Comments maxed out - but the Project hasn't even started yet?

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Hi, how can it be that I (as project research coordinator through this project profile) already get a ''maxed out [...] spam [etc.]" message on trying to send a message through the Project Profile (it is only 11.05 am in the morning, and I have just started). I merely put in the comment box that this profile should be open because it is older than 200 years (I did not put in an open profile request because I am in correspondence with the manager herself; trying to get her input in WikiTree in order).

I often use the comment boxes as I have to ask active managers the following:

"Could one of the active managers of this profile also add the project profile ( to the trusted list of this profile [Privacy Tab] and then also '''activate''' it as '''active manager''' to this profile, please? And then drop me a note, Thanks, Philip"

It is not the first time that I have come up against this obstacle; previously I solved it by mailing to active members or logging out and logging in again on my own personal account - but this is much more work and I'd want to ask if a Project Profile might be allowed much more mail (especially in the not too distant future where thousands of profiles will fall on the custodial managership of this project, a maximum of 20 messages / comments will not be enough).

WikiTree profile: Barend Lutriet
in WikiTree Tech by Cape of Good Hope Project WikiTree G2G1 (1.1k points)

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Hi Philip,

Check out

I'm not sure we've come to a definitive decision on this -- Leaders are still experimenting with Project Accounts -- but the general inclination is that all real activity should be done under individual accounts.

In the case of this G2G post, for example, I think it would be better to have had it come from you than the Cape of Good Hope Project collectively.

by Chris Whitten G2G Astronaut (1.5m points)
selected by Philip van der Walt

The problem is that I'm constantly in and out - under my own account and then again [necessarily] under the project account (this is only concerning the already profile protected profiles or asap to be protected - some 1400 on my Excel list I'm now working off) - not all of them has the profile as "active manager", some do and then some don't (only on the trusted list) and I'm not always the active manager (or on the trusted list at all) and have to log in as project to accomplish this task.

I do not agree that it should neccessarily come from me as an individual (is also not always that easy), because eventually it will be the project profile who has the last say in ppp'd profiles, on collaborative basis, not individual managers.

Also, concerning this sentence: "If Leaders or Project Coordinators are working on WikiTree using the project account, they must sign in by posting a quick message on the Project Profile's public bulletin board saying they're signed in. The post will show their name, date, and time. This way we can keep track of who was actually making changes." - first time ever that I read this - and where / how should I do that - it is simply not feasible if I have to [considering the continual flow of new activity] to do that 30/40/50 times a day ... how do the other members even know where to find this "bulletin" board? I don't - it is also not the most logical thing I'll do when I'm busy with project profiles and / or logged onto WikiTree.

This sentence: "The activity on the e-mail list should help keep project members involved. The Activity Feed also creates a focus for member activity, e.g. members can share monitoring duties and discuss changes on the e-mail list." - that is exactly the urgency with which I'd going trough the whole excel list, going back to when profile were first being project protected - somewhere for this project around mid 2014. That is also why I've added (besides myself and the project leader Bea), a few other trusted and active project members with more than 20000 contributions, (4/5 in total) to the trusted list of this project profile. The reason is simple - of course we are all working as individual project members, but not only the LNAB-field has been locked - also the connected parent profiles [or rather - the connections themselves]. And with a lot of research happening and behind the scenes communication (when not through the comment feed of the project protected profiles), sometimes a parent profile will need to be merged / LNAB changed etc. And me as research coordinator will not always be around to organize that.Anyhow, it is still early days and this concept is working. Only thing not working [again] are these new hurdles that if complied with, will make the actual task [restrospectively making the project custodial manager of already project protected profiles] take ten times as long ...

Hi Philip,

The way we've found works well for managing being in on both accounts is to have them open in different browsers-one in Firefox and one in Chrome, for example. Either way, it's important that contributions are attributed to the members making them, so the only things that the PA should be doing, really, is accepting trusted list requests or merge requests that no one else can. For most projects, a Leader can adopt a profile to make those happen, though, if the profile is 200+ years old, so only newer profiles, like those in Notables, would even need the PA to complete those actions. I know it takes longer if you're using just one browser, but it's important that actual "people" are seen making changes and contributions. The profiles are intended more as a way to gather and watch profiles.

The bulletin board comment is my bad-it should say public comments and I am off to fix that right now.
Thanks Abby. At this stage now I'm still busy with bring the current protected profiles under the umbrella of the Project Profille. Along the way I keep track in Excel of requests, and come across back-log work from as far back as mid-2014 or even late 2013 (which I tend to want to attend to while I'm at it and it can be done). Of course the contributions are from the members, but this isn't the issue here - the issue is the task I have at hand. As has been seen in many other feeds, many managers aren't active any more, and sometimes the project is only added to the trusted list, which accomplishes nothing.

Once I have every Protected Profile in this Project under the Custodial Managership of this Project [Profile], I can relax. Only profiles that also have the Project as co-[active] manager, will then be allowed to be protected, granted that they comply also to with the other criteria.

At a certain moment when I have had as much of the PPP-d profiles under the Project Profile and still are stuck with a few, I'll ask a leader to orphan them off (mostly they are then under managership of non-active members, though I have a suspicion that some have passed on).

At this moment I have appr. 40 tabs open in FireFox. I only use Chrome every now and then. I'try that option and see how it works.

Silly question, but what is a PA? All in all this is Project Profile as manager of PPP'd profiles is a great concept and excellent idea - it really works.
Sorry-PA = Project Account :-) We started out calling them Project Profiles, but found account fit better.

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