Who was Thomas Milliken, alive in December 1937 in Bowling Green, Kentucky?

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The only Tom Milliken that I could find at familysearch.org in Bowling Green, KY, died there in 1933.

Frank and Doug, I suspect this Tom Millken may be a slave descendant as many of the white Millikens were slave owners in Kentucky, Tennessee and North Carolina.  Often times as not, slaves "adopted" or were assigned the surname of their owners.

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a).  When was he born?  

b).  Is that his first or middle name?

c).  What information do you have that he is still alive in 1937?  Like, is it a newspaper clipping or something that could provide further clues?  Something from a church?   Or was it a person who said or wrote something to indicate this?  The source for that information might be able to provide more clues.
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All I know with a reasonable degree of surety is that a Thomas Milliken was a witness at a wedding at Christ Episcopal Church, Bowling Green, Kentucky on 21 December 1937.  This Tom Milliken is a possible candidate:

It was the wedding of whom?  Learning more about that couple might provide clues.  Also, if there was another witness that might also provide clues.

The Millikens are a family of lawyers in that area.  Their practice is housed in the Milliken Building in BG.  Maybe someone from that practice could help.  There were two judges, John Mottley Milliken and George Duncan Milliken ( brothers), both now deceased. They had a sister, Helen Milliken. Their parents were George Duncan Milliken  and Elizabeth "Nan" Mottley.

For more about Thomas Milliken, the WW II veteran, there is this link:

The lawyer brothers I mentioned above are on this same genealogy link

It might be worth perusing the above page to see if any of the names of the couple on the marriage cert match any names or link with any names in this genealogy.

Facebook has a Simpson County Historical Society page with phone # and web pg info.  I am starting to suspect that your Thomas is the WW II vet.  For what it's worth, John "J Harb" Milliken and Katherine "Kitty" Stowers Milliken were married...https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:33S7-9YTH-ZGF?i=278&wc=9FWJ-VZ3%3A928311601%2C928818001%3Fcc%3D1968530&cc=1968530
This is a digital image of J Harb's WW I draft card.

The only place where I find info that they had children together is on that genealogy.

The judges and the WW II vet are kin.

I hope any of this helps.
The Milliken Law Firm is now a father and son operation -- they seem to be cousins of the two Milliken brothers you mention above -- not direct descendants.
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One possibility is my great-uncle, Thomas Gillespie Milliken, b. 18/11/1881 in Lewisville, Denton, TX, d. 9/6/1938, Harris County TX.  His father, William Dickerson Milliken Sr, (1848-1916) was from Paducah, KY which is 149 miles from Bowling Green; perhaps Thomas was there with family for a while.

Suzan Valdez
by Suzan Valdez G2G Crew (440 points)
Thank you.  There seems to be another Thomas [Henry] Milliken who was allegedly born 25 Jul 1913 in Simpson County, Kentucky and who was killed in action aboard LSM(R)-195 by a kamikaze air strike on 3 May 1945, Kume-shima, Okinawa-ken, Japan.  Is he one of your kin?  His parents were allegedly John Harbison Milliken and Katherine Stowers.
Harbison/Harbeson/Haberson is definitely a branch of our family, but so far I haven't found anything that will help you! I'll keep looking!

I just checked Our Family Tumbleweed, by Keith Hunter, a cousin with a Milliken branch. There is a Thomas Hunter Milliken, born in Simpson County, KY, but here's what Keith has:

Thomas Henry Milliken

M, b. 11 December 1870, d. 3 June 1924


Milliken Family

     Thomas Henry Milliken was born on 11 December 1870 at Simpson County, Kentucky, possibly 1872 according to his death certificate.1,2 He was the son of Dr. John Robert Milliken and Elizabeth Ann Neely.3,4 He married Rose Morris, daughter of Benjamin F. Morris and Josephina A. Unknown, after 1890.5 He died on 3 June 1924 at Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee, at age 53.2 Milliken - At Lucy Brinkley Hospital Tuesday morning, June 3, 1924, at 12:10 o'clock. Thomas Henry Milliken, aged 52 years; father of Bettie Rose Milliken; brother of C.W., F.N., J.S., J.H., and R.M. Milliken of Louisville, Ky., and G.D. Milliken of Bowling Green, Ky. Funeral services conducted by Dr. W.M. Bostick, will be held in Thompson's Mortuary this (Wednesday) afternoon at 3 o'clock. Friends of the family are invited. Interment n Forest Hill Cemetery. Louisville and Bowling Green, Ky., papers please copy. Pall bearers: M.H. Callicott, M.B. McGes, Tom Dunlap, Ben Hamilton, Walter 

This may be more helpful:

Thomas Henry Milliken

M, b. 25 July 1913, d. 3 May 1945


Milliken Family

     Thomas Henry Milliken also went by the name of Tom.1 He was born on 25 July 1913 at Middleton, Simpson County, Kentucky.2,3 He was the son of John Harbison Milliken and Katherine Stowers.3 He died on 3 May 1945 at Kerama Islands, Shimajiri District, Okinawa Island, at age 31.4,5,6


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This research would not have happened without the valuable help of many others please see the acknowledgements page.
Compiler: Keith Hunter, Indianapolis

Yes, very interesting.  And profound thanks to all.  I think this last Thomas Milliken is the most probable witness at the wedding on 21 Dec 1937.  The groom was also a Navy man.  Do we know if Thomas Henry Milliken was an Episcopalian and perhaps a Western Kentucky graduate?

Is there a complete Milliken "Descendants Of" page or file?
Then there is Wesley Currie Milliken who seems to be a cousin in here somewhere of this proliferous Milliken Family.  Very impressive Family Tree.

My Milliken family tree goes as far back as Charles Milliken, born in Ireland in 1736, and coming to this country, but I haven't yet unearthed any Wesleys!
S.M. Valdez

One very obvious Wesley Milliken is the first-rate attorney in Bowling Green, Kentucky, Wesley Vernon Milliken, J.D.  Cheers.  D. Spencer Hines

Wesley Currie is indeed another Milliken cousin.  I'm not sure I've gotten him plugged into the family tumbleweed yet.  There are tons of Milliken cousins I haven't tracked down (yet).
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I'm jumping in here over a year later... anonymous, did all your questions get answered?  I have met one of the Milliken-Stowers descendants and may be able to shed some more light on your search.

Thanks Suzan for referencing my site.  That's why it's there.
by Keith Hunter G2G Crew (300 points)

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