Hello hello fellow WikiTree Genealogists.......... this is just not good!!! please please help

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To all................ This is just not 


About 175 pages with about 50 messages a page= around 9k unanserwed........... I can t solve that...............Most are voted on but not helped.  

http://www.wikitree.com/g2g/unanswered Too many unaswered. Can I call you up to hit the unanswered key at G2G more please???????????????????????/ I know questions are asked over and over............... That is how things works.

I try to catch some up at least twice a week. Leaders? Do we need a volunteer group on this? Just suggesting. Or can we solve together here. I am member of the Greeters_Project encouraging people to post questions here. TELLING THEM THEY WILL BE HELPED, not voted on! 

I did only half year ago as I was new and was helped lots........... Why we have so many unanswered requests here now? Or mabey we had then. I don't know. 


Just asking and trying to find why and finding a solution. Mentors can t do this alone......... they have another role. Not pointing or saying anyone wrong but I think we just have a thing here that needs to be looked after. TY! 


Thank you all for thinking with me.



in The Tree House by Astrid Spaargaren G2G6 Pilot (208k points)
retagged by Eowyn Walker
One suggestion is to not have the surname specific genealogy questions posted all in one catch-all "forum".

Another is, have a Newbie "subforum" so that experienced people who feel like helping can while the rest aren't bothered with sorting through that every time they view G2G.

A Pre-1500 section would also be helpful.

Is there some technical reason extra "subforums" are so limited?  (I'm aware that it is running Q&A.)  If so, real forum software might be worth considering.
Yes Mike. That is right. But :) go back to the moment you joined WikiTree................ and have a question.......... and you prolly had thousends. I had! But I was lucky to join the Dutch_Roots_Project as I am Dutch.................... none know how to make a surname specific post............... but the rest makes sense. :) Thank you! A New -BE-subforum might a great thing,........... But who are gonna aswer all questions.................:)
Good reminder, Astrid! Thank you.
Astrid, I answered a couple last night :)

Mikey --

We do have the subsections you're talking about. They're created by Tags.

If you want to access a certain Tag, you can do it pretty easily by using the URL. For example:


... will take you to all posts tagged with pre-1500. 

If there's not a tag for what you want, you can create it on the fly when you create a post. 

Also, if you want to keep track of the tags that interest you most, click the big + sign in the corner of the post list for the Tag, and it will add that list to your Favorites. You can do this with individual posts, too. 

To find your list of Favorites, scroll to the bottom of any G2G page, and you'll see the My Favorites tab.

Of course, you can always add your Tag to your profile page, too, and then you'll get a list of other genealogists who are also following that Tag along with some other useful information, AND updates will be emailed to you as well.

So, it's actually pretty cool forum software once you discover all the features. ;-)


Thank you John!! :)

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Hi, Astrid --

Keep in mind that some of these "questions" are actually announcements. :-)

Also, some of them don't have an official "answer," but they have comments that have addressed the issue AND Leaders re-categorize and re-tag unanswered questions to make sure they are seen by people who follow related tags.

However, there are some that do need an answer. So, yes, anyone who has the time, interest and expertise can go through and help people who are asking for it.

Thanks for bringing this to everyone's attention, Astrid. :-)
by Julie Ricketts G2G6 Pilot (353k points)
Thank you Julie. I am aware of that. And know ALL! are doing their best. Again I m not blaming anyone.......... not want too!!!!!!!!!!! Let that be clear. As said I am not saying we re not doing our best. Everyone does. I just noticed tonight there are tooooooooooooooooo many unanswered....

IT is defo not my problem. I just know how it feels if none is responding. <3 even if we do not have the answer.
There are just too many unanswered and only voted. Trying to remember how I started and I was lucky as I joined the Dutch_Roots_ Project and asked the leader there over and over and over and over and got anwers over and over and over.................... But we can t all join the Dutch_Roots_Project :D lol
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Mabey I only see the issue................ Thank you for jumping in and suggesting. I can t change this anyway.
by Astrid Spaargaren G2G6 Pilot (208k points)
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Any project like the one you propose would be HUGE and have only a minimum impact. I try to read all of the G2G questions every day and attempt to answer those where I might be able to help, but I have also found that even those that do not have "answers" marked have sometimes been answered by others in the form of a comment. The reason for that is that, believe it or not, some do not want or need to rack up the G2G points and a comment gives you no points but an answer does give you points.
by Dale Byers G2G Astronaut (1.3m points)
Thank you Dale. Wow that s a new vision.

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