I am currently researching my 10th greatgrandfather, Jacob Barney born Circa 1620 in Bradenham, Bucks, England.

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I have input information from the work of my Aunt Helen Brundage Fisher about the Barneys.  There are 3 Barneys that were in the tree:

Jacob, b. 1634.  His 1643 will said that if his son Jacob Barney returns to England he bequeathed his estate.   Wives included Hannah Johnson and Ann Witt.

Jacob, b. 1599 (who came from Swansea, Wales to Salem, MA about 1630), and he married Elizabeth Catesby.and

Edward unknown birthdate, but of Brandenham, County of Bucks, England.  His wife may have been Israel Rooles.
I forgot to say that Jacob Barney, b. 1599 had a child named Jacob.  He might have been born about 1620 depending on when his father married Elizabeth Catesby.

Hi all, Carol here, I posed that question quite a while back, I was new to Wiki tree and did not express correctly what I was looking for. As it turns out, I have more on the Barney Family than many people that I have seen. I even found the same errors present in the family trees from Family Search. What I have been searching for is any new DNA on the Barney family line or if anyone has turned up new documentation. The newest I have found is the birth record of Katherine Dorvall Barney. She was born in. in Hornton, Oxfordshire, England to Edwarde and Christian Barney.

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What can I say...wish I was you. A little more struggle in my tree.

All the best!
by Brett Rutherford G2G6 Pilot (121k points)

Hi Brett,  l appreciate your quick response, thank you. That wasn't much of a question, I know, but it helped make sure I know how to use the site. Anything I can do to help let me know. I am looking for documentation on Jacob Barneys parents and as I haven't been able to get into genealogy for a while, was hoping there was more info out there. I will do a DNA test as soon as I'm able. Thanks again, Carol

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You will find it much harder to find information from before 1620.  The registers for that village start in 1627.  If he was born in abt 1620,  you may be able to find his marriage and his death

 An important  port of call would be  http://www.buckscc.gov.uk/leisure-and-culture/centre-for-buckinghamshire-studies/

 When I put the name  Barney, Bradenham, into google I found quite a lot of online trees for this family. I suspect that the archives staff will have been asked about them before  and if there is anything known that the archives staff  may be aware of it. (known is the operative word

There is  certainly a will for an Edward Barney d 1645, on the Buckinghamshire data base. He  is listed as a Yeoman. You can buy that online.   It is possible that there may be land or the name of a house  mentioned that you  could  track ownership  of.  Taxation records may also contain names (but not relationships)

There are sometimes  records held at the national archives  that might help, try   http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/







by Helen Ford G2G6 Pilot (322k points)
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What would you like to know? As far as we can tell, Jacob is the son of Edward Barney and Christian/Isbell/Isabell/Isobel ROOLE of Bradenham, Buckinghamshire, England. There are several researchers that believe they have found a full tree spanning back to the 13th century, but other researchers aren't quite so convinced.

Jacob was born on 21 May 1601 in Bradenham and came over from England in the early 1630's with his first wife Anna and their child Jacob, Jr. He was a Puritan by religion and a tailor by trade, but he was deeply involved in the community and had other duties.

After his first wife passed, he married again in Salem, Massachusetts to Elizabeth Anna CATESBY, his second wife. He had at least four additional children: Hannah CROMWELL, Sarah GROVER, John and Thomas.

On 14 May 1634 he was admitted to the Massachusetts Bay Colony as a Freeman. He was active in the Boston community and served on the first grand jury in North America. Thanks to Sidney Perley's History of Salem Massachusetts, we have his signature (page 283).


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Thank you Peter, I have been researching Barney history for almost 40 years, by the way Isbel Rooles was definitely NOT married to Edward. I lived very close to Buckinghamshire for many years and was able to go to Aylsbury and Boltoph parish church and look at the records personally as well as the headstones. I am a member of the Barney family Association. I have Edwards signature but looking at these comments, I do not have Jacobs. I found Katherine Barneys birth record in Oxfordshire and it mentioned both Edward and Christian, so I think that continued searches in the surrounding counties will lead to more maybe even Jacob.What I was looking for was new information on Jacob, DNA studies etc. Thank you again for taking the time to answer, every bit helps, Carol Collings, mom was Fern Barney

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