Asking status of Joan (Cherleton) and help with merges

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Hi Everyone ... working on the Holland line, and see Joan Cherleton is 'uncertain' and just wondering why?

Also, need help with PPP merges, thinking if these Cherleton related profiles were merged that might make finding the relationship with Joan Cherleton better. 

Thanks for your help :-)

Arnold is the son of 
Joan (Cherleton) de Cherleton [uncertain] 

*Philippa (StLeger-26) Pyme ...needs space between St_Leger and correct spelling to Pympe

*Philippa (St_Leger-69) Pympe ...correct 


*John (St_Ledger-6) ... need the 'd' ?

*John (St_Leger-23) ... correct


*Margery (Donnett-1) St_Ledger ... two 't' and need the 'd' ?

*Margery (Donnet-3) St_Leger ...

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As currently shown, Arnold was dead before his wife was born.  However, he does seem to have another wife of the same name who's more his age, though her ancestry has fewer Plantagenets in it.

Dunno how certain that one is.  Looks unlikely.  She was way out of his league.  I'd expect some story about an abduction or a clandestine marriage.

Actually, I can't find any support for there being 2 Arnolds or a Luxembourg marriage either.

The "John de Cheritons" need merging away, but there's a generation missing.
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We do have the puzzle of why Joan Cherleton-1 wasn't married off again, if in fact she wasn't.  As a young rich widow and co-heiress she should have been very hot property.

She did have a young son Henry, but anything could happen.

Anybody know who became his guardian?

Thank you, RJ Horace, I appreciate you showing interest, and always enjoy your humor! :-)
Maybe you can help me with this, could this be a correct relationship trail?

12. Conquest is the son of Edward Wyatt [unknown confidence] 
13. Edward is the son of Hawte Wyatt [confident] 
14. Haute is the son of George Wyatt [unknown confidence] 
15. George is the son of Jane (Haute) Wyatt [unknown confidence] 
16. Jane is the daughter of Maria (Guildford) Haute, Hawte [unknown confidence] 
17. Maria is the daughter of Anne (Pympe) Guilford [unknown confidence] 
18. Anne is the daughter of Philippa (St Leger) Pympe [unknown confidence] 
19. Philippa is the daughter of John St Leger [unknown confidence] 
20. John is the son of Arnold St Leger [unknown confidence] 
21. Arnold is the son of Joan (Cherleton) de Cherleton [uncertain] 
22. Joan is the daughter of Alianore (Holland) Mortimer [confident] 
23. Eleanor is the daughter of Thomas Holland [confident]  

Thank you, RJ Horace!

RJ Horace, hope this is a correct relationship trail, what do you think?

1. Haute is the son of George Wyatt [unknown confidence] 
2. George is the son of Thomas Wyatt [unknown confidence] 
3. Thomas is the son of Elizabeth (Brooke) Warner [unknown confidence] 
4. Elizabeth is the daughter of Thomas Brooke [unknown confidence] 
5. Thomas is the son of John Brooke [unknown confidence] 
6. John is the son of Edward Brooke [unknown confidence] 
7. Edward is the son of Joan (Braybrooke) Brooke [unknown confidence] 
8. Joan is the daughter of Joan (Pole) de Braybrooke [unknown confidence] 
9. Joan is the daughter of John (Pole) de la Pole [unknown confidence] 
10. John is the son of Margaret (Peverel) Pole [unknown confidence] 
11. Margaret is the daughter of Elizabeth (Lisle) Peverel [unknown confidence] 
12. Elizabeth is the daughter of Robert (Lisle) de Lisle [unknown confidence] 
13. Robert is the son of Warin (de Lisle) Lisle [unknown confidence] 
14. Warin is the son of Mabel (Mucegros) Lisle [unknown confidence] 
15. Mabel is the daughter of Helewisia (Malet) de Muscegros [confident] 
16. Hawise is the daughter of William Malet [confident] 

Thanks, RJ, 


April is the expert on Wyatts.

My impression is that the Anne Pympe who married Guilford is a dead end.  Her niece Anne (Pympe) Scott had the ancestry, but on her mother's side.

But the Lisle route seems to be supported, even though the dates as shown don't work.  Better dates are available.

Can't comment on the American end.
Thank you, RJ Horace! I appreciate your comments very much!
I will keep digging to see what will turn up.

Thanks again, RJ,


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