Can the "genealogists" pages be edited to show the existence of a one-name study?

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The page at , says “Nobody has started a PARRY Project yet. Please lead the way! Create a new free-space project to get things started.”

However, there is a Name study for the Parry surname, which is at and which is listed as a free—space page on the page at

I checked a couple of other name studies (Lockwood and Ballantine) - one shows on the "genealogists" page that there is a project, the other doesn't.  It would obviously be useful to have the Parry name study listed as a project on the page at and I can't see a way to do that.  Am I missing something here?
in Policy and Style by Barbara Parry G2G Crew (610 points)
Hi Barbara, I edited your post to add a link to our ONS FAQ page. Your question addresses an important point and helps draw awareness to an important "behind the scenes" process that leaders perform.
Thank you, Alison, that's much appreciated.

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Hi Barbara,

Good question!

A WikiTree Leader -- probably a Leader of the One-Name Studies Project -- needs to set up what's called a redirect from Project:Parry to Space:Parry_Name_Study.

It simply means putting this line on the Project:Parry page:

#REDIRECT [[Space:Parry_Name_Study]]

This way, our system will know there is a Parry project.

I will do this now.

In the future, if anyone needs a redirect, just contact Alison Andrus or Doug Lockwood, or the current Leader(s) of the top-level One Name Studies Project. Only WikiTree Leaders can create these redirects.



by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
selected by Living Barnett
Thank you, Chris ! I learned something new today (-:
Thank you for your answer and for setting that up, Chris. That's much appreciated.
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How strange! I have just checked both my Name Studies, and my Murch One Name Study reads the same as the Parry one - yet my Blagdon One Name Study is called the Blagdon Project and reads: "Join the Blagdon Project to collaborate. Ask a question or post a message for the group using the "Ask Question" button here. It will post a message in the G2G forum with the BLAGDON tag so that those following the tag will see it."  I didn't do anything, I'm sure!  They are both the same in that they both have a category page and a freespace page.

by Ros Haywood G2G Astronaut (1.9m points)
Hi Ros. See my response above. Just contact Alison or Doug about the Murch study to have the redirect set up.
Thanks, Chris.  I have contacted Alison and requested the redirect.
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Thank you for bringing this up, Barbara! It gives me the opportunity to submit a status report and also provide some guidance. ;-)

I've been working my way through the one name studies alphabetically, creating redirects and am now at "H." As of this morning, there are 908 surname studies with new studies created every day, so it is understandably taking quite some time to go through the list.

Progress has been slowed considerably due to the fact that redirects can only be done when a space page has been created for your surname project. For some reason, many study leaders have opted out of having a project page in favor of posting all project information on the surname study category page. Whenever I run across this problem, I have to stop and send the project leader a message, so it would be wonderful if any of our ONS project members reading this post would make sure that they have a project space page for their one name study.

Thank you!

Alison ;-)
by Alison Andrus G2G6 Mach 4 (49.2k points)
Thank you, Alison.  What a job!
Thank you for all you are doing, Alison.

I remember being a bit confused by the different ways name studies appeared on the various pages when I was setting up my own project, so it's possibly not a case of deliberately "opting out" of having a project space page, more a case of not understanding the structure.  But let's hope ONS project members heed your comment and make your job a little easier. :-)

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