Confusing message on WikiTree when trying to complete an Unmerged Match.

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I was looking at an old Unmerged Match, and decided that there was in fact enough information to re-propose the Merge.  First I note that [Merge] is not available as an option under Unmerged Matches.  So I tried [Compare], always a good way to start a merge.  This produces the usual comparison.  I then click on the [Merge them] hyperlink. This produces a big yellow header that basically says "A and B are currently set as Unmerged Match to indicate that the two profiles are not ready to be merged yet."  There is then a small hyperlink that says "Click here to remove the Unmerged Match."  It is your only choice.  Fine.

This leads to another yellow header box, and the text below it that says "Click Confirm to complete the removal. This should only be done if there has been a mistake — if X and Y do not even look like they could be the same person. If the two profiles represent the same person, they must be merged." 

In fact, I am sure they are the same person and do want to merge them, but the text here implies I should therefore *not* click Confirm now.  But yet gives no other option.   I am pretty sure the idea is to click Confirm to remove the Unmerged Match with expectation that you will then do a normal Merge.  But the instructions on this page are very user-unfriendly and could use an edit.

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Yes, that message is confusing. It's been discussed here before. I suggest that this post should be recategorized in Wikitech, as this is a needed improvement that Wikitree staff ought to be looking at.
Thanks, Paul and Ellen. This should be corrected.
The part that really bothers me on these are when I decide the Unmatched merge really is a match and go looking for a reason as to why it was set to Unmatched merge. So far I have come up empty.  Nothing is the note box on the right hand side of the screen or any place else I searched.   I have come across the same thing for rejected matches, nothing to tell you why it was done.
The lack of a reason for an unmerged match is attributable to the lack of a prompt requesting a reason. Not only is it necessary to make a special effort to add a comment on an unmerged match, but most users are limited to 20 voluntary comments each day, so an active effort to identify these issues can cause a user to bump up on the limit.

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Were you able to remove the Unmerged Match and then set up the Merge?

If so, then I take it you are just pointing out that the message is confusing and that you do not need help getting the Merge set up.

Is this Correct?
by Michael Stills G2G6 Pilot (394k points)
Yes, my point is that the message is confusing.  I had not actually completed the Unmatch/merge though pending confirmation.

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