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I am establishing a line from clan MacDonald to Teia Tephy; Queen of Tara and Aberdeen. How does one get certification to enter a date of 583 bce
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See the following link, under the heading BC/BCE Dates for more information:

Note that we do not have the capability of supporting BCE dating at this time.
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Thank you Sir.
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In any case, there are almost no reliable records of Scotland before the time of King David.
by Living Horace G2G6 Pilot (581k points)
I am dating Her at the time of Zedekiah
Almost is the key word there.
Of course it's also on record that King David invented the sporran, to keep his pebbles in.  "And David put his hand in his pouch, and took thence a stone, and slang it" 1 Sam 17:49.
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Also, Tea Tephi, is considered by most scholars, as a myth. She was supposedly a daughter of King Zedekiah who escaped the fall of Judah with the prophet Jeremiah. In the bible it says all of the kings sons were executed but it never mentions daughters. It is feasible that they were not mentioned because in those days women didn't inherit titles of royalty. We'll never really know if she existed. She supposedly fled and landed in Ireland, falling in love with King Ugaine Mor. This does explain why the British coats  of arms have the lion of Judah, although other scholars say it's because they traced the lineage through a different way. I spent nearly a year researching Tea Tephi and gave up!


She is mentioned in this article on Irish royalty.
by Summer Orman G2G6 Mach 8 (89.8k points)
In fact the Annals of the Four Masters is a very late compilation of earlier sources.

I'd be looking at the early sources themselves.  Have a look at some of the links on these Wikipedia pages
But as fans of the late Herbert W Armstrong will remember, Brits and Americans are descended from the Ten Lost Tribes.  Judah is the one that wasn't Lost.
Thank you very much
I am following the scarlet thread. (Genesis 38:28 down the line from Zerah and  Pharez  the other branch of David

The objective for me is to fix these identities to the places and dates'

When Teia Tephi Married Eogaidh in about 556 bce this repaired the Breech, uniting the two tribes thus keeping Gods promise to David of a continuous line forever.
The tribes of Dan and Joseph are of particular interest to me.
I thought this site was meant to be about history and traceable genetic links. Why is someone using the Bible?
It looks to me that someone is trying to squeeze their belief system into a site that should be historic . If so it is insulting to the peoples of the British Isles and their actual history.
Hello Norma,

I don’t recall anyone actually using the Bible as a source in the comments above. I once referenced it, but nowhere did I say it was a “source” itself. This site is very historic and relies on facts, sources, and excellent documentation. My answer above references both the factual side and fictional side, as well as the religious and unknown. The fact is, we’ll never know the truth of her existence. Nobody is pushing beliefs.
If you look at the comment above me

"Was the throne of David  transferred from the land of Israel to the British Isles? If so, how did that come about? Tracing back the history of the British Throne—from England to Scotland, then to Ireland, and back still further to the ancient KINGDOM OF JUDAH, is a most fascinating task!"

"But as fans of the late Herbert W Armstrong will remember, Brits and Americans are descended from the Ten Lost Tribes.  Judah is the one that wasn't Lost."

"I am following the scarlet thread. (Genesis 38:28 down the line from Zerah and  Pharez  the other branch of David"

and the mentions of about Dan and Joseph after that .. its ringing some very loud alarm bells for me..

I am extremely interested in the history of my own country - and I am aware that fiction has a lot to do with the oral traditions  in many of the ancient kingdoms that were establishe pre the Roman conquest and pre christianity and leaves those histories open to interpretation.  It is however  disappointing to see references like the ones above which do seem to be pushing an agenda.

You can order a poster of the kings descendant from Judah's sons, Zareh and Pharez from this site linked below.  They include Tea Tephi on it.  The chart is  called 

'Heritage Of The Anglo-Saxon Race - Chart' 

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This community discussion is fascinating. WOW.

I already have much Irish blood mixed with tons of pre-1500 blood from a massive number of cultures, Vikings who were King of Dublin, Danes, Every side of UK, Western Europeand  from multiple sides of the Mediterranean, and GGF or cousin Crusaders who died around the Holy Land. One more Legend to look into
by Marty Ormond G2G6 Mach 5 (55.2k points)
True that, Marty
That is nearly all of the Japheth line, impressive.
And you and I share some of that!!! This is my 8th cousin, y'all, connection through Wikitree!!!
Be sure to look up the stone of destiny!
i FOUND the lineage I was looking for. It gives the lines through Tea Tephi, connection to Ireland, and current Britain monarchy.
I will definitely get some study done on the Stone of Destiny.

This model of history is above my paygrade.

Edited: I subtracted the last few thoughts. sarcasm isn't my thing, by the way. I was talking about me not any other party. My sense of humor is doing well thank you.

I'm here to learn things, I can fulfill all of the academic criteria, fortunately also have a lot of other talents to bring to the conversation, and humor is part of the package
Each to his or her own. Sarcasm does not befit a true academic.
That is my distant cousin Marty, and he was not being sarcastic!! He's genuinely intrigued!
Ah, I see. My sincere apology.

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