Please help me to translate this German geneo data

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An office worker in Germany was kind enough to photocopy this data for me and email it. I can speak/read German at an intermediate level, but with the abbreviations, usw this is beyond me.

Johannes Hauser b 1821 and left Germany in 1835 is my direct relative.

Any help appreciated!

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We cant access the file ;-(
I had to submit a release to share the data - done! I hope you can see it now
"Want in? Ask the owner for access, or switch to an account with permission."
Is there a way for you to upload the document? Still can't access.
I do not see a way to upload a pdf. If you click on the link it sends me a permission check, I click it, then can be accessed. I will try to add in your email directly though
You can upload a pdf just like a picture. Click on "upload image" link on the profile you want to attach this to.

The image tab wants a URL loaded in - cannot directly load in a file it appears. Perhaps because I am new, so less trusted by the system?

Just so that I understand the issue: You started out from the profile, went to "Images" and right at the top is the following: "Do you have a photo or source image for xxx? Click here to upload it." When you click on "Click here to upload it." it won't accept the file from your computer in the top "Select an image" field?
I went into reply (or edit the original as well) and it gives me robust selections for text manipulation. There is a button for an image but if clicked it requests a URL, no option for uploading a file/image comes up.
I think I understand now (correct me if I'm wrong): If your pdf is still connected to the email message you first have to save it to your computer. You then have to go to a profile on WikiTree you want to upload this file to and from this profile follow the steps outlined above. The "Select an image" field will let you browse the location you saved the pdf to on your computer and then you can upload it.

Useful resource tools: when you can cut & paste, use Google Translator:

* It can also be used to translate entire internet pages!

For alte Deutsch Schrift (Fraktur):

@Russ if you run Google Chrome you just right click and select English ==> you dont have to jump away

It also remember your language settings so when you get another page in that language it will by default translate.... 

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Here is the transcription for Nr. 927 and Nr. 928 as it pertains to "Hauser"

Trust this will help:

927) Hauser, Christian, Leinenweber (weaver of linen), of Diemerstein, later Fischbach, born in Hertlinghausen about 1749, son of Christian Hauser; married with Bluhm, Maria, died at Diemerstein January 1787 without reference to the age; children: Katharina, born about April 1783 (in Nr. 2910). (4).


928) Hauser, Christian (Nr. 927), widower, Leinenweber (weaver of linen), Fischbach, living with him in (the year of) 1800 Braun, Jacob, Leinenweber Geselle (working in the profession without having made the “Master” examen); died Fischbach January 23,1810, 61 years old; married ti Kintzinger, Barbara (from Nr. 1335), Diemerstein, died in Fischbach December 25, 1826


Any questions, please advise
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Thank you very much!!

Was there a listing for Johannes Hauser? Christian's sone I believe
Sorry, yes, there are two more items in that record, i.e.

929) Hauser, Johannes, also Joh. Christian (from Nr. 928), weaver of linen[fabric], Fischbach; married in Enkenbach May 1, 1813 Latschar, Anna Maria, born in Enkenbach May 15, 1789, died in Fischbach March 23, 1824, daughter of PeterL.,  Afterbestaender bei Wuertz, N.N., Klostergut Enkenbach and (daughter) of  Rinck, Barbara; Children: Elisabeth, born June 12, 1814, died Sembach March 21, 1877, married in Sembach Althaus, Peter, Mennonite (religion) farmhand (somebody who is employed to work at the house in various capacities) Sembach, son of Johannes Althaus, Ackerer and (son) of Beutler, Gertrud 1), Susanne, born August 26, 1817, married Enkenbach May 7, 1844 Schroeder, Jakob, Enkenbach, son of Jakob Schroeder and (son) of Clemenz, Elisabeth, Enkenbach 1), Johannes, born March 28, 1821, Heinrich, born January 15, 1824, died Enkenbach March 6, 1825

1) the (married) couple emigrated to North America

(4);(4a);Ruby, S. 65, 43, S 255, 2046 and S 403, 3585.


930) Hauser, Johannes (Nr. 929) widower 9in) Fischbach, about 1835 emigrated to Amerika, leaving 2 children from the 1. (first) marriage, who are with relatives in Enkenbach.

Married II Fischbach April 29, 1829 Andre, Andrea, Barbara, farmhand (somebody who is employed to work around the house in various capacities – they could for example work in the kitchen, in the stables, in the fields, or doing general duties helping the wife of the farmer) Ebertsheim, born in Enkenbach about 1806, daughter of Michael Andre, Tageloehner (is somebody who is employed temporary, day by day, for various jobs) and (daughter) of Staufer,Maria, both died (deceased) in Enkenbach. Children: Barbara, born March 7, 1830, Maria, born April 4, 1832 (4a);Archive of Hochspeyer, A9;  but compare with Ruby, S. 68, 79

In both paragraphs there are additional references to other sources, perhaps not contained in the same document.

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