Did future generations forget a family honorary role, MP,KG,"Bishop"

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this is a little mental puzzle.

Too many ancestral trees seem to cultivate past titles such as MP, knighthood/KG, or even Sheriff or Bishop. I can't solve that.

But my real question is IN THE REAL 1600-1700s how many generations would it take, for a sober serious but not remarkable individual to NOT be able to recall if there truly was some prior ancestor that had this special recognition. In other words family gets distant geography detached, decimated by normal events of disease, conflicts, name changes. lots of other survival issues.

for this puzzle I'm thinking about the 1400s all the way up thru 1800s. Language, vocabulary, culture were advanced far enough and stable enough. So a title in the 1400s or 1500s gets forgotten or buried in confusion how far away from the actual individual.

My personal instincts tell me almost no forgetting or losing track for 5 generations on an important very clear honor. I would never predict good clarity out 15 generations. but somewhere in that span I would draw the line. 1400s news, KG or MP I believe gets carried reasonably well for 2 centuries, and goes up to 10 generations. Sheriff doesn't get that far.i know thats a long time. I'm not talking about the entire bell curve, some portion drops off each generation but Im talking about maybe 15 to 30% of family keeping that somewhere in mind.

What do others think?
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Whenever I have evidence of a role/rank I always add these to the profile that I create, providing the relevant 'source and link'.  It is an honor to their heritage, what they have achieved.

Have one in the tree, illegitimate, but managed to make a name for himself in the same place he was born. His mother raised him in her family home and baptised him as an unwed mother.
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Maybe my initial question was more one for Sociologists , Anthropologists. In contemporary news I have seen people seeking Historic linkages to African ancestors discover when talking in the communities, Certain people had recall about an ancestor of THEIRS being a "Chieftain" or great "Warrior", back well over 200 years lets say 250, and it was substantiated thru completely independent information and evidence. and then thru DNA links that spanned the centuries. their core tribe or families had probably not gone outside of a radius of 200-300 hundred miles, but it was certainly outside original site.

Back to ancestral genealogy, I'm seriously curious if a parent, father lets say, could reasonably tell a verbatim explaintion about his 2GGF when supporting an arranged marriage of his child. in other words the childs 3GGF is the focus of the story. Here are personal data points.

My father heard a narrative about his 3GGF when he was young, and there was very tiny amount of "possible evidence" that he heard saw, But very important he heard the family name. He believed. He repeated it to me and my brother. without evidence but name was mentioned. My brother was a believer, I was skeptic, and a couple other siblings in between or in dark.

Thru the miracles of modern technology, I now know the story is true, facts are clear, and I pass the story to my grandchildren with some evidence handed to them. So in this case the 4GGF to me was explained and the 6GGF to my descendants. as well as my brothers.

without evidence maybe his descendants repeat the story maybe mine dont. That is what I was hinting at about forgetting a particular family honor.

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