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I'd love to see a text box added to the page where one sets an "Unmerged Match" - "reason for setting unmerged match". The text could be posted as a comment on both profile pages. This would enable arborists to record what's holding up the merge, inviting others watching the page to help solve the problem.

For example, when trying to merge duplicates who have different parents, I would enter into the "Reason" text box:

"This merge cannot be completed because each has a different set of parents. Help is sought identifying and documenting the correct set of parents."

Then when a list of pending "unmerged matches" is displayed, the reason would be displayed with it, creaing the equivalent of a "to-do" list.

See this as an example of when such a reason text box would be useful:
in Genealogy Help by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (827k points)
retagged by Keith Hathaway
There already is a box for proposed merges.  But it only appears when the person doing the merge is NOT profile manager of both profiles.
and it only goes to the profile managers.  I thought the text box you were proposing would be for additional information in the "Browse Matches" feed.  As an arborist, it would be useful to know what salient comments were made.  Cheers, Liz
Good reminder, Liz. You're right. Thanks for the clarification.
Good Idea!

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I love this idea!

This weekend I was feeling quite good about myself after proposing several 'sure fire' merges. Later I came to see that a few of these merges were set as "Unmerged Match". No explanation given.

I would go a step further than Jillaine and suggest that by default a reason must be given if you set a profile as either "Unmerged Match" or "Rejected Match".

Again I say: I love this idea! 

by Eugene Quigley G2G6 Mach 7 (76.4k points)
selected by Living King
I agree 100%. If there is some conflicting information that needs to be resolved in order for the match to proceed, such as different dates, different or missing parents, spouses, etc, we should be able to communicate the reason why it is an unmerged match instead of a direct merge. If there is no conflicting/missing info to be resolved, it should be a merge request instead.

How many times have I made Unmerged Matches and had to then go in to find the PM so that I could send them a private message to let them know what is stopping the merge! Or if I see a rejected merge, I want to know what did it. If I set two profiles as rejected merge, then I know the reason, and it is usually VERY small points (both born same year but different middle names and locations). I cannot tell anyone that without private messaging. I'm glad someone brought this up (should have done it myself)!!!

Whatever happened to this suggestion?  I really like the idea.  I recently have had to ask some profile managers why they rejected matches.  It would have been helpful to have the explantion.
I'm putting some vote juice on this one! I would really like to see this happen too!
Please yes.  I just had to ask this morning (or maybe last night), why a merge was postponed.
Can I vote for this twice??? We really need the communication between PMs to improve in quality and quantity.

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