Did you know of the Lunar Society?

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Another community member [http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Binkley-335 Summer Orman] did a neat post today about her relative with a patent.

My Gosh, it dawned on me that I had left unfinished a marvelous topic.

Raise your hand if you had knowledge of the Lunar Society. And I mean before you Google it!

check it out. I was aware of it, and over the years I have learned enough "little crumbs", about these great individuals

Headline story in Cultural History is that the greatest sparks for the industrial revolution came from impoverished Midlands England. Not London and not from the Royalty ruling class. Strange random events, cheap penny toys are a precursor to cheap jewelry, both of which can be traded around the world (cheapest versions!) in the middle of 18th century. jewelry is the precursor (first "Assembly Line" factory in the world) causes someone to speak to other clever people about how to improve. Purest form of Western Civ.... Free-Enterprise, Economic incentives, capitalist competition.

Couple months ago I started adopting and starting to write profiles on the players. I would love to see who else wants to play a role in the Lunar Society.  or Industrial Revolution connections. I have a lot of work to do here and it will be exciting every step of the way

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several great sources have appeared online for the Lunar Society.

  • More than the Royal Society

The Lunar Society was a remarkable grouping of gifted polymaths who met every month in and around Birmingham on the Monday nearest the full moon (when there was most light to travel home by) from 1765 until 1813. To begin with, they called themselves the Lunar Circle, the more formal title 'Lunar Society' being adopted in 1775.

It has been written that 'The Lunar Society was second only to the Royal Society in its importance as a gathering place for scientists, inventors and natural philosophers during the second half of the eighteenth century'. In fact, it was more than that. These men were interested not merely in science, but especially in the application of science to manufacturing, mining, transportation, education, medicine and much else. They were, if you like, the revolutionary committee of that most far reaching of all the eighteenth century revolutions, the Industrial Revolution.

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THE BIRMINGHAM JEWELLERY QUARTER perfect take on how significant , unique and historic this was. "The Enlightenment"

Wikipedia Lunar Society of Birmingham

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De Beers :)

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