Do you know the benefits of "having a mentor" and "being a mentor"?

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When I first joined Wikitree, we did not have a formal mentoring program, but I had 4 'leaders" who helped me work through the processes of Wikitree, lent a hand when I was struggling and taught me what I needed to know to eventually become a leader myself.   I look at some of my original profiles and I have to laugh that I thought they were complete and well-sourced!  Thanks to having mentors, I have grown in my genealogical research knowledge!

Now, I am mentor.   There are two people I mentor that I want to talk about for the benefits of being a mentor.   One of them in 92 and the other one is 14.   They both want to believe and share all the stories they have been told over the years.   Learning through research that some of those stories are "stories" and not reality has been difficult, but, they both continue on.   What is fun is when they find a "truth" that no one else ever told them about.   Like being related to someone "famous" or "notorious".   It is a journey every day that leads us all to a new place in the tree.
in The Tree House by Robin Lee G2G6 Pilot (711k points)
Great post, Robin. I'm impressed that you have time to mentor, given how much you contribute as an individual genealogist, and as a project leader. You're a shining star in our community.
Yeah, what Chris said Robin, but you already know a lot of us round here feel this way about you! Mags
It's hard to ask for help sometimes,,,,do I get a discount for having a seasoned citizen brain,,,,,actually,,,,it's getting better,,,,bit I think I'm like the woman who wants to clean house before the cleaning lady comes
Even if you have a "seasoned brain". You are welcome to come clean my house before your cleaning lady comes if it would make you feel better. Mags
I've got a feelng your grneological' tree house' is pretty clean already and 'souced' t the ceiling
:-) Even the most seasoned WikiTreer has a few accidental (putting my excuse out there already in case anyone goes hunting in my limbs) unsourced profiles floating around...Mags
My mentor was and kudos to: SM Reaper-4. Because I made terrible connections / mergers to Mayflower Project profiles. This was a good thing.

I also must thank Magnus Salgo; taught me the basics of proper Sourcing.

HAGD = (Have A Great Day) Ya'll, JPV IV :)
This is probably a dumb question but here it goes: how does a person go about getting a mentor & how do they help?

@ Colleen

The mission of WikiTree Mentors is to improve the overall quality of WikiTree by helping our members solve any problem they are having. Mentors answer questions about the website, encourage members with helpful suggestions and step in whenever problems arise, providing guidance and instruction.

How to get a mentor....Under the Help Menu at the top right, chose the link "Mentors", look through until you find someone you would like to work with and send them a message.   

Thank you Robin
Ditto what Chris said, Robin! You are a valuable Wikitree leader and we appreciate you!
If having a problem qualifies you for having a mentor, then I should be entitled to several! :)

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Robin is not just a mentor, she is the mentor! Our best of the best! What she says is important. We need more mentors and no worries if you think you don't know everything - we help each other. It's a group effort. It is incredibly rewarding and goes a long way towards protecting our one world wide tree. Plus it makes new members feel supported and welcome. It helps resolve differences before they become conflicts. Just a little help at the right time makes an amazing difference. It's easier to teach someone to source right away than to have to go back and source all their profiles.

There were no mentors when I joined either and as soon as they started the project, I immediately was aware of its worth because I didn't learn the software that easily.

I appreciate Robin and all of our mentors!! If you have patience and the ability to communicate simply how to do things, if you like to help others, it you feel you know your way around and understand the style guidelines - you can be a mentor. You don't have to know everything. You do have to be pleasant and patient. New mentors can work under more experienced mentors until they feel confident.

And please, if you need a mentor let us know. We absolutely love helping you!!!
by Paula J G2G6 Pilot (250k points)
selected by Liz Shifflett
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Robin, thank you for this great post.

I would add, if any are interested to learning more about Mentors or joining the project, please visit the project page here:
by Guy Constantineau G2G6 Pilot (350k points)
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Thanks Robin, I need some advice on some profiles and have wondering what is the best way to proceed. I will be in touch soon.
by Barry Malcolm G2G5 (5.8k points)

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