My maternal grandmother was a Weaver nee Brewer, her father Jabez was born about 1854.

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How do I start with your genealogy group.?  My mat. grandmother Ruth Weaver married Stanley Brewer in 1906 in British Columbia, Canada. He was born 1880, she in 1887.  She was born Tyldesly Lancashire, England and Grandfather Stanley was born in Sedgeley , Stafford, England in 1880 .  Grandmother Ruth was the daughter of Jabez Weaver born 1854 he  died in Coquitlam, British Columba, Canada in 1925 (in a mental hospital called Essingdale, located in Couqitlam, B.C.).  Grandfather Weaver married Diana Randall in 1873 in England.  My grandmother Ruth died in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada in Dec 1980. Grandfather Jabez Weaver married Matilda Randel, who was born in Sedgley Stafford England in 1857.      I have a membership with  Family Tree, have searched what family records there are, searched encylopedias, have written letters, you name it, I cannot get past Diana Randall. Thank you for your time, I do hope you can help me make a connection.  Sincerely, Sylvia Lynne Smith born December 1937, Natal, B.C., Canada.
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Hi Sylvia,
Your grandmother Ruth Weaver's birth is apparent in the UK BMD (
Name: WEAVER, Ruth
Registration district: Leigh (spans the boundaries of the counties of Greater Manchester and Lancashire)
County: Lancashire
Year of registration: 1887
Quarter of registration: Jul-Aug-Sep
Mother's maiden name: Not available before 1911 Q3
Volume no: 8C
Page no: 292
You need to be wary of spelling variations with ancestors, as in this case with yours see some records that I found in following comments.
I hope that these help, Good Luck - Mark.
by Wombat Allen G2G6 Mach 2 (22.2k points)
She and her family were at home in the 5th April 1891 census (
WEAVER, Jabez    Head    Married    M    40    1851     Picket Dealer    Coseley, Staffordshire
WEAVER, Dinah    Wife    Married    F    39    1852     Picket Dealer    Coseley, Staffordshire
WEAVER, Lydia    Daughter    F    17    1874     Picket Dealer    Coseley, Staffordshire
WEAVER, William    Son        M    14    1877     Coal Miner Drawer    Tyldesley, Lancashire
WEAVER, Jabez    Son        M    10    1881     Scholar    Tyldesley, Lancashire
WEAVER, Thomas    Son        M    8    1883     Scholar    Tyldesley, Lancashire
WEAVER, Simeon    Son        M    6    1885     Scholar    Tyldesley, Lancashire
WEAVER, Ruth    Daughter    F    3    1888            Tyldesley, Lancashire
WEAVER, Sarah Ann    Daughter    F    0 (1M)    1891        Tyldesley, Lancashire
Piece: 3092    Folio: 69    Page: 47    Registration District: Leigh
Civil Parish: Tyldesley with Shakerley        Address: 38, Sale Lane, Tyldesley With Shakerley
County: Lancashire

Ruth's parents' marriage ( ...
Groom: WEAVER, Jabez
Bride: RANDLE, Dina
Registration district: Dudley
County: Staffordshire
Year of registration: 1873
Quarter of registration: Jan-Feb-Mar
Volume no: 6C
Page no: 85
Dinah RANDLE is at home in the 1871 Census in Sedgley, Staffordshire ( ...
OAKLEY, Joseph    Head        M    29    1842        Staffordshire
OAKLEY, Sibia    Wife        F    29    1842        Staffordshire (Sibia Oakley appears to be Dinah Randle's eldest sister)
OAKLEY, Sarah    Daughter    F    10    1861        Staffordshire
OAKLEY, Eliz    Daughter    F    8    1863        Staffordshire
OAKLEY, John    Son        M    5    1866        Staffordshire
OAKLEY, M A    Daughter    F    3    1868        Staffordshire
OAKLEY, Joseph    Son        M    1    1870        Staffordshire
RANDLE, Samuel    Father-In-Law    M    52    1819        Staffordshire
RANDLE, Eliza    Wife        F    49    1822        Staffordshire
RANDLE, M A    Daughter    F    22    1849        Staffordshire
RANDLE, Dinah    Daughter    F    18    1853        Staffordshire
RANDLE, Sam    Son        M    1    1870        Staffordshire
Piece: 3007    Folio: 140    Page: 2        Registration District: Dudley
Civil Parish: Sedgley        Address: Bourne Street, Sedgley County: Staffordshire

Dinah Randle's birth is apparent in the UK BMD (
Name: RANDLE, Dinah
Registration district: Dudley
County: Staffordshire
Year of registration: 1853
Quarter of registration: Apr-May-Jun
Mother's maiden name: Not available before 1911 Q3
Volume no: 6C
Page no: 64

Dinah's parents are found in the 1851 Census before her birth...
RANDLE, Samuel    Head    Married    M    28    1823     Miner    Sedgley, Staffordshire
RANDLE, Elisa    Wife    Married    F    30    1821     Wife    Sedgley, Staffordshire
RANDLE, Sobia    Daughter        F    9    1842    Sedgley, Staffordshire
RANDLE, Mary Ann    Daughter    F    2    1849    Sedgley, Staffordshire
Piece: 2030    Folio: 483    Page: 15    Registration District: Dudley
Civil Parish: Sedgley    Municipal Borough: Wolverhampton    Address: Coseley, Sedgley, Wolverhampton
County: Staffordshire
Go, Wombat, go! :-)
Much more fun and useful than Sudoku  :-)
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Somehow your question about how to get started with our group appears to have been missed.  At this same site request membership with a brief idea of what experience you have in genealogy.  Just starting, to however long.  Don't worry if it has only been a short time, we have veterans who will assist you along the way.  From your question which was well delivered, you are serious about your family genealogy.  We would be pleased to have you.
by Living Butchino G2G6 Mach 4 (41.2k points)

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