Bush's daughter is Bush-3394.  

I've searched FamilySearch and Find-A-Grave, but I'm stumped about where to go from here.  Any guidance is extremely appreciated.  Also, I'm relatively new, so if you see anything on my tree that could use attention (it's a giant work in progress) I'm open to suggestions.

Thank you in advance!!

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It's kind of ..very late here in Holland, but will look for you tomorrow :D

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From the 1910 census we know:

  • Name: John (probably americanized) Boshoven (very Dutch )
  • Year of birth: 1836 or 1837
  • Immigration: 1866
  • First name of spouse: Jennie

Searching Dutch archive with these data leads to this marriage

Jan Boshoven, born October 2, 1837 in Ouddorp, Zuid-Holland, Nederland

Jannetje Komtebedde, born September 22, 1840 in Ouddorp, Zuid-Holland, Nederland


  • Castle Garden only knows of a Jacob Boshoven, immigrated in 1871.
  • Dutch National archive shows 4 Boshovens emigrated from Ouddorp, among which above mentioned Jacob in 1871, and a J. Boshoven in 1868.
by Jan Terink G2G6 Pilot (237k points)
selected by Bea Wijma

And there are some Komtebedde familymembers emigrating as well ;)

Funny last name meaning : Come to bed ;) = Kom te bedde 

Of course there's also de familie de Vries Peter Cornelius, maybe father Pieter ? Here are the de Vries emi/ immigrants , also some from Ouddorp

Wow.  This just made my day!  

Can you phonetically spell how to say Jannetje?  I've found information with her name as Jennie and Jane, and I'd rather say her name correctly than stumble about with an americanized version.

Thank you!

PS - Come to Bed!  Funny!  Though I'm afraid what their profession may have been.  :)

Don't know how to spell Jannetje phonetically, but maybe this helps: the a sounds like the a in mark, the 'je' part like 'ye' in 'come all ye...'.


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Hi Amanda, Have you already linked up with the Dutch Roots project? Seems they may be able to help.
by Anonymous W G2G6 Mach 6 (65.3k points)
Thank you for the suggestion!  I just sent a message to ask to join. Not sure how much help I'll be to others, but I'd love the assistance.  :)

Thanks for the quick response!
+4 votes John Boshoven b 1837 Holland Trina dau of John and Jane Bush
by Frank Gill G2G Astronaut (2.2m points)
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I did not see the 1910 census, which listed "Boshoven."  I searched "Boshoven" too.  That's very cool!  I'd love to find his immigration information.  Is there a place other than that details that information?  I'll start there, but thought I'd ask.  

Thank you!!
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Google search   Holland immigration to America ->

Netherlands Emigration and Immigration - FamilySearch



Emigration and immigration sources list the names of people leaving ... Emigrants left the Netherlands and migrated to North America, South America, Africa,  ...

Finding the Emigrant's Town of ... - ‎Emigration from the Netherlands - ‎Emigrant Lists

Dutch immigrants - Immigration to the United States › Immigrant groups


Commercial enterprises constituted the first organized wave of immigration from theNetherlands to North America during the early seventeenth century and led ...

by Frank Gill G2G Astronaut (2.2m points)
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Hi, Amanda, try this link to find ancestors in the Netherlands.
by Joop van Belzen G2G6 Pilot (114k points)

@Astrid, @Bea:

  • Apparently the archive that covers Ouddorp (Nationaal Archief, website set up their index records of births with an item "Vondeling" ("Abandoned"). Just search wiewaswie for births in Ouddorp and you will see the item on all resulting records...
Thank you Jan. That explains the N.

I m sorry I doubled info as I just didn t see your answer. :/


I checked with my grandmother (Devries-198) about the church and this is what she said - 

I remember my mother saying that my grandmother Corinne or Trinje? said they were too poor to attend. Dutch Reformed was popular with the Dutch as was Presbyterian. My father would attend occasionally if it was a special service. My Mother was a very faithful attendee and I and my brother and sister also went to the First Presbyterian Church in Freehold NJ. My mother was very active in the Woman's group and was a Deacon or Elder, maybe both. She was a take charge kind of person. My father would say she made clothes for the orphans and he had to go around with holes in his socks.


This is all amazing.  I am so thankful for the assistance.  I don't know Dutch, so any help you can provide is much appreciated.  I was going between WieWasWie and a translator site trying to figure out what certain words were - I know what geboorte and huwelijk mean!  :)  

I vaguely remember it mentioned that they emigrated from Amsterdam.  So, Ouddorp to Amsterdam to Liverpool to America would make sense.  That may have been the DeVries side, though.  

You asked about the last name of Jannetje's husband and her birthdate - I know Trinia/Teuntje's father's last name was Boshoven.  I'm basing most of the other research from this record -  From there (and with the help from others I found their marriage certificate -  If anything doesn't fit, let me know.  Like I said, I don't know Dutch and I may have missed something.  

So, we're related?!?  :)  It's always fun to make connections.  Thank you again for all of your help.  I'm going to try to add some of the information you shared.  :)

Happy New Year to you all!

Happy New year Amanda and we love to help , so if you need some assistance/ sources you know where to find us now  eeh ;)
I'm planning to use this site to fill in some of my tree on wikitree - is this a reputable source?  I'm in awe at all the information.  :)
As said: It s a good lead Amanda. Never be sure of anything you find at the internet. Sometimes it is, or sometimes it s very close and help you to find at the reputable ones like WhoWasWho, churchbooks or others. Please take a look here. Jan Terink made a beautiful list of reliable sites:

I think I found some new info Amanda I will email you if that is okay with you.

The Pondes site  is collecting data from all kind of sources, mostly from individuals, trying to make family reconstructions that way.

It can be useful for a quick start to a part of your tree but should i.m.h.o not be used as a primary source.

I consider official archive index records, such as found on and images of original birth, baptism, marriage, death and burial documents found on familysearch to be the most reputable sources.

So I would say use only as initial source and then get the actual data from the sources I mentioned.
@Astrid - Email is perfect!  Thank you for the help.  I wasn't sure which were reputable and which were not since I'm very new to those particular sites.  :)

@Jan - Thank you for the information.  I'll search for actual records to back-up what I find on Pondes.  It was almost "too good to be true" what I was finding on there.  So, it made me question the reliability.  I'm glad I asked.  :)
Just finnished the email.......... lol page 1 till 12 hhahaha. Don t feel shy. I asked Bea 24/7 for months as I was new here, and I m Dutch! O:-) We love to help out. And Jan is very good at giving good strategies and finding things.

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