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With this post, I am proposing the creation of a new category "The War of Regulation".  The War begin in North Carolina with a petition protesting taxes to North Carolina Royal Governor Tryon. The War lasted from 1765-1771 and culminated with the Battle of Alamance, which was considered a prelude to the American Revolution.  The Loyalist won the Battle, and many Colonials were hanged or flogged.  Other fled their homes in the Central North Carolina Colony and fled to Indian Territory in the western part of the colony or South Carolina.  The War is described on Wikipedia at:




Initial Patriots qualifying for recognition in the category are list in the original partition to Governor Tryon.  The one-page petition along with twelve pages of signer may be found at:


This is an initial list of eligible patriots.  There are others who we do not know.



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Good idea, and a great link! I've worked on some profiles of folks in the Alamance county at the time - some associated with the regulators & some not. A lot of colonists who were not necessarily opposed to the Regulators were called on to fight them by the governor. Would they also be in the category?

I've already got a clear candidate for the category: Harmon Husband  - and another link for info:

Cheers, Liz

I see the signers of the petition as a working list.  As you said there are others.  If you google Elijah Teague you learn that he was hanged and shot for being a Regulator.  I have no defined method of how to limit the list.  I am new to all this.  I have only been on WikiTree since July.  I know Projects have a lot of rules and discussion.  Is the same true for categories.

OBTW, I have already added two Barnes's to the category that were signers.

In addition to being new to WikiTree, I have only had the website up less than a week.  I should have made it a download.  To determine if you have a candidate on the petition list visit:

Copy the petition and the signers into the clipboard and paste into a word processor.  Use find on the last name and search for signers.

I could not find the category on the list. However, I have two members, and they do not appear in red.  Has it been approved and if so how do I get it on a list of categories and group under war at least.
not sure what list you're referring to, but you created the category - see
ps - I added some tags to your initial post, since I'm not sure how best to categorize Category:War of Regulation

Cheers, Liz
pps - I searched online using Ctrl+f ... no need to download.

There is a complete list of the signers at:

The advantage of capturing them into a word processor is that you can search the list.  It is not in alphabetical order.  I do not know about the Ctl + f search.Thanks for adding tags.

Godspeed, Hugh

Hi Hugh

There is a Categorization Project and it does have some rules - see Categorization and Category Names.  There's even a Category FAQ!  Currently there's no approval process for creating categoties.

I added the War of Regulation to the list on Category: Wars 1500–1799 and I see Nae linked it to some categories as well.  I hope it's now on the list you were looking at.

Great idea! I did a search with Cntrl-f and did not find my direct relative, Christopher Nation, who was very involved in the "war" and also was pardon by the Gov.after being sought for being on the list of leaders list There is a book that has details which my mother has found and copied needed pages. I can scan and uploaded it or put up information on it soon. However, my question is how do I add his name and how do we join or be apart of this. The link goes to a Wiki site which tells the Husband view (which I may be related on my father's side) without mentioning several others involved in the organization of it.

Please note: not founding my relative may have been an error on my part.

to add your ancestor to the Category page, add the category to his profile page: [[Category:War of Regulation]] 

I did a search also & didn't find Christopher Nation on the page Hugh references.

I did a Google search for him +War of the Regulation & found him listed as one of those pardoned in this Google book.

Cheers, Liz

P.S. I just thought to check Wikipedia's page on the Battle of Alamance, and he wasn't listed on that page:

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I linked this up to multiple other categories and cross referenced it on the Southern Colonies resource pages so now it is findable either via NC or SC.  Thanks!
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If you were to copy the list of people from competitive strategies (giving proper credit, of course) on to the category page, then people would have the opportunity to scan the list and see if anyone they know is there, and if so, linking them to the category.  That might provide an additional motivator to see how many on the list can be linked to WikiTree profiles.  Of course, as others have said, there may be people with WikiTree profiles who should be on the list but aren't.  Link them to the category, too!

Categories of events and links like this are wonderful not only for genealogy but for making history come alive.  I count myself as a history buff, but had never heard of the War of Regulation until now.
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As I recently learned.  The list can be searched by simply doing a Ctl+f.  I have added that notation to the top of the list.  Is this not sufficient.  Since the list is not alphabetical, this seems like the best solution,



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