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Hi I'm currently checking my Gedcom before importing it. I don't understand that if I click a match for a person, it automatically ticks the skip button as well. I would want that match to appear in my Gedcom import, so why is it about to be skipped?

Should I manually deselect the skip button again after I found its match?
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Hi Peter, 

Here is the info for the Gedcoms , and what you need to think about before importing a Gedcom , now if you are planning on importing Pre-1700 profiles as well, it's very important to not only take the Pre-1700 selfcertification test, but even more important is to contact and coordinate with the proper project, now the early Ras family members belong to the Cape of Good Hope project, so before importing any of them, you could ask help from the coordinator/leader to make sure you won't import family members that are already present (duplicates) ,  the Gedcompare system doesn't always recognize duplicates as a possible match, because of the sometimes different spelled last names or maybe different dates, some profiles at Wikitree now have only the patronymic for LNAB, while other online genealogies have added the (wrong) last names to them that were adopted later by these people or sometimes were adopted only by these peoples children or grandchildren. 

So for all Pre-1700 profiles it's asked to first get in touch with the proper project and let them know who you are planning to import (what families) before importing any of them, this to prevent maybe causing project members a lot of extra work merging and integrating all duplicates and imported info again . because indeed as Ann already explained, adding profiles and info to a Bio manually really works much quicker than merging duplicates and integrating all imported info into the already present one . 


Thanks for reply. OK I understand about the pre 1700 entries but bit confused what to do now. Do I have to create a new Gedcom without the pre 1700 entries or where can I find the Gedcom I submitted and see if I can delete them that file.
You can check the "Skip" box for the individuals born pre-1700 and they will not have profiles created when your GEDCOM is imported.
Yes you can skip them of course, that's the easiest thing.

But  indeed as you suggest, maybe it's an idea to create a new Gedcom (and leave out all Unknowns Unknowns, ones with wrong spelled names (all capitals for example), without dates and so on as well, than, if possible first add the proper dates, correct names or just try adding them manually if the Gedcom isn't that large and if there are many matches (possible duplicates), because as you will understand the system can't recognize profiles without any dates as possible duplicates and sometimes adding profiles or your info to the ones present already manually in a lot of cases just works much quicker.

A Gedcom sounds quick and easy, but because Wikitree works different (only one profile for each person that lived) importing a Gedcom is also different. For example if you have to skip the parents of children you can just as well skip the children also, or make very sure to write every individual down somewhere before import, because these children if the parents are skipped , all will be imported as separate (individual) profiles .

We call them ''floaters'', so that's why you will have to write their names down somewhere, including the names (Profile ID's) of the parents present here, to be able to find and connect them to the proper parents after the import. That's also why it's important to have sources added to the ones you'd like to import, ''floaters'' without sources or some info about the parents and because of the very often repeated names in some families are very hard to reconnect (all research has to be done over again to make sure they are connected to the correct family/parents)

So that's also why it's recommended to first start with just a small gedcom, this way you can see how it turns out and than decide if you would like to try importing more, or just add them all manually .

Now if you would like some help, just let me know , I could ask Jan our Dutch Roots Project Coordinator , he has a lot of knowledge about Gedcoms , what programs are best to use and you could send one to him to make sure it will turn out fine for you .
Hi Bea,

thanks for your detailed reply. I think the best will be, as you said to start small and do it manually. I will start doing so in the next week or so and see how it goes.

Will be in touch.

You're very welcome Peter, always a pleasure, starting small is great, and hope it all turns out well of course . 

Many of us started here by importing waaay too large gedcoms a few years ago and many of us regret, because to this day we all still are trying to get all these sometimes still Gedcom (some were abandoned) profiles finally cleaned up, sourced, improved, wrong lineages corrected and duplicates merged if needed, some of us still now and than bump in to some never discovered floaters, and I think if we all could start over, many members would probably have never imported these large gedcoms. 

So even though a Gedcom seems ideal and much quicker, at Wikitree and in the long run, manually adding well sourced and nice looking profiles is a much better and quicker way to start. ( the main reason why importing large Gedcoms is no longer possible is the lesson we all learned from the earlier imported large ones and why now we are trying so hard to prevent new members getting in the same ''trouble'' some of us are in :P ) 

Also here is a wikitree searchengine this one catches almost all profiles present at Wikitree, you can use a wildcard search as well, a great way to see if there maybe are profiles for the persons or families you'ld like to add already present here.

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The goal of Wikitree is to have one profile for one person. If you have a match to Elisabeth Ras, she should be skipped on your import, so that you don't create a duplicate.

You will be able to make the attachment from your imported profiles to Elisabeth after your import. You'll get a report on the skipped members. However if there is only the one, you could untick it, but remember that you will have to merge the two profiles later.

I'ts a lot easier to skip and connect after import than it is to merge two profiles.
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