How do I get my surname and year of birth off the wiki site?

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this is the url but your Wikitree ID/url says it does not exsit
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Anonymous, when I click on the link you provide above, I see a long list of Macalisters.  Which is the one you're asking about?

It sounds like maybe you found a profile representing you (your name, date of birth, connected family, etc) and would like it removed from public searches due to privacy concerns.... is this correct?

If so, you can contact the manager by messaging them or posting on the profile and indicate nicely what you would like done regarding the profile of you.  Maybe you could take it over and continue your genealogy records here.

Of course we do not and cannot remove entire surnames from the database.  We all share public information and profiles.

The link you provided shows a list of Macalister(s) in WikiTree.  Is there a particular one you have a question about?

I'd like to help :)
yes the one for me Heather born 1960 - want it removed for privacy reasons

Hi Heather,

I find this profile that says "Heather Macalister" born in the 1960s

Before going much further, I'll point out that there is absolutely no private information shown.  The first name, last name, and estimated birth date are all that is visible.  There is no sensitive information of any kind and nothing that indicates anything more about the subject... no location, relatives, or other identifiers.

If that profile does represent you, there are no privacy concerns and you can feel secure as is.

Better question... does that profile actually represent you?  It could easily be a different Heather from somewhere else entirely.  In these FamilySearch search results it can be seen that there were and are many people with the same first and last name born in the 60s in many different places.  The odds dictate that it is more unlikely to be your profile than it is likely.

If you are still concerned, you can contact the profile manager and ask for clarification.  She can easily choose to change the privacy to a higher level and it will not be visible any longer.

I hope this helps.  Please ask if you have any more questions I can assist with :)


Doesn't she (as well as any living person) also have the option-- if indeed the profile does represent her-- to have the profile completely removed?
Hi Jillaine,

I am not an expert, and defer to anyone who is :)

My understanding is "Yes".  If the profile indeed represents her, then we extend the courtesy of removing the information from public display at her request.

I believe locking up the privacy level so that it is unlisted or similar fits the bill and appeases everyone.  We can have unlisted profiles of anyone we wish and it does not affect anyone else.  It is essentially the same as deleting it.

On identifying the profile as being her.... it is now simply up to the profile manager to determine and state.  If she says "yes, it represents her" then she will have to make it vanish.  But, if she says "no, it's someone else" then there is nothing to be done.

Obviously, someone cannot ask for every profile of the same first and last name as theirs to be removed from WikiTree.  One guy named John Smith born in the 50s could ask for 50+ profiles to be taken down, when in realty only one could or should represent him.  The way WikiTree displays the birth-dates as only a decade really helps eliminate many privacy issues.

That's what I'm thinkin'  :)

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