Is broadcaster/baseball player Joe Gargiola connected to our global family tree?

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I think he deserves a profile, and information should be available this week because he just passed. But I am not the one to start it as  I don't know much about sports. Perhaps the Italian Roots project might want to give it a try? Or the Notables project?
Lindy - can you either add the {{Notables}} tag to the biography, or open the privacy to the lowest level so that others can collaborate with you on the profile? In general, with a public figure, I recommend opening them up so that everyone can pitch in and help out. In general, there's usually lots of information that can be found for public figures and I find that people will come out of many places to add a tidbit or two to someone they remember.
Thank you, Lindy Jones!
I added the notables tag - Joe is now officially Notable!!
Thanks, Lindy!

Just a reminder that currently all the profiles you've got in the Garagiola family are set with privacy restrictions that means that only you are able to update them. While the living profiles might need some restrictions to protect their privacy, I'd recommend lowering Joe G. and his father and his father's parents to open privacy levels, and possibly the Garavaglia profiles as well, if there's no living relatives. If you need instructions, please let me know. Thanks!

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A simple search for all Garagiola profiles shows only 7 - none named Joe.

I've noticed that a couple of the recently created celebrity profiles are abandoned. Are the profiles created and then abandoned; or is there a special procedure for creating celebrity profiles that leaves them with no PM?

Either way, it doesn't make sense to me to create a profile that you don't intend to manage.

by Lindy Jones G2G6 Pilot (245k points)
On a lighter note, if I wanted to create his page, can I just do that? Do I need any special permission? Are there any special rules for managing a celebrity page?
Sure, create away.  But at least get a source or two.  But that shouldn't be hard.  I'd expect that Joe is on Wkipedia and you can just create a profile biography basted on what they have there (credit being given of course.  Probably when you announce the profile the Notables will come along and mark him.  There are some rules on what can be done on notables, but since you'd be PM, at least to start, most of it wouldn't affect you.
About those profiles we create but do not manage -

When doing "Sourcerer" work, the sources I find for profiles that are missing them often include additional family members.  It seems silly not to create a profile for the new person.  Yet I have no reason to manage that profile, and in fact have gone over the suggested profile limit!

So now I am removing myself from profiles when I am not related, or not researching the family.  Hopefully, the folks who created the original family member will take over.  I just want to help them along by finding sources.

Go, go Italian Roots!   -NGP
Lindy, we should not feel obligated to manage every profile we create. If we have good information and sources about someone who isn't already represented here and we want to take the time to create a profile but we can't stick around to watch over it, we can go ahead and create the profile and leave it for someone else to add to later.

However, if the profile is private (usually because the person is still living), you can't leave it without a profile manager. When I create profiles for living people who are notable, I try to remember to add the Notables project as a Profile Manager, so the profile won't be orphaned. To add the project to the trusted list, add the email address
Even if you add the Notables as manager, it never hurts to leave yourself on the trusted list so that you can return at some point if a new bit of information turns up that you want to add to the profile.
What is a Sourcerer?

Who are the Notables?

Have I gotten myself into some brainwashing cult!!

Just kidding on that last one!

Lindy, a "sourcerer" is a clever name for a WikiTree genealogist who finds source citations for existing ancestors on WikiTree that are "unsourced" and adds the citations. See this month Sourcerors' Challenge for details.

The Notables project works to add profiles for notable people throughout history, such as Joe, and to connect them to our global family tree.

Couldn't have said it better, Karen!

And here's a link to some light reading for the Notables project:

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