Los Angeles County Death Records

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Family Search has the images of thousands of death certificates in Los Angeles City and Los Angeles County.  I have learned how to navigate my way through these images to find the death certificates of those who died there up until 1960.  I have found all the ones for the individuals I'm researching and feel this skill should not be wasted...okay, the truth?  I've become addicted to finding them.  It's oddly soothing in a way.  So if anyone has an ancestor or a research interest in a death in these areas, I'll gladly look for the death certificates.  Here's a link to the records:  http://tinyurl.com/zhn373e  Do feel free to ask for help.  :)
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That's a wonderful offer, Denise. I have a couple LA deaths and will message you as soon as I locate my files.
Also an issue is that California has a vast history of migrants.  Most of the people that died there weren't born there.  So if for instance, somebody looks for great-uncle Joe born in Illinois but died in California, and Illinois is used as the birthplace in the Family Search search criteria he won't display.  If the birthplace would have been left blank (or California, even though he wasn't born there) it will display.  I discovered this by trial and error.  :)
Thank you for the link. I have Dill family from Los Angeles California area.

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I don't have many DCs from California I need, unfortunately.  But I do love the Ohio DCs on Family Search which run from 1908 when they started on a state level to 1953.  Do you have any general hints  to give out?
by Dave Dardinger G2G6 Pilot (430k points)
The key to finding the death certificates lies in the indexes to the deaths.  If you have a death in Los Angeles county in 1958, look for the 1958 index to deaths and find the name of the deceased in that.  It will give the certificate number.  Then go to the link for the 1958 deaths that contains the range of numbers your death certificate will be in.

For example:  I'm looking for Jane Doe who died in Los Angeles in 1958.  That's all the information I have.  I use the link I posted in my offer above, find the index of 1958 deaths, since they're arranged alphabetically, I find Jane Doe in the D's and find her certificate number is 10801.  I then go to the list of all records, find the 1958 death certificates that go from 8001 to 12004.  I've gotten pretty good at guessing where in the image range certificate number 10801 will be.  The image number is not the same as the certificate number.  In the certificates that start at 8001 and go to 12004, there are 2500 images.  I will start at image 1000, see what certificate number that image is and then go from there either forward or backward in image numbers to find the image number that shows certificate 10801.  (These are examples, not real numbers.  I'm too lazy to look up the actual image and certificate numbers.  This is just an example to show how you'd find a death certificate for a fictional Jane Doe.)  I hope this helps.

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