What about Trees for neighbors, friends, etc. who aren't actually related?

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Occasionally I get interested in neighbors I once had, friends at college or the like and people living near my 2ggrandfather.  Is there any protocol on indicating that a profile is just a person of interest and not necessarily someone you're ever going to work on.  E.g. is it better to orphan the person (assuming he or she is deceased) in case a relative eventually shows up and wants to adopt that person, or is it better to remain the  manager so a visitor can ask you what your interest is?
asked in The Tree House by Dave Dardinger G2G6 Pilot (371k points)

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Hi Dave.  I'm not aware of any official policy or protocol.  My experience with this has been that even when working on a particular family line, I eventually get to a point where I decide not to enter that next name, or create that next profile, even though I know the name.  The reason is that I have gotten so far removed from my mainstream tree that I would rather spend the available time on fleshing out my more direct ancestors.  My belief is that if I enter that next name, but spend no time on it, or add no relevant data or sources, then I am just producing unnecessary clutter in the data base.  Nobody is likely to come along and adopt that profile unless there is enough information in it to enable him to conclude that it's a match with a person he is interested in.

I think that's somewhat analogous to your situation, so it's a long-winded way of saying that I think if you enter such profiles of interest, you should include enough data to enable a relative to determine that it really is the person he is interested in, and you should remain the manager so you can collaborate with that relative when/if he shows up.  Just my opinion, and I know there are some other correspondents in this forum who will disagree, so I'm not at all sure there would be a consensus on the question you asked.
answered by Dennis Barton G2G6 Pilot (244k points)
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I agree with Dennis, if you are interested enough to add the profile be sure to include at least some sources. Too,I think it's best to continue as profile manager until that family member comes along...your connection would be at least interesting if nothing else. I guess you could include that information in a comment with your profile number included and then orphan the profile. Interesting question.
I agree with you and Brett that one should have enough info to allow a person to decide if a person you're not planning to continue with can easily be matched or non-matched.  Of course, having asked the question I did go and check on one of the neighbor kids when I was young whom I and my brothers played with.  I'd looked at the family several years ago and I have what I found in my "misc." trees but this time I found that both he and his younger sister had passed away which was a bummer!  He had been married, however and had a couple of kids who were both still living when he died.  She had also been married to a fellow whose surname sounds like a drink, Lehmenkuler.

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