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The profile for Richard Woodward shows the following:

  • he was born in Ipswich, Suffolk, England
  • he was born in Norwich, Norfolk, England
  • he was baptized in Childwell Parish, Lancashire, England, on 20 Jan 1587 (there is no "Childwell Parish," and this probably refers to "Childwall," West Darby, Lancashire)
  • he married Rose Stewart
  • he married Rose West

Anderson, (in The Great Migration: Immigrants to New England, 1634-1635, Volume VII, T-Y, Pages 528ff) gives him a birth year of about 1589, based on his being 45 years old in 1634. He gives no birth place and no parents.  He gives no Last Name At Birth for first wife Rose.

Is there any evidence for birth year, birth place or Rose's maiden name?  If not, I propose to remove that info from the profile.

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asked in Genealogy Help by Vic Watt G2G6 Pilot (314k points)

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There are several theories about Richard Woodward – none of which are proven.  There is no evidence which can directly connect the immigrant to any individual with certainty in England, and Richard Woodward was far too common a name to make a match based on finding it in England. 

A Richard Woodward was baptized 20 Jan 1587, son of William and Elizabeth Woodward of Childwall Parish, Lancashire, England.  Birth date is approximately right but there is no evidence this is the immigrant.

A Richard Woodward married Rose West at St. Margaret Pattens in London on 13 May 1613.  Name of wife is correct but there is no evidence this is the immigrant.


A Richard Woodward, at age 28, married Rose Stewart, in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England on 16 February 1614. Name of wife is correct but there is no evidence this is the immigrant.  Usually said to be the same person that was born at Childwall, but they are too far apart for this to be reasonable.

He is said to have been born at Ipswich, Suffolk, England but I don’t think there is anything to support this.  He did take his Oath of Conformity at Ipswich and sailed for New England on the Elizabeth out of Ipswich.

The best clue is probably from the 1665 will of Amos Woodword of Colchester, Essex, England who refers to “my uncle Woodward’s children’s children in New England.”  Richard Woodward’s son George named a son Amos which is the reason for connecting this will to this New England Woodward family.

With multiple unproven possibilities, the profile should follow Anderson.  Richard Woodward’s origins are unknown, born about 1589 (age 45 in 1634); wife Rose’s maiden name unknown.  The biography should of course address the possible origins but come to no conclusion.

For his second marriage, references should be to:

NEHGR 163:134-136 Ann Neave, Wife of Stephen Gates, 1638 Immigrant to Massachusetts

NEHGR 120:161-170 Stephen Gates of Hingham, Lancaster and Cambridge, Mass., and Some of His Descendants (Continued)

answered by Joe Cochoit G2G6 Pilot (165k points)
selected by Ellen Smith
Thanks for providing this analysis of the situation, Joe. It's very helpful to all the theories discussed in one place,  succinctly and with references to sources.

For the benefit of every descendant who (like I did) runs across multiple poorly documented secondary sources naming Rose Stewart or Rose West or one of the other theories, it will be helpful to provide this analysis in the profile.
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This looks suspicious,Suffolk and Norfolk do share borders,so this could

be,Lancashire is clear across england,many miles away.Probably

whats happening,he has found someone with name in all these place.

Most people with some name ,you will find many with the same name.

all over.It is a quandrey, I onc had 5 people with the same name,born

all around the same time ,living in the same Parish.Travel was so difficult

back then.7miles an hour ,horse and wagon.Roads were terrible.
answered by Wayne Morgan G2G6 Pilot (786k points)
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The obvious answer here is to use what Anderson has, per PGM guidelines.

This profile has been merged several times. So the different information probably came in with each merge. Some of those merges may have been incorrect due to lack of biographies on the profiles.

Use a == Disputed Information == section listing the various birth places. Use {{citation needed}} for those that you don't have a source for. - The Elizabeth sailed from Ipswich, so that's where that one came from.

Wives - Rose Stewart seems to be a favorite in secondary sources.

This may be the clue to where Rose West comes from. - At AmericanAncestors-


answered by Anne B G2G6 Pilot (982k points)

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