Should there be a category for "Jacobite Armed Forces" under [[Category:Military]]?

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While far from complete there are quite a few military categories. There is one called British Armed Forces with lots of sub-categories under that. I would suggest that there could also be a new category on the same level:

[[Category:Jacobite Armed Forces]]

or perhaps

[[Category:Scottish Jacobite Army 1745-46]]

I'll leave this for the Category people to decide but under this new category could be sub-categories for the different Jacobite Regiments such as

Appin Regiment (Stewarts of Appin)

Atholl Brigade

Bannerman of Elsick's

Cameron of Lochiel's Regiment

Chisholm of Strathglass' Regiment

Duke of Perth's Regiment

Earl of Cromartie's Regiment

Ecossais Royale

Forfarshire (Ogilvy's) Regiment

Frasers of L ovat Regiment

Gordon of Glenbucket's Regiment

Lord Lewis Gordon's Regiment

Grante's Artillery

Irish Piquets

MacDonald of Clanranald's Regiment

MacDonald of Glencoe's Regiment

MacDonell of Glengarry's Regiment

MacDonell of Keppoch's Regiment

MacGregor's Regiment

MacKinnon's Regiment

Lady MacKintosh's Regiment

MacLachlan's Regiment

MacLean's Regiment

MacLeod of Raasay's Regiment

MacPherson of Cluny's Regiment

Manchester Regiment

Monaltrie's and Balmoral Regiment

John Roy Stuart's Regiment (Edinburgh)

Stoneyvvood's Regiment (Aberdeen)

The following were cavalry units that fought on the Jacobite side.

FitzJames’ Horse


Kilmarnock's Horse

The Lifeguards (Elcho's Troop: Balmerino's Troop)

Perthshire Horse (Strathallan's)

Pitsligo's Horse
in The Tree House by Eugene Quigley G2G6 Mach 7 (75.8k points)

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Thanks so much for your concern about the structure of our military categories! You are correct in thinking that there is a format to how they are created. The categories were until recently set up as a project for a specific war was added. The relatively new Military and War upper level project now exists and we have not gotten to the British Military categories yet.

Thanks for your suggestion! It is very helpful. Let me check our format for that category with the other leaders and we will add those.  Please let me know if you need others.
by Paula J G2G6 Pilot (250k points)
selected by Terri Rick
We would like to welcome you to the military and war project if you are interested.  New subprojects are always being added to suit interests:
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You ARE the category people as much as anyone else is. If you need this category hierarchy, create it!!
by David Loring G2G6 Mach 2 (29.8k points)
You are correct David regarding categories in that IF you need or want one, feel free to create it...with the exception of existing projects and accepted/approved formats for categories.  The best practice is to post either here on G2G, if in doubt, or to contact the categorization project leaders directly for advice/guidance so that a category and related sub-categories are set to a standard so that one can "blindly" (based on an accepted and established standard) can add a category to a profile.  As a creator of many of these accepted standards (ie: Cemeteries for instance), the importance of establishing these are immeasurable so that there is a template of sorts that others can follow.

Categories are an evolving and ever increasing arena for members to make use of, and as they develop it is always important to collaborate with members to insure that they are usable for everyone because of a "standard".  So Eugene, as a former Leader, and also the initiator of many projects is well versed in the procedure and also the mantra of "when in doubt" ask!  That way is the correct way so that standards are developed that are user friendly to the many members that make use of this great website!

Thank you for your consideration.

As always,


Thank you Nae, and yup I should perhaps looked at Eugene's status in this respect before making my comment. I shall be be more circumspect in future.

I do hope that more use of categories becomes the norm. I note that there are in general but a handful of profiles on most categories in the regions / counties / towns area.

It is my intention that, as I work through the imported profiles, all of mine with be categorised with country and in many cases city/town.




I LOVE categories...if they counted to contributions I would probably have a bazillion.  One way that I used them (which is not the norm but has helped immensely in tracking some surnames and linking them into existing lines) is how I set up some One Name Studies.  Please check out:  It's a little complex, but to an old programmer, aw shucks, it's nothing.

Again, THANKS!

Nae, category edits etc are added to your contributions count, even tho' they don't show on your contributions feed.
I did not know that.  I'll have to check to see that count the next time I tackle a country.  LOL

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