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I have a difficutl time navigating the various Wkitree options. I keep searching and searching for a specific option to perform a specific task in WikiTree. WikiTree does not appear to be that user friendly.  For example I want to add a category to my profile.  I do not find that option. I suggest a good drop down menu option maybe on main profile.

Also took me a long time to find an email that was sent to me in order to respond.

I cannot find an option to add a URL to my profile and/or to a profile such as a website for sources and/or blogspot created by our family. Bascailly I added the URL in memories box of my profile and then later realized that only trusted members can see it. My objective was for anyone looking at that surname would see the blogspot.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated
in WikiTree Tech by John Nash G2G6 Mach 1 (10.5k points)

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Hi John,

I feel your pain!  I am a professional web developer and, even after having used WikiTree for a year, I still often have a great deal of difficulty finding the things I'm looking for in what I call "the Help Labyrinth".

If you click Help in the menu at top right of every WikiTree page, then click Help Topics, you'll see an alphabetical index to the topics.  You can then select the topic you think seems most likely to have the information you need, but way too often, it turns out to not be the right place to look.  The Help pages here are EXTREMELY extensive, but just as extremely difficult to navigate.  I offered to organize the help pages in a more user friendly way, but my offer was never acknowledged, let alone accepted.

To answer your immediate question, it will be easier for me to type the instructions here than to find the help page where they are:

WikiTree uses something called "wikicode" which sometimes looks similar to HTML, but is not at all the same.  To put a URL on a WikiTree page, you use the following:

[URL Link Text] 

The code starts and ends with a single square bracket.  Inside the brackts, you start with the URL, then type a space, followed by whatever you want to appear as the "hot text".  Note that once the URL is ended by typing a space, you can put spaces or anything else after it and they will all be part of the link that is displayed until you end it with the right square bracket.

Please always feel free to ask anything here in G2G - there are lots and lots of people falling all over themselves trying to help folks.

EDITED - For an example of a link to your blog:

Please see my [ blog] for more information.

This would display as:

Please see my blog for more information.

by Gaile Connolly G2G6 Pilot (779k points)
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Your profile itself has a public biography, so anyone can see it although the memories section is not visible. You only have to add your link in the biography section where you say "born in ..."

Gaile's method of adding a link with hot text using [URL text] makes an elegant link, but just adding the URL to the page will create a link.

There are several pages on categories and they are actually simple to add once you figure out how. Go to the help menu above > Help Index > Jump to letter "C" and all the category help pages are there.
by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.1m points)

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