Any Burk(e) Y-DNA R1b1a2 (R-M269) out there?

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I have a male cousin who is related to the Burk(e)s with a Y-DNA Haplogroup of  R1b1a2 (R-M269).  I would like to compare genealogical notes with anyone of the same Haplogroup.
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To all M-269 Burke's: Please google "R1b1a2_ht35 project tree" and you will find Burke listed approx. 35 names from the bottom of the phylogenetic tree (righthand column, subgroups PF1109/A8039), adjacent to my name. Any knowledge of a Burke having served in the British military in the 15th - 17th Century, when there were British troops stationed in Brabant? I'm looking for a link. Could also be service by a Burke in the VOC ( United (Dutch) East-India Company) via their Zeeland recruiting bureau, or working out of (Flemish) Antwerp. Oldest documented van Weert in Brabant: Jan van Weert, born 1359.

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Matching haplogroups will put you in the right ball park.  Matching haplotypes will get you in the right section and seat row of that ball park.
by Peter Roberts G2G6 Pilot (524k points)
Hi Peter: You are correct, absolutely. Except that for the 100 million+ seats stadium named R1b, there are only three rows marked - A8039 with a total of some 10 seats of which only two seats are marked A8043 (for my grandson and me). That how precise Y-dna marking has become for the lucky ones with a unique haplotype.
Thanks Gus,

I'll work on another way to describe haplogroups and haplotypes ;-)

About how much did you and your grandson pay for your Big Y tests?

I hope you will change your Y haplogroup to R-A8043 or a subclade above that.

Sincerely, Peter
Hi Peter:  Still a belated sorry for delayed reply. My wife passed away on the day you posted: Febr. 28.... Yes, precision takes time and treasure. My grandson enrolled in the Genome-2 Project, got a unique result, not ISOGG recognised or designated, so I became intrigued, had my Y-dna done at FTDNA, first Y-111, then the big-Y at approx. $700 total, which gave the results that led ISOGG to assign the subclade R-A8043. For Burke's to check whether they match the Burke listed in the phylogenetic table may possible require only testing for one subclade - go talk to your group administrator. Whether FTDNA wil cooperate, that's for them to decide. They have not responded to changing my designation from M269 to R-A8043, exceot on my personal profile.
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My father in law is a Burke and he is in R-M269. His family is mostly in Virginia and far back as I can find, the Shenandoah Valley i.e., Shenandoah, Warren.
by K Burke G2G Rookie (230 points)

Hello K,  92% of males from Wales and 78% of males from Cornwall England are R-M269.  [added: Over 110 million males with direct paternal line ancestry from Europe are R-M269]. Please see

It is haplotypes which matter most for genealogy. Sincerely, Peter

Thank you. I have added haplogroup and ysearch number.
Carter, I have looked at Mr. Burke's tree and there are no Gibbons or Burke's in Indiana at the time frame cited. The search continues, Best, K. Burke
I don't know how I missed this comment.  The Burkes I'm interested in seemed to have come from VA.  They or their descendants probably migrated through WV & on to IN.  Does this migration pattern fit what you know about your father-in-law's ancestors?
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I am a burke with haplo group r1b1a2 amd i have m269 idk what to do with this information

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