My name is Percy Moorman you trying to steal my ancestors- I can sue you for that

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What is your concern, Percy?

From the looks of it, Achilles had many descendants, who may be interested in his profile here.

I very much doubt it. There is no mens rea, dishonesty, intention permanently to deprive, proof of ownership or quantum of damages.

But I greatly enjoyed the question. Thank you.

Achilles is my second cousin.

Edit: Also a double cousin, at the very least.
My tenth cousin five times removed.

Not, however an ancestor and I.wouldnt sue anyone for their relationship to me.
I've traced Moorman ancestry from Virginia to Kentucky, and was pleasantly surprised to find ancestors of all religions, political persuasions and colors.  There are quite a few African Americans with the surname Moorman, in fact, I have several in my tree.  Some are related by blood, and others took the family name when they were emancipated.  Frankly, I don't care who you are or what you look like as long as you're pursuing lines and backing them up with fact.

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Percy, one can sue anyone for anything in this country, so I suppose you're right.  First thing, I did not upload the image on here, so you're barking up the wrong tree if you're looking for the person who did that.  I did, however, connect my own lineage to that of Achilles, because, you know, this is an open-source genealogical Web site and I have pretty good evidence to support my having done so.  I have Richard Johnson Moorman's birth certificate, which I have not yet posted on here, and he was born to one Achilles Moorman.  The birthdate seems to match the right timeframe within Achilles' life for him to be the father, and, to be honest, Achilles is the spitting image of my grandfather, Julian P. Moorman Jr., who was Achilles' great-grandson.  But if it comes down to it I would be more than happy to do a DNA test (Achilles' grave is located near Callands, VA) to see if I am, in fact, his great-great-great grandson.

All that said, I'm not sure why we can't both be descended from him.  I understand that even back then there were marriages and sexual relationships that broke the bounds of perceived racial barriers, and, if that's the case, and I am Achilles' descendant, then I fully accept that as part of my history, and I will celebrate that.

In the matter of you suing me, go ahead if you want.  I have nothing to lose and only genealogical certainty to gain.  But if, instead, you would rather celebrate our common heritage (we'd be family after all!), then I'd be up for that as well!
by Matt Moorman G2G Crew (920 points)
selected by Dale Byers

I see you took my picture of Achilles Grave and put it by this fake white man you calling a Moorman - I am no kin to you. We are the real royal family. I traced back to Jacob and Joseph as Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty, I see, you guys made a page and removed my comments.  We going to have problems, we have over 973 different last names, and not one white person was there at our reunion and I am from the area born and raised and you guys came in 1929 most likely and they stole our birth records after death of Percy I in 1938 and then we see all these white people as my family. I sued the US over this and won, you would be child's play. 

You did not win any case against the US, your claim was dismissed for various reasons.

US Court of Federal Claims
Percy Moorman v United States
No.  15-1250C

A simple Google search of this info will bring up the court's decision in the form of a pdf.  I am unable to post the pdf here.
Num Num What do you think QE 3 is about and the World Bond I am behind every QE Program in the World and the World Bond. I do not sue like you do that's why you better watch what you say, bruh. The World Bond goes to Jesus direct prophecy. You can get a whitewashed record just like you trying to whitewash my ancestors. I have never ever seen a White Moorman in person and I'm from Virginia.  You might want to read the Bible to know what is coming next for you and the rest of the frauds.
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No one is trying to "Steal" anything. There is no requirement that anyone has to be related to a profile they work on, we are only trying to create a tree that has a sourced profile for everyone in the world. We use sources that are available to everyone so unless the profile is of a living person I doubt that you could win any lawsuit.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
And I am a distant cousin of Achilles myself.
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Hi Percy,

See his descendant line here:

If you are interested in his genealogy, you should join in and help improving his tree on this great FREE world wide tree.

Our Greeters will be glad to help you in your first step as a volunteer :)
by Guy Constantineau G2G6 Pilot (350k points)
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As the profile manager, I guess you are threatening to sue me - ? You would need to explain to me how one steals an ancestor, as I'm afraid I can't understand what that means. All information on this profile comes from sources in the public domain; even the picture, which I uploaded, comes from a family album, and was taken prior to 1924. It is therefore not protected by copyright. Wikitree is a pretty welcoming community, as you may be able to tell from the answers posted on here, and if you'd like to be more specific as to what your concerns are (and less threatening,) I'm sure we'd be happy to listen.
by Gary Kueber G2G5 (5.3k points)
This person is now directly sending me (vaguer) threats.

"You need to take this picture down as Achilles Moorman my people are all Black. Let's not have a serious problem who ever you are Gary"

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