DNA Not A question but a Cool Outcome for a Mystery

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Just thought I would send a Shout-out to DNA WiKi'ers. 

DNA has solved a MYSTERY in our family

I recently this last year had a DNA test done to help a supposedly second cousin find her birth father; as she was adopted just recently finding her birth mother and no known name for her birth father (just stories of shaky info)

Her DNA showed that we were 2nd cousins by my paternal grandmother, being her grandmother also. Narrowing things down, we found that her father was actually my father's step-brother; who we in the family were aware of my fathers family and step-siblings. 

But this 2nd cousin, which I had never met or knew about, nor had the family even knew that the step-brother of my dad's had a child out of wedlock. As he had a wife and children that we knew about.


LONG STORY SHORT--She has a family now, knowing her father and mother, who are gone now; as my dad is also, but she found not only myself and a family line but also step-siblings that she is in contact with...DNA has it's blessings...

Thanks for reading my little Happy Ending to a Cousin through DNA--GEDMatch and Ancestry has helped this bunch!

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What a wonderful story, Lori. I cannot imagine how much effort it took to get there. Great, great work
That's great, Lori! Thanks for sharing this!
That's beautiful.
Thank you for sharing that wonderful story.  I can only imagine the awkwardness and confusion an adoptee must feel, even when they love their adopted parents.  I agree, DNA is a blessing.

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That's terrific, Lori! It took a lot of effort to get there. Thanks for sharing your cousin/sibling success story.
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Thank you it took her (my new cousin) months to fine tooth-comb the family and searching and asking for DNA samples but she found her step-brother who made the link, as he is a cousin I have never met, as that side of my dad's family --My dad really had no contact with, only as children and later at my grandmother's funeral (their mother's) funeral.

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