John Smith, b.1814, who died in N.S.W Australia?

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looking for informatin on John Smith b.1814 Bruree Ireland his parents were John Smith and Catherine Coleman he married  Mary Ann Harris in Australia ,was he a Convict or did he Immigrate its very hard to find info on irish ancesters and with a name like John Smith its even harder
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The Tithe Books (1825-35) have no Smiths but do include a Patrick Coleman, who could be related. The parish records do not start until 1825 and include no baptisms to John Smith.

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thanks i will  have a look
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Hi: I did a search John Smith Burial Oct 1,1856 at Sydney New South

Wales Buriel Place :Old Liverpool age 76.  Spouse Mary Ann .

A child was born to John Smith and Mary Ann (Harris) Smith

Charles Benjamin Smith New South Wales.

I am not sure of this search as there where alot of convicts listed as John

Smith. However, they could ask for permission to marry.

Some John Smith's immigrated 1826-1922. Some to Sydney .

Hopfully some of this info will check out for you...Marie


by Marie Chantigny G2G6 Mach 2 (26.4k points)
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Hi Marie i will have a look on the site in the next couple of days and let you know how i go ,thanks so much for all your help it was great this is why i like wikitree so much people are really helpfull and will go out of their way to help if they can  thanks again Terry

Hi Terry: I will be waiting to hear from you after you search the web site.

Thanks very much for awarding me a Star...Marie.

Hi Terry: I was searching on and I came across this info.

but I do not have an account with the web site. I found these articles:

John William Smith born 1814 limerick (Brurer) Ireland. Married: nswales

Death nswales

Public member stories John Smith the Irish convict.

John Smyth ticket of leave 1814-1873.

John Smith and Mary Ann Harris marriage document

The children of John Smith and Mary Ann Harris

New South Wales , Australia certicate of Freedom 1827-1867.

The actual stories are right there, plus a copy of the documents but I can not access them.

Do you have an account with ancestry?? I am hoping you do!! If

not do you have a friend etc. was does. Or maybe someone reading this

post might be kind enough to post these  items on this web site for you.

I found the info by typing in the search area : John Smith

Birth: 1814 Bruree Ireland

Lived in Australia More: convict, male  ( all Info found the pictures area)

Until later..:)  Marie
hi marie you deserve the star for going out of your way to help ,i was on ancestry but i am not now ,thats were i saw that john smith could of been a convict, but there was no records to prove it ,the trouble with ancestry there was a lot of false info on the trees ,john smith is such a common name and irish records are hard to find ,ancestry is great with english and scottish records but i need a permission to get married or somthing like that with mary ann harris name on the same record but the john smith on ancestry recieved his ticket of leave before he got married thanks so much again Terry
Hi Terry: We will keep looking for proof...:) Marie

Hi Terry:Did John get his ticket of leave on Feb 17,1840...Marie

hi marie yes i think thats the date that was ancestry  Terry

Hi Terry: Just to let you know I did not find the date of the ticket to leave

on ancestry.....I think I found it at this web site

It stated Pardon Feb 17,1840 ref 40/1713. I hope this is the right web site

as I visited so many. The reading room at the Western Sydney Records

Centre holds all the record books. Nothing online that I know of.

If I get the address for you ...maybe if you write or e-mail them they will

supply you with the information you require..Until later..Marie.

thanks so much marie for keep trying to find the info for me yes that would be great if you could get me the address ,i even thought of putting john smith as a convict on wikitree with a big question mark in case someone might down the track has him on their tree  thanks so much again you have put a lot of effort in to this and i do apprieciate it  Terry

Hi : The address for the Western Sydney Records Centre is:

NSW State Records Centre

P.O. Box 516

Kingswood 2747

New South Wales, Australia.

There is also an e-mail address: info

I would e-mail and let them know your request., and see if

there would be a fee for the info. ( and how to obtain it )

Let me know the outcome...Marie

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