Need Help Straightening out the Adkins family tree

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There appears to be some conflicting information as well as some clear duplicates and possible duplicates.

I have a global ancestry account so I decided to start by searching other trees with matching information to what I already have and checking all their collectively found sources and combining all correct information. It appears names run in the family making it harder.


I have found Parker Vincent Adkins as married to  Mary Blue Sky Corn Stalk Adkins and Mary Levon. I am unable to figure out who's children are who's for the mom.


Is Hezekiah Adkins- 20 and Hezekiah Adkins- 2367 the same person? If not are Hezekiah Adkins- 20 and Hezekiah Adkins- 2670 the same person?


What about the LittleBerrys'. Is LittleBerry Adkins- 61 the same as LittleBerry Adkins- 343?


Also Hezekiah Adkins- 20 has Nancy Harley-439 as his mom with Mary Adkins- 390 as her mom with her parents as William Vincent Adkins- 300 and Elizabeth Parker- 2190. Hezekiah's father LittleBerry Adkins-61 father is Parker Vincent Adkins- 431 who's parents are William Vincent Adkins-300 and Elizabeth Parker- 2190. There has to be some merges in there i'm not catching because my brain is too confused to keep the information straight to search it.


Any help sorting out my Adkins family lineage would be highly appreciated.
in Genealogy Help by Geri Van Auken G2G2 (2.1k points)

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Hello there, I am willing to give it a try, I am stumped and frustrated with my family tree at the moment and need a break. I will do some searching for you, and see what I come up with if you would like me to.  Anne
by Anne Kenyon G2G4 (4.4k points)
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The DNA only proves that Charity's mother wasn't 100% Native American.

This is already acknowledged

Obviously "Pasmere Carpenter" was attached in the wrong place to account for the white mtDNA, but she could be shuffled around a bit, or you could just as easily finagle in another white granny.

I'm sure they're working on it. 

The DNA proves that Charity's mother wasn't Native American at all.  I see the pedigree chart you've referenced but I see no documentation for anything.  It looks like it came straight out of one of the fake Shawnee Heritage books and it doesn't show an English mother for Blue Sky.  

I've shared the DNA results that prove Charity Adkins's mother was a white woman.  If people want to make a giant leap and now claim that Blue Sky was a white woman who had an English mother (which I haven't heard before), it's up to them.  I don't understand why anyone would go to such lengths rather than give Parker Adkins credit for being faithful to his wife but to each his own.  It's not my mission to convince anyone - only to present the facts, which I have done.  As a serious genealogist, finagling in a white granny isn't in my vocabulary.
Isn't any DNA expert going to speak out against this abuse of DNA to "disprove" a perfectly good Uncertainty?
Go to for a paper trail.  I will be happy to retract my comments concerning Parker and Blue Sky if you will provide a more valid paper trail.
Excellent.  Except it still claims that the DNA results show things that they don't show.
I am the administrator of the DNA kit so I see every analysis and additional match.  I don't understand your comment that the article claims that the DNA results show things they don't show. The DNA results are exactly as I said.
I had to laugh when I read this. If anyone had corrected the father of Mary Adkins children then someone has changed it back. It still shows Harley but gives a link in the bio to Jacob Stover. I asked the profile manager and although they know this, they aren't changing it. Sure, I could but I think it would just get changed back. At the very least the father should be listed as "Unknown" since Harley have been scientifically disproven.

I was replying to one of the first posts by Sarah Adkins about "Please, don't change the profiles"
You're correct, Pattie, that the profile should at least show an unknown father but I have almost given up on trying to reason with unreasonable people.  Any profile manager who knows their information is wrong and still won't change it should be ashamed of themselves for proliferating untrue stories.  I will never understand why anyone would want to be royal or native-American so badly that they will go to any lengths, including building a false family tree, to support what amounts to a fairy tale.
Do you have any information concerning possible descendants of William V Adkins by the name of Thoma Hall, Charles Adkins, or John Sloan?


Tom Atkinson
Yes, Im on it. I just have so much, it's taking a while to digitize, I have to take a break sometimes! :D Finley-2805
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Hi Geri,

I think the confusion lies in the fact that there are so many Sr's, Jr's, etc. in the family line.

Mary was married to Parker Adkins (1762 - 1857).  They had Silas 1792, Preston 1799, Margaret 1801, Grover 1802, Larkin 1803, and Mary "Polly" 1807.


Blue Sky was married to Parker Vincent ( 1720 - 1792).  They had Littleberry 1767, Charity 1768, and Irene Jane1772.

As far as Hezekiah is concerned, there are at least 2.  Pvt. Hezekiah 1759 - 1842, and Hezekiah Jr. 1795 - 1876.

I do not have a Nancy Harley connected to either of the Hezekiah's.

William & Elizabeth were the parents of William Jr. 1712, Richard 1717, Joseph 1723, Sherwood 1728, Henry 1730, Rueben 1731, and Elizabeth 1732.

I haven't gotten that far on my wikitree yet so I can not answer the rest of your questions just yet.  I hope this helps
by Living Adkins G2G1 (1.8k points)
I can help  a little, on the lie you are following.  


John Adkins 1610 - 1665 m Agnes Hall 1610 - 1642

John  Adknis 1629 - 1721 M Eiizabeth Bromwell 1641 -

William V Adkins 1689 - 1754  M Elizabeth Parker 1696-1733

William Adkins 1720 - 1784 M Mary Pillsbury 1735 - 1787

Agnes Adkins 1740 -1785  M David Pauley 1733 - 1785

I have additional information, just have't been able to find it in my files.  If this is what you are looking for, let me know.  I know this is a straight line tree, but it is all I have at this time.  Message me, oe way or te other, so I can either look for the other files, or let it go.  Sincerely, J. O'Brien.
My mother is a descendant of Agnes Adkins and David Pauley. Her family has always maintained that Agnes was Native American. Her and David were the first buried in our family cemetery near Alum Creek, WV.


My mother definitely looks Native, but that could be from some other source. It just seems that the story of Agnes being Native fits the narrative of family lore. Maybe not? I plan to have my DNA analyzed as early as next month.
Although often cited as born in Virginia, many cite William as born in England, or otherwise use the birthdate (28 March 1689) from a William born in England as son of John Adkins/Atkins & Elizabeth Bromsall (often given as Bromwell). I've become aware of church records for this John & Elizabeth and their children's baptisms including William's. First John, then Elizabeth as widow, and later William as orphan, all died in England, with William dying in 1704 around age 15-16. These records do not 100% disprove that parentage and lineage, but does indicate strongly that this English William is not William V of Virginia as often assumed, and that John & Elizabeth (Bromsall) Adkins/Atkins are not William V's parents. I've created a PDF file with the timeline of this English family, including images of the church record pages as excerpts from "Bedfordshire Parish Records, [vol] VI [for] Sandy [and] Little Barford [communities]". Also included is a TOC and legend from the original file (which is almost 1000 pages). Each person's event listed gives the full date. I can be contacted at for a copy of the PDF if desired.
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I'm female, my mother is Adkins, she is daughter of Austin Adkins and Genevieve Adkins-maiden name (Morrison). I have done a dna test and have 0% native American. My daughter has done a dna test and her result said she most likely has a close ancester (either her mother/me or her grandmother) who is 100% British. It's not me because my father is german/french, scot/irish, scandanavian. Her other grandmother is cajun french. So it would be her Adkins grandmother who is 100% british. My dna result was over 50% british from the Adkins side, and added a little more on my fathers side as well because his mother was scot/irsh. Our Adkins lineage descends from Parker Vincent Adkins, who was married to Mary Adkins-maiden name Fry. One of their sons was named Hezekiah Adkins who fought in the revolutionary war. After the war he married Mary Levon. I think Hezekiah and Mary settled in Wayne or Caball county WV. Our branch of the Adkins family must have stayed in that area for generations because my mother was born at home in Beech Fork.
Dear Anonymous,

I'm willing to bet that you and your daughter tested at Ancestry or FamilyTree, and neither one of you have ever uploaded your results to GEDmatch...

GEDmatch is free and correlates results from most of the big box companies.  They have awesome ADMIXTURE tests that will show you better results for your ethnicities than the other companies.

Also, if you really want to know about your Native American then DNA Consultants is where you go... they are awesome.  They don't match you with people like the other companies BUT THEY MATCH you with YOUR ETHNICITIES...  and they have access to a large database of over 500 ethnicities...

Here is the link for all of their populations:

Hope you can get the right answers...

Look us up on FACEBOOK - Adkins Family History Site

for the REAL STORY and to talk with real ADKINS DESCENDANTS!!!!!
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I have posted before that mtDNA results show that Charity Adkins's mother was not native-American.  Here is more info:  Her mtDNA haplogroup is H3b1b1 and I have now done a paper trail to see if it was possible for Blue Sky to have met Parker Adkins.  It was not.  Go to for all of the documentation.  Scroll past the bottom of the research to First Blog Post for the female line of the DNA tester and to see all of my reference material.  The curators at have accepted this. now shows the mother of Charity and Littleberry Adkins is Mary (last name unknown).  I hope this is helpful.
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I was just looking into my Adkins family lines and see so many duplicates and so many requested merges that have sat unanswered for over a year. What is the best way to proceed with such a tangled mess? Start with the youngest person and work backward or start with the oldest person? I'm not on trusted lists to be able to actually clean anything up, all I can do is request merges but honestly, that has gotten tiring over the last two days and I can see that many of the merge requests have already been rejected once.

Parents same, birth and death dates same, places the same but we reject it because of some small slight issues where one profile is incorrect (based on the sources listed in the very same bio!)

Is there an Adkins family project somewhere on the Wiki that I am missing? Is anyone actively working to clear it up?

by Pattie Plummer-Everett G2G6 Mach 1 (12.3k points)
Thank you, I just requested the merges.
Do we know "Royal" Mary was Parker's sister?  I've read the profile of William "Vincent" and there's evidence of his marriage, but I didn't see any for his parentage, kids or middle name.

Made-up information on profiles creates discrepancies that block merges.

We have several different dates for Parker's death, but his bio implies that there's no record and we don't know.
Looking at the four profiles shown:

Adkins-431 has the best sources.

Adkins-3754 contains no sources and basically no information

Adkins-4322 lists "Family Data Collections" from Ancestry as a source. This means other peoples trees that have been on Ancestry for quite some time. I have found them to be unreliable on older ancestors and I no longer consider this a valid source, but that is me personally. To be proved I would require more, like you see on the 431 profile where they were using land records and tithes.

Adkins-4558 also shows no sources and little information.

Birth and death dates that are using "Before" or "About" should not be a sole means to reject a merge. Looking at the sources listed should be the determining factor. Profiles 4558 and 3754 both have notations that sources are needed since there aren't any. 4322 only cites Ancestry Family Trees (which could be unsourced or just wrong), and lists as sources several different birth locations (and it repeats the exact same source multiple times which leads me to believe that whoever created it did so quickly with perhaps an intent to eventually clean it up?)

If I have no sources then I can't trust the parents listed. The only profile that would be an issue in this regard is that of 4322 where the mother is listed as Mary (Cornstalk) Lnu which I understand is a whole other issue.This profile lists the wife twice and with two different names to confuse the matter even more. (Although one of the profiles was created with a GedCom import that hasn't been cleaned up since and is more than likely a duplicate).

On the "Royal" Mary line, I find it funny how everyone is dead set to keep the line "Royal" and insist on Jacob Harley when in fact DNA leads to Jacob Stover. I've traced Jacob Stover back to Germany and then to Switzerland and believe it or not his line is in fact Royal. Complete with a coat of arms and everything. So the stories are actually true but the father is wrong. Now, Jacob Stover was actually married to Ruth which would have made Mary a mistress or something and perhaps this is the reason why it's hard to accept, I'm not sure. But is interesting.
Sorry- I missed what you actually wrote- must be late!

I have no proof for any siblings. I am a direct descendant of Mary through her son David (working from the beginning Mary- David- John- James- Aaron- William- Gertrude- Myself)

Past David I'm stuck with no proof anywhere and a whole bunch of family stories and whatnot.
Apparently they had a family reunion.  So obviously they were in the business of pretending that all the Adkinses were one great big family, and that would be the story in the book.

But we're told there was a John Adkins of New Kent Co and a Thomas Adkins of Henrico Co, both suggested as fathers of William (in lieu of the bogus English parentage).  So there might have been more than one strand in circulation,

Though maybe we should be looking for Atkinsons, since William himself always appears as Atkinson.
Parker Adkins-4322 has 9 kids, but only 3 of them are claiming the Cornstalk lady as a mother.  Two of those don't have duplicates.  The other one has no descendants - the descendants are on the duplicate where Mary Fry is the mother.

So the Cornstalk thing shouldn't be an obstacle to merging.
As regards Royal Mary, according to her bio, the original story was that Mary herself, not Jacob, was of Scottish origin and was kin to Mary Queen of Scots.

Though obviously if she were the daughter of William and Elizabeth then all their descendants would share the ancestry and it wouldn't be specific to the "Royal Line".

Seems to me, with these stories, you believe they were researched, or accurately handed down, or made up.  But what seems to happen is that people rely on the source while mutating the story into something different.

Oh my.  Just noticed that William Adkins had a stepfather and a stepmother.  Both his non-immigrant parents remarried in Virginia.

This is now way complicated.  His alleged mother is now married to Joseph Adkins out of a totally different theory, involving Quakers.

Thank you RJ Horace! I think I need to start from the bottom (Me) and work my way up the tree and source as I go. I'll keep Atkinson in mind as I search so I don't miss anything and I believe I've Atkins as well sprinkled here and there.

I'd really love to find a copy of Ronnie Adkins book since I've seen it quoted but don't have it. I've also just requested to join the Facebook group.
After one night of looking at records on Ancestry I can confirm that Littleberry Adkins did exist and he had a son Isom who administered his account. He died somewhere between 1856-1858 (the only two other dates on the same page). Isom gives a settlement of account right after the will of Sherrad Adkins which is dated 6 Oct 1856.

Still doesn't prove any parentage though. I have found quite a few Adkins that applied for Indian Land Grants but none that apply to the hotly debated ones.

Ones I found-

L.P. Adkins who applied on behalf of his son Charles Richard Adkins in 1903, his daughter Evelina Adkins in 1904

Edna Ellen Adkins, 1903, who applied for herself (this one is interesting because she also have records about marrying Tom Canton and both were teenagers).

Tillie Adkins who applied for her son Edward Adkins, 1906

Harvey Adkins who applied for himself in 1904

Moses Adkins applied for Eugene A. Adkins (son) and Hattie J. Adkins (daughter) in 1904

Israil Earnest Adkins applied for himself 1904

Fannie Adkins applied in 1899 for herself and her children- Mary Adkins, Betty Adkins, Charity Adkins and Johnnie Johnson (all daughters, there's even paperwork requesting a change of sex for Johnnie because apparently the Indian records showed male but she is female.)

I only got through page 40 of 144 pages that came in my records search so no telling what I'll find later!
"Atkinson" is a bit of a mystery as only William (Elizabeth Parker's husband) seems to have called himself that.  If he ever did.  Richard Parker's will says Adkins.  Maybe some clerks assumed Atkinson because it was more familiar.

Well I've wasted a chunk of my life sourcing up the blameless Adkinses of Bedfordshire, who've been dragged into all this although it has nothing to do with them, so they can be deconflated and disconnected.

PS Parker also appears as Atkinson.
I've found a bunch of Adkinson's in Alabama in old rolls for civil service. There were quite a few who become Justice of the Peace, Constables and Sheriffs. Most of my dates for these are around 1860-1900 and quite a few different counties in Alabama so not too close to each other.

I've lived in Alabama now for 20 years and haven't met anyone with that surname (nor my maiden name of Breed despite finding out there is a large number here!)
Evidently Parker Adkins and his descendants headed west from Henrico Co to Halifax, then Giles Co (previously Montgomery, previously Fincastle), then Wayne Co (previously Cabell) at the border of Kentucky.  There are several pages full of Parker's descendants all together in Wayne Co in the 1850 census.

A sibling must have gone the same way because both the old Sherrods are there.

But other branches went in other directions.  And there were other Adkinses who weren't necessarily related at all.
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Mary Levon is Hezekiah Adkin's Wife. Also, keep in mind the earlier names have alias' associated with the Shawnee and the Chickahominy of Virginia. I'll try to scan in some of the data I've collected soon, I hope it helps answer more of your questions. In the meantime, I just put up info for Hezekiah for a roadside marker dedication. It mentions Mary Levon, too. I hope this helps you. :D Megan
by Living Finley G2G4 (4.9k points)

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