I want to import a GEDCOM with 531 folks and I have skipped all matches and nothing happens.

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I have exported a GEDCOM from another site. I now want to import this file and just this file. I only want my file imported and do not want any matches period. So I checked all skips on any matches. But when i hit import nothing happens. It's my tree and its all I want for now. What is the problem? If I skip all matches will I get all 531 names and relationships in my tree. This should not affect anyone else. My first click on IMPORT says I have matches and does not proceed even after I skip them all. I just don't understand why they make it so difficult.
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Are you skipping all matches because none of the matches are correct or because you don't want to collaborate?

You have not completed the approval process on your gedcom. You need to go the gedcom report and complete Step 3 before it can be imported.

Thanks for your response. Here is my situation: I subscribed to myheritage.com and that seemed to be making me add features after I already had purchased upgrades. It was like buying a car and then being told I still needed an engine. So I exported a GEDCOM and went looking elsewhere to put it. As a member of myheritage.com I was offered many what they call smart matches. I did accept those I wanted and left the remainder either there for future reference or rejection. So I want to collaborate but only to the level in my GEDCOM as exported. My grandparents on both sides had 27 children so my tree would be out of control if I accepted all the matches wikitree had presented to me, like a third cousin's entire tree. It would have been huge. I want to just import what I have and be offered matches later. When I compared just one it didn't appear to have DOB DOD etc. So I want as I said to import only what I have and study matches later.
I did sign for that relationship in step 3 but maybe I tried to go to fast.
My mistake as I tried to complete step 3 but a message poped up in yellow telling me There are potential matches which have not been set to be either Rejected or Unmerged Matches. Please choose on option for every potential match. If I reject then what happens. I guess I could select M for each one but I was afraid I would be sending emails to many people for approval to merge. I could clean up mistakes later I think. By the way my GEDCOM tree has both my mothers and my fathers Ancestors and descendants.
I have a similar issue.  I already uploaded one GEDCOM, my paternal grandfather and his ancestors, without issue.  I have the other three to complete, Ive gone through and checked for all the potential matches and checked off all the skips for each one.  I'm trying to upload my paternal grandmother's GEDCOM, approved the file and received the good to go message, check progress the next day and it says I need to approve the GEDCOM compare report again, no e-mails or other messages.  What is going on???
I uploaded and got this.

I saw you uploaded a GEDCOM and submitted it for review. That's awesome! However, there's a concern that needs to be addressed before it can be processed. You have included many people with names only, and no birth/death dates attached to them.
WikiTree has a requirement of either a birth or a death date to create a profile for an individual.

Moreover, GEDCompare won't find duplicates if there are no dates. It does not take into account locations and family relationships. If no dates are available, it won't show any matches.

Therefore, profiles with just a name are also considered placeholders, and aren't appropriate. Please skip them for now and feel free to add them later, when you’ve discovered more information to identify them with. (If you sort by 'Birth' this is easy to do.)

Please re-review, then Click "Approve" when you've finished

They made me fix and reset "My" approval #3 to unapproved.

Hope this helps.
Thanks, those issues were explained to me when I tried to upload my first GEDCOM (Alfred Albert Hasse).  I had to go back and fix all of them and re-approve.  I skipped all with no birth/death dates, skipped all matches and it was uploaded and approved.  I have done the same with my other three GEDCOM reports I have waiting.  They should be as easy as the first since all the same steps were followed, but every day I check on step #3 progress, it says "incomplete" when it said "complete" the day before.  I received no messages as to why.  Next one I'm trying to upload is Adaline Velda (Beean) Hasse.

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Please explain what you are trying to do?

A) Are you matching your Gedcom with profiles at Wikitree
B) Are you trying to build your own tree inside WIkitree?
C) Are you trying to be part of Wikitree and check all your matches to be sure that you don't import duplicates

As Wikitree is a Common tree with just one profile per person duplicates should be merged to one profile.

A profile at Wikitree should contain sources so you can prove that the facts you have stated on the profile are true... if not you have un unsourced profile and that makes it impossible for other people to understand why you state your facts and if the profile you have added is related to other profiles at Wikitree
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