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I am trying to get a copy from Scotlands People site for which I have already paid!;  Apparently; I need some sort of plug-in (no idea what that means) to download from the site.  Someone recommended I download something from Google, but am not sure about that.  Can anyone help me out here?

Am trying to get Wm Smith Coutts birth record from Scotland People's site. He was born there in July 1881 in Leith, Scotland.
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Hi Lauraine,

A Plug-in is like a small software program designed to something very specific.  In your case, the Scotland Peoples site have their documents files formatted to only work with a specific plug-in called "Daeja".

The instructions are printed here:

Look under the Apple Mac Users heading.

Apparently this plugin takes awhile to download to your computer.

They give you an alternative to directly download the file but apparently you may need an image viewer compatible with the file type they have created the image in.

Have you tried installing the plug-in?

by Michael Stills G2G6 Pilot (409k points)
No, but looked & there are many sites.  Could you tell me is it the first one on the list?  Need an explanation of how to download it - like where do I click, etc.  Sorry am not adept at this.

This could become very difficult.

1. I am not registered with this site so I can not review the protocols to download to your computer.

2. I would need to know the OS version you are using.

3. I need to know what Internet Browsers you are using.

4. Depending on your computer setup, you may need to download and install Java before you can download and use the "Daeja" plug-in.

The alternative is the Direct Download.

1. Somewhere you purchased the file, you should be able to download that file to your computer. You need to access and download this file directly to your computer.

a. This may have come in an email.

b. They may have provided a link directly on the site.

2. once downloaded, we need to determine the software program that will allow you to open and view the file.  You need to tell us the file extension.  something like  We need to know what the abc part is to determine what viewer you can use.


See if you can follow this.  It may help us figure out the best option for you.
Am using OS X version 10.9.5

Using Safari with Bing
Do you have access to the file you purchased?

What happens when you try to install the Plug-in?
Sorry but still trying to figure out how to download this.  Will let you know when successful but do appreciate your attempt to help me.
Michael - have now downloaded the file that is to be used.  However, how do I use it??  It is on this computer but where do I insert it to read the file??

Am very "iffy" in using this program - actually no idea how to use it.
Lauraine,  This is difficult to do over the internet.  If you have downloaded the Plugin file, you need to install it.

Once it is installed you should be able to open the file of interest.

Do you have a genealogy group near you?  Perhaps you can meet with someone from a local genealogy society who can sit down with you?

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