Aliases. How do we manage French, Briton, Burgundian and Italian aka's in profiles of English people pre 1500?

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International naming conventions.
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Can they not be left in English and the non English individual have there browser translate

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Hello Shelley

Thanks for asking this question, deciding what names to use for pre-1500s profiles can be a difficult process.

Although the EuroAristo naming guidelines are the main standard for all pre-1600 profiles we also have to keep in mind the overall naming standards for Wikitree.

The Proper First Name and Last Name at Birth fields should be the names they were born with, in their native language. The Preferred First Name and Current Last Name should be the names they used at the end of their life.

So if we are discussing English people who were born in England, but perhaps inherited land in Europe or vice versa, then that would dictate what names to use and in which language.

If you wanted to note an alternative name in another language because they are famous in that country but were born and died in England for instance, then you might decide to record that name in the Other Nicknames or Other Last Name/s fields.

It can get quite complicated and the best option if you're not sure is to ask (it's often easy to discuss specific cases).

You will also find that there are examples of profiles on Wikitree that don't follow these guidelines, perhaps left over from times when a gedcom could be downloaded, no questions asked.

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Yes john, my query relates to Alan de Monceaux,  de Nevers, de Sable, de Craon, de Freiston ? I am sure my problem is evident. Younger sons marrying heiresses and taking an appanage from inherited land or the family of their wives. I have a particular interest in Heraldic descent in the female lines, but cant get certified for pre 1500 profiles without someone's assistance. I am sure this relates to his arms being "Lozengy".
Hi Shelley, maybe we can work the detail of this.  Drop me a note back regarding which Alan de Monceaux.  There was one, tenants of the Count of Aumale in the Honour of Holderness and Alan held the estate of Boynton, Lincolnshire before 1127.  He also held lands to the Archbishop of York at the same period.  The family, Monceaux, later came to hold the fee of Skipton.  Is this the family?  The Monceaux arms (male line) are noticed on the Armorial de Gelre.  I noticed another two, of the name, different arms on the same Roll suggesting very different lineages.  I'll see if I can help you track down which one specifically.  None of these are depicted "lozengy" though.
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The best place to address a complicated name history is in a section of the biography you title ===Name===.  In that section you can give the full name he or she used at different times in life, you can add explanations, you can list titles, etc.  

Remember, too, that everything you put in the data field is fiction until it is backed up by an inline source in the biographical narrative!
by Jack Day G2G6 Pilot (338k points)

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