What do you think Hoag or Staineridge? [closed]

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As we all know, new evidence is constantly being found that appears to disprove research previously supposed by some great researchers. Currently, we need to merge two profiles Hoag-464 and Hoag-39 which are clearly duplicates.  As changing LNAB causes the dreaded redirects I am hesitant to change it, though I believe evidence found at http://wc.rootsweb.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/igm.cgi?op=GET&db=millerm&id=I01032 among other places must be considered. The will of Esquire Thomas Staineridge clearly specifies the wife Ann of Robert Willson-169, the clear widow of Robert Witham per evidence of "Child's Bond" to be his sister.  What do you think?

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(Sidebar: I noticed the posting of multiple pages of a 1979 publication. Do we have permission to post this still-copyrighted work?)
What you see is from a pre-copyright Editor's copy (1672-1979) that I corrected grammar on in the 60's and yes it has been lawfully willed to me.  The work I have differs slightly from the 2 volumes (1672-1959 and 1960-1979) which were later published.  After consulting with other contributors, I have been told it is mine to use.
Great! You might want to include that information on the image pages so someone doesn't come along and delete the images thinking they're copyright violations.
This issue has been reiterated to infinity on various G2G posts.  

Hopefully, some over-zealous member knows better than to delete anything suspect prior to contacting the poster.  If they take it down without proper authorization I'll be happy to send them a "nice" note...  I know that Find A Grave images have received similar scrutiny.  I always place a note similar to "Photo posted with gratitude to and permission of Find A Grave contributor ###### as posted at ###### or via email."  Many members of Find A Grave are happy to share their images if asked first.  Sadly, many great members left that site after the acquisition and are livid about the new owner using bots to plagiarize their work.

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Good stuff if it's true. If there was such a will of Thomas Staineridge, naming two of his sisters, one of them Ann Witham, plus the other supporting data l, then yes l, I'd say there's strong evidence for Staineridge as her maiden name. I'd feel more comfortable seeing the original text or at least something published in a peer reviewed journal (vs a transcription on a worldconnect profile that includes no source citations) .

Conversely, we should not rule out the possibility that she could have been a half sister. Same mother as Thomas but different father.

Do we have any idea where the Hoag/Hogg claim originated?
by Jillaine Smith G2G6 Pilot (757k points)
I shall post new evidence found on the Hoag-39 profile for consideration of the project.  The new material originates from a Staineridge family direct descendant whom has researched church records and established some hard to refute evidence.  As noted by the statement of Armstrong and Shotwell, during their time Ann's LNAB was speculative.
David, do you know where the Hoag theory originated?
I have added the most pertinent info onto the profile for consideration.

There are an additional 3 pages contributed to Ancestry.com by a Merle Romer 4 on 10 August 2015 that appears to be a great synopsis of the events.  It is titled "History of Robert Willson & Ann Straineridge; Samuel Willson & Hester Overton Follows:"

Note the author corrects the Straineridge to Staineridge during his analysis.
David, thanks.

Shotwell, p 241, says only "Ann (Hogg?)" for spouse of Robert Willson. Sure wish we knew where HE got that theory from...

I searched the NEHGS online databases for Ann Hoag and Ann Hogg. Nothing.

As much as I dislike most online family trees I thought http://sands-o-time.com/59/28207.html was interesting.  The Thomas Staineridge whose will is likely the strongest evidence is being shown as son of Sir James Hoag.  Somewhere I read that the children's surname was derived from an area in England near Scarborough?  I guess in the Old English/ Irish "Stain" is the word for stone or rock?  I have also read that Ann wife of Robert Willson-169 widow of Robert Witham was jailed while with Witham and they were both set for deportation for religious beliefs.  One unsourced tale states Robert Witham died while incarcerated and Ann went to the Chorley Quaker house for asylum?  A cousin sent me pictures of where Robert Willson and Ann lived prior to traveling to the New World.  Perhaps someone familiar with the geography can place the photos posted on the profile of Albert Stanley Wilson-17902 that is responsible for finding the research of Robert Willson's Marriage and the Witham Child's Bond.  There is also a widely told tale on Genealogy.com about a brother of Robert Willson (a Joshua) having inside information about an only unoccupied Crown Deed in Canada where he came from England to claim near other family.  Land Deeds, that I have not been able to locate yet, apparently show the Witham Child (Susanna Witham) with her second husband selling land to Willson descendants at a below market value?


I'm having a challenge getting my head around all of this!


Online trees in and of themselves are not bad. Heck, wikitree is one big online tree. What makes them bad is lack of sources and discussion of evidence.

The linked tree you offer points to Thomas Staineridge and Ann Hoag both being the children of one Sir James Hoag. But where is the evidence that supports this? These kind of trees drive me mad.

One would think that Sir James Hoag had a will. I'd sure like to see it.
That is why this was posted under "Request for Genealogy Help."   The Ancestral File referenced on that site was not found.  The various IGI, Pedigree and Ancestral files found at FS contain only sources to unsourced trees. At least I've found another WT duplicate that needs merged.

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