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Welcome!  This is an ongoing "Chat" post that can be added to throughout the weekend.  All members of WikiTree are encouraged to join in, especially first-timers!

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in The Tree House by Betty Fox G2G6 Pilot (153k points)
retagged by Keith Hathaway

Hi Betty,

Let's start it right here!

(with a few tags... let's get it going on)

.....and Tonight's guest host.....Betty Fox!   

Heeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrssssssss Betty!  :D
Hi from flooded Leicestershire, England. I seem to have run out of steam tonight on the genealogy front so I'm sitting here with a beer, waiting for a shish kebab to arrive. Hope everyone is having a good day/evening.
Wish I had a shish kebab on the way, that sounds good.  I've been making soup from scratch for the last couple of hours.  It should be done about the same time my children get home from school.
Bettyyyy Fox !! Great name for a host :D thanks for starting the chat and happy weekend !!
I love to make soup from scratch, you can't beat it. I'm the only woman in a house of males though, so friday is beer and kebab night. What's your favourite soup? I quite like cream of celery, or roast chicken and veg.
I like any good soup of any kind... not too many I dislike.

My favorites that I make well are cheesy cream of broccoli, and corn chowder with bacon and potatoes.  Mmmmm.

This one today is kind of pot luck.  Tomato based, many vegetables, I threw pasta in at the end and just pulled it from the heat.
Thank you for that introduction Vincent. I'm glad to be your hostess. I was absent last weekend so I didn't want to miss out two weekends in a row.

This week I've been finishing projects and helping to plan a poodle skirt for my niece. I like the pink but she likes blue. Blue is not traditional but ah well. Big poofy skirts are my favorite kind so I donated two of the poodle iron-on patches to go on the skirt (whatever the color). Her group is doing "Grease" as a play. The older I get the less I like that movie.

My family tree never seems to get any bigger. I am having so much trouble finding Michael Scheurer from *probably* Wurttemberg, Germany. On my hubby's side my brick wall is Mary Tracey who married Collin Fox. Everyone has her listed as a Benton or something but she's not. My Mother-in-law has a pension document where she signed her name as Mary Tracey. She ended up living in South Dakota with Collin Fox but started out in Ohio. I can find records for Mary Fox in Ohio but not South Dakota. Anyhoo, I'll keep looking.

In between finishing a quilt and making a toy bulldozer and bowling on Sunday, I'll try to get some more of my family on here. My Ancestry.com tree has 2600 or so.

Ok, late again.  

Thanks for turning on the lights, setting up the chairs and starting the music.  Who brought the refreshments?
Chips and salsa
I make some pretty mean cinnamon rolls. They are the size of an orange and dripping with butter. If my oven wasn't busted, I'd make some right now for refreshments.

Hi Folks!  For my Birthday (today) I am spending some time trying to dig a little deeper.  I am looking for information William Sims (1871 - 1942) All in Alabama, Married to Maggie (Williams?) about 1896.  I have heard that she was from Switzerland, but cannot confirm.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!  This has been my brickwall for years!


Robert Sims
Your Wikitree brickwall is your father who seems to be an orphan presently.  It would help to give his profile parents and then parents of them and then others can see the actual brickwall as you know it.  Happy Birthday!

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Well, the rain in south Texas has stopped, and the sun is out.  So, with the time change coming tonight, I'll be spending more evening time working outside.  Need to do some mowing, some trimming, and some fence repairs.  Meanwhile, in the genealogy world, I need to step back and make a plan for researching my husband's family.  I'm so bad about "OK, next I need to  . . . oh, look, squirrel!"   :-)     I've been reading a book about using Evernote (which I already have) for genealogy, and it has some great suggestions.
by Nan Starjak G2G6 Pilot (252k points)
selected by Debra Allison
hahaha also sounds familiar, I have a to do list, but catch myself I'm always working on everything but the to do list :P Look a squirrel !

Have a great weekend and fun outside :)
I Rec-on Nan Lambert could send me a boat to North East Texas lol
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Well, Sunday is my wife's birthday, so my time for genealogy will be short.  But when I do have time it'll mostly be on entering some Frenches who lived in Monroe, Licking, Ohio, USA.  this particular family started out in Washington/Greene, Pennsylvania, USA moved to Licking, Ohio USA and ended up in Iowa.
by Dave Dardinger G2G6 Pilot (407k points)
Nice to meet you Dave.... "Hello" from Vermont.  Happy birthday to your wife :)
Dave, Do we need a French One Name Study?  I have a Sheldon who married a French with roots in New Hampshire.
I know there are lots of different French lines.  here in the USA.  My line descends from Aaron French, Sr. who came from NJ to PA One son and one daughter of his moved to Monroe, Licking, Ohio, USA and I descend from the Daughter, Mary, who married Rev. John Clark, Sr.  I was working on a descendents of Aaron French data base but essentially ran out of familes with the French surname that I could follow.  Also Aaron French was presumed to be a son of Joseph Evans from the ffrenches in in England.but some of the early DNA results made this seem unlikely so I haven't done much since then on them.  But there is a pamphlet titled Aaron French and His Descendants and I'm going to try putting all the people from it into WikiTree over a period of time.
The one I'm chasing may be descended from the PGM Immigrant Thomas French and his wife Susannah Riddlesdale.
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Hi Betty, and all my WikiTree friends!

The weather here in Vermont has no idea what it's doing.  Super cold with snow one day, warm with nothing but grass and birds chirping the next.

Still building a stone wall in my back yard... way more work than anticipated but enjoyable none the less.

I've finally begun to work on a bio for one of my ancestors who has many facts to record and digest.  I hope to get his profile her up to snuff enough that wikipedia will use it to make a page for him there :)

I can't wait to hear what everyone else is up to!
by Keith Hathaway G2G6 Pilot (605k points)
Are you building a fixed-wall or is it dry-stacked?  In Spain all the walls are fixed with cement but in England there are lots of dry-stacked walls that are very old and very beautiful.  The advantage of these is they don't crack, the disadvantage is they can be pushed over with a little effort.  I've seen some amazing craftsmanship in the methods of "locking" the stones together!
I've been dry stacking; collecting all of the stones from the fields near my house.  I watched some great videos about building them before starting.  That's cool you've seen so many in person.  I'm putting some effort but not trying to be perfect about it.  It looks good to us :)
My Honey Do This wants me to tile the basement this weekend.  Guests coming at the end of the month and she wants it done.  I am getting to old for this kind of stuff, I need to start the aspirin now before I get started.

I use to work on a Trails Crew and we did dry stacking, there is definitely an art and craftsmanship to getting them solid. Start your Advil now.
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I'm getting ready to go to Spain for an extended time so I'm running around trying not to Wikitree constantly and do those things necessary to get ready for my journey.  ......getting stocked-up on essentials that aren't available in Spain like cappucijners, quality low-priced cheese, Advil (for the Mrs.) and a certain type of cat scratching board that I only find in Nederland (but hope to be able to copy if I can find the same carpet they use here).

A daunting task (at least that's the story over Skype for the Mrs.)......

I'm constantly revising the profiles I've created and trying not to create new ones until the ones I've already made are better developed.  Amazing how you develop with time. (I look at some previous work and just think "What was I thinking when I did that?")  :D
by Vincent Piazza G2G6 Pilot (241k points)
I've thought the exact same thing (about my profiles)... and still do.  Great to hear from you Vincent... safe travels!

hahaha this sounds sooo familiar ...returning to some and thinking ...is this one of mine ...can't be ..and yes of course it was ...yikes,...think I'll never get them finished... try to get the oldest ones look better, than think no... maybe I'd better start (in the little spare time moments left) with my immediate family, make sure they look nice.. 

Wikitree in a nutshell  LOL :P :


And yes have a save journey or flight and extended ...as in forever ..or planning to one day return to our beloved kikkerlandje again ?

 Take care and greetings to the Mrs Vincent ;) 

Love it, Bea. It's so true. Round and round and round...
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Its the weekend again and thank goodness. It feels like its been a week of meetings. I am probably involved in too many things. My mother used  to say if I was going to a meeting " Don't join any more committees" ........ Decided to take a night off tonight (Friday) .  There was a meeting I could have attended tonight, but  felt like a night off.....

Monday saw a bright but cold and breezy start to the week and a Royal Naval Association (RNA)  commemoration of  sailors who died in an accident in Brightlingsea on March 5th 1943, whilst aboard HMMTB 667 ( Motor torpedo Boat 667). The vessel was in the shipyard and the sailors were overcome by fumes from the fire extinguisher system which had developed a fault. Of the 5 sailors aboard, 3 died, and they were :-     Chief Motor Mechanic C. E. Harris,  Leading Motor Mechanic F. W. Phair Petty Officer J Heaney       

 Chief Motor Mechanic C E Harris and Leading Motor Mechanic F W Phair are buried in the churchyard of All  Saints, Brightlingsea. Petty Officer Heaney is buried in the churchyard of St Paul, Upton Cross, Cornwall

A short service was held in All Saints Church, Brightlingsea, where they were remembered, along with all other naval personnel buried at All Saints. Members of the Brightlingsea branch of the Royal Naval Association along with members from other local  branches were present and the service was taken by the chaplain Reverend Anne Howson. 

Following this wreaths were laid at the graves in the churchyard. My Dad who is 90 and RNA  branch president laid one of the wreaths.

After the commemoration there were refreshments available at the Royal British Legion Club in Brightlingsea. 

So that took up alot of Monday. then  there were  meetings........ 

Brightlingsea is an interesting place with alot going on - this was one of those events.................

More next time. 

Have great weekend 




by Chris Burrow G2G6 Pilot (113k points)
edited by Chris Burrow
Thanks Chris!
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We have Yo Yo weather here in Northeast Ohio, just a couple of days ago we had 2 days in the 70's and right now the thermometer reads 41. It is going to get back to the 60's by the first of the week so............  I found a little used category of Ham Radio Operators and since I am one I started a free space project to find and add the category to the proper profiles. But I have not done much else with it yet because in about 2 weeks I am heading south to visit with my daughter and her family before it get's too hot down there. The link to the project is http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Amateur_Radio_License_Holders if you want to find out more or even help out.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.4m points)
Thanks Dale!
Interested in you saying you are visiting family before it gets too hot.... how hot is too hot?
In the summer it can easily get to the 100's and you don't do anything outside there unless you have to. When we will be there it is going to be in the upper 60's and possibly into the 70's so it should be quite nice.
Dale, I think the Ham Radio group is going to be a hidden gem.  I am finding we can get some good genealogy data, sort of like City Directories for researching Call Signs.  It is good you started it.  - KD6DYB.
Michael, The fact that one took the time to study enough to take the test and become a Ham tells you a lot about the person also. They had an interest in electronics and learned enough to build and work with the equipment, and they liked to help others. I have a sigh over my radios that reads "This is an Amateur Radio Station, I had to learn Morse Code and Electronic theory to pass the FCC test to operate it legally, With it I can communicate around the world and help in times of emergency. I had to learn a lot to do a lot so don't give me any static about how messy the place is."

Dale, KC8LAO
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Hi Tree folk!

The hubby's heading out on a fishing trip with his dad and brother, so I am home alone with four kids. We're going to have a Howl's Moving Castle theme night and watch the movie while eating movie related food. And I'll be on WikiTree, of course :-) I started a ONS for my Brown ancestors since I have been stuck on them for ages. So many things don't add up. The only records I find for my Ben Brown have just enough different that I am not sure I've found him and navigating UK records is not my forte. I need to have my brother test so we have some Y-DNA to help that out.

I also have been paging through parish records trying to find my 3rd great grandpa in his home Bohemia. He was a bit wiley so it's been a long process.

Cousins have been joining WT a lot here lately, which has been fun as I've had reasons to revisit old research and find what's new/what I may have missed. Those same cousins have me playing with my auDNA tests, too. A second cousin recently tested, which was awesome, as it helped narrow down a big chunk of my tree so I at least have more clues for other cousins from that limb.

Hmm, spring's heading in here so I'll be outside this weekend. Need to spray fruit trees and plant spring seeds, clean out beds, spread mulch, on and on. Always something to do in the country with clutch of kids and small zoo :-) Happy weekend everyone!
by Abby Glann G2G6 Pilot (426k points)
Love that movie! Do we have a Miyazaki Hayao profile?

Sounds like a great weekend Abby, four kids are soo great they always have someone who wants to play eeh :) (don't count the little fights) Here spring is finally arriving as well , we hear the blackbirds again, that's the first and best sign :D

Have fun and a hug for the Happy bunch :)

Hi Abby!
Home Alone with 4 Kids.  I would worry if it was anyone but you.  If your husband is wise he will appreciate you very much.

My daughter loved that movie when she was younger! The other was Spirited Away, I think -- it's been a while. ;-)

The weekend with the munchkins sounds fun, Abby! 

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High School Track season is back and is the last as my daughter is a graduating senior.  Tonight was the first of many days sitting for hours between events to see less than a minute of activity.  She ran the 100m and the 200m tonight.
by Michael Stills G2G6 Pilot (395k points)
I have two seniors graduating this year, Michael -- one from high school; one from college. Did we talk about this already at RootsTech?? (Apparently, I'm getting old and senile)

Is your daughter heading to college??
Yes she is, where is still a question.
We're in the same boat! But we got a little closer to the decision this weekend. Now we just need to convince them to give her some scholarship money. :-)
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In the midst of the evening,

I see history come alive.

They walk and talk and travel far,

Families and Adventurers,

Step by step,

Mile by Mile.

They never knew my name,

Except a few,

But now I tell their stories.

The pirate, alleged,

The soldiers, affirmed.

The wives, girls and mothers,

The husbands and sons.

We have ranged far and wide,

And touched the high mountains.

We have farmed the dells,

And the river bottom-land.


As I reach though History,

In my minds eye I see,

A vision of Courage and Wisdom,

Of Family, Love and Laughter.

May we too be Blessed,

To ever be,

The Song of the Generations,

Sung with Love and History.

~Sherry Bartlett

by Sherry Bartlett G2G6 Mach 1 (12.1k points)
Have a Wonderful Weekend!
Lovely poem, Sherry!  You are truly talented. Thanks for sharing.

Can I steal that?

Just kidding.

That is truly exceptional.


Beautiful, Sherry!
That's really beautiful,  thanks for sharing Sherry and have a great weekend !

Thank you!
You are more than welcome to share it. @Betty Fox

The histories inspire me.
The travels and travails.
The graves, the ruins, they speak to me.
Of Living, of Lives, of Courage.
How can I do less than what my great-great Greats did?
Live and Impart, Share and Care.

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So, I always think about joining in the weekend chats, but I never have. :-) I love the opportunity to come out and hear from people on a more personal level. 

The Wikitree Week has been full of Greeter fun. We have such a great group of people there, and everyone is always eager to make our guests feel welcome. 

In personal Wikitree "news," I keep vowing to get back to my watchlist to continue sourcing and connecting, but as most of you know, that's always easier to talk about than to actually do. Like Bea, I'm often embarrassed to see what I thought was good work on a profile back in the day. 

Spring seems to have sprung here in Chicagoland. It's so weird to hear all the robins and frogs, and yesterday we had a huge flock of sandhill cranes go over making all kinds of racket. (Such a cool sight!) It's SO nice to have an earlier spring for a change. The last two winters here have been long and brutal.

And on that note ... it's time to get off the computer and do some home stuff! 

Happy Saturday, everyone!

by Julie Ricketts G2G6 Pilot (365k points)
Happy Saturday! :)
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Have you met John Noel?  He takes time to thank people not just for one contrubution but pages of them!! If you check his profile you will see the effect it has!! He has made my day more than once!  Be sure and give him a thank you!!

by Paula J G2G6 Pilot (243k points)
+9 votes

Great weekend....I'm in Boston taking in the sites. Today we went to Salem. History everywhere!


by Doug Lockwood G2G Astronaut (2.4m points)
That would be exciting! I am now visualizing a "Vacation" being day or two of driving around with my brother who knows all the cemeteries in Illinois with family, and my family historian cousin who is 80 now. Driving, photo taking and family history. Wonderful thought!
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Hello all,

Stopped in between posting my Census sheets.  I have noticed that more & more folks are.  It would be nice to create a space where each resides, Because each sheet can hold a dozen families, or up to 50 people.  I can rarely find more than 8 or 10 per sheet, that have profiles here. I'm still learning to be a member on Projects, this would be a pretty big effort.

by Debra Allison G2G6 Mach 2 (20.6k points)
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Windows 10. Seriously. I keep getting prompts. They started out nice and cheery "Please upgrade yada" now they're talking about bustin' kneecaps. Oy.

I like my old version. Leaveme lone.


by Betty Fox G2G6 Pilot (153k points)
I actually like Windows 10 better than any of the older versions. You just have to be careful not to add Norton products, for some reason they do not play well with Windows 10
I'm still in Outlook 2010. I'm not big on change. My husband usually does the upgrading. I catch up.............six years later?



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