Is there a way to directly access an individual's profile via its Wikitree-ID?

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When you know or remember the profile tag of a person you're working on, is there a way to directly access the profile via the profile's tag? It doesn't work in the search box. Could the search function be modified so we can enter the tag and go directly to the profile? The steps of searching the person's name and picking them out of a long list is tedious, especially when working hard on a profile. Clicking on any individual's profile and changing the tag is less tedious, but it's still more steps than should be necessary.
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I know this kind of search is possible because it is used to add family members. On that form, you can paste in an ID and "add" them to the family relationship.  Wish this feature could be accessed without opening that form!

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I believe you are talking about the Wikitree-ID ie. Hanley-614 in your case B-404 in mine. You can type in the URL (replace the Hanley-614 with any Wikitree-ID)

I can't ever remember the address, so I use the drop down menus, go to my own profile, then change B-404 to whatever ID I want.
by Anne B G2G Astronaut (1.2m points)
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Yes, that way is way I said in my alternative way of doing it.

I still think it could be made much simpler with an alternative direct entry form box of "Go to the profile of Wikitree-ID number _______", which then adds the remainder of the profile URL when you hit enter, and takes you directly to the profile. This would be very simple to code.

John, What Anne recommended is not any of the things you mentioned in your question.  Let me see if I can explain it more clearly:

If you know the WikiTree ID for someone, using mine as an example:

  1. Go to anyone's profile - probably the easiest is your own, which you can easily get to from the My WikiTree menu at top right of any WikiTree page.
  2. Look in the address window of your browser, where you should see:
  3. In that address window, replace the "Hanley-614" with "Gordon-4080" and click the "go" button or press the ENTER key on your keyboard.
  4. That will immediately get you to my profile (or the profile of whoever's WikiTree ID you used instead of mine)

Does this help?

I agree that it would be nice to have an entry box in which we could put someone's WikiTree ID and immediately go to that profile.  Although the programming effort would not be major, it is still not going to have a high priority on a "to-do" list because it would not make that big a difference, since you can do it without a lot of trouble the way Anne outlined and I provided step-by-step instructions for.

Yes, you and Anne are saying the same thing I meant by "Clicking on any individual's profile and changing the tag (ID) is less tedious, but it's still more steps than should be necessary."

Believe me, the coding would only take minutes. It's too easy NOT to do.
I should have mentioned that I also think it would be nice if we could enter the ID somewhere and get there.

This question has been asked before  Chris pointed out that if you do a standard search for your person and then click on "show merging and matching options" The ID's show up so you can just look for the one you want or do a control/command "f" to find the id on the page.
Still unnecessarily klugey compared to a direct entry mode.

I believe you when you say the coding would only take minutes, however it is still a task that would have to be addressed and the team is already drowning under urgently needed solutions to problems in the code as well as several improvements that are more important, since no alternate way of performing a needed function is available.  In addition, it would require changes to the code for at least two pages - yes, very small and simple changes, however every time you make any change to existing code, it must be thoroughly tested and also documented, which would take a little more time than just the changes themselves.

In addition, the team would also need to address whether it is worth the additional resource loading to process the use of such a box.  Granted, we're talking about a couple of milliseconds, but you need to multiply that by the number of uses of that box and also consider it in perspective of all the other processing that is being done.  This can become significant for a website with the amount of traffic and activity that WikiTree has.
Gaile, I understand the problem of the workload. However, I think your second paragraph regarding additional resource loading is misplaced. If anything, it should reduce "resource loading" since using the ID box would take you DIRECTLY to the profile's URL similar to clicking on any other link on the page, or erasing the ID on the present URL and replacing it with the desired ID. I think this would require less "resource loading" than doing a search for a name, having a list of names come back, and then clicking on the desired ID.

I agree that the first method I suggested, i.e., that the search function be able to recognize an ID in the present search box, might take more time to code and test, and use more resources. But having a form input just for IDs to take you directly to the profile URL would not. It would most likely just be coded into the page display. It should use LESS resources.
John, You are correct that the amount of resource load would be identical to that of clicking any internal link on a WikiTree page, however this is adding one more way to incur such a load.  You are also correct about the use of less resources than would be involved in any search operation prior to getting to the page.  You are not correct, however, about the contrast between an entry box in a form on the page and entering a URL directly in a browser address window.  That requires no processing on WikiTree's server - it is simply an http request to send a specific page.

This really is not worth all the time we're spending discussing it, though.  As Anne mentioned, the question has been asked before and most (if not all) would agree that it would be a nice thing to have, but it is up to the team to decide whether or not to add it to their "to-do" list and I believe they would assess it as a "happy to glad" change if they do add it to their list.
So most (if not all) would agree that it would be a nice thing to have; probably easy to script with less calls to the database; making what ought to be simple and quick, simpler and quicker...what's not to like?
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I have found a way to have profiles I follow directly in my tags on my profile page.

See the last tag (( Watching )) ... my parents :)

by Guy Constantineau G2G6 Pilot (351k points)
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That's interesting. Does it work? I have occaisionally had folks I've kept an eye on to see if their work improves after making suggestions.
Yes it works.  

You add the profile once and when finished, you delete it. :)
That would be very handy for Collaborative profile of the week

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