Caldwell Scots-Irish ancestry

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Could someone please help me to find ancestors of

John [Vernon?] Caldwell

born 4 Dec 1799 in New England (Maine/Massachusetts/NovaScotia)

- descendant George Caldwell claims that John Caldwell is a son of George Caldwell of Scots-Irish descent and an immigrant:

Kingsbury, George Washington. "George Caldwell." History of Dakota Territory, 4.841-42. George Caldwell was one of the early settlers of South Dakota and ... passed away on the 29th of September, 1887. He was born at South Bend, Indiana, December 18, 1841. The Caldwell family is of Scotch-Irish descent, the first representative of the family in America being, so far as is known, George Caldwell, who left Ireland in the eighteenth century. He was the father of John Caldwell, who lived and died in Indiana and who in turn was the father of George Caldwell of this review. The last named when twelve or fourteen years of age went to Wisconsin and located in Sauk county.

John Caldwell

died 12 Dec 1869 Baraboo, Sauk County, Wisconsin

Baraboo News Republic 24 Nov 1869 Dec 12th 1869, res Baraboo, John Caldwell, aged 70y 8d, native of VT, 10y IN, one IL 22 Baraboo WI. m 43y, left a feeble kindhearted Christian wife, 5 ch 18 gch. He was a member of the Baptist ch, often voting almost alone for liberty when it cost something to be an Abolitionist. Many times he had been heard to say if he could see every slave on American soil free, he should be willing to die. A peaceable, honorable and upright citizen and a good neighbor. Ebenezer Ch. The long procession following his remains to the grave attested to the high esteem in which he was held."

married 23 Mar 1828 Colchester, Chittenden Co VT (Old Town of Colchester Town Records: Marriages from 1795-1861 2.107)

Minerva HILL
b. 28 Jun 1801 Colchester, Chittenden Co VT
d. 16 Oct 1873 Baraboo, Sauk Co WI

The Caldwell name is sometimes found as Colwell.

A hearty thank you to whoever can help!

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(Caldwell, Cadwell, Kidwell) Surname Spellings to look up .

Jonathan Cadwell b .1694 in HartfordConnecticut. (Cadwell-190), married Leah Morgan .

Ramona, you and any Caldwell relatives should join the Caldwell DNA group in FTDNA. There are lots in there. Maybe you could get some answers by checking their trees...or meet new cousins???

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Please let me know if you receive any replies! I'm looking too! I did run across George Caldwell born in Antim County, Ireland Jan 1, 1796 died in Vermont Feb 2, 1851 and Married Mahetable Wetherbee March 17, 1792. Since John Vernon was born Dec. 4 1799 in Vermont, it may fit.
This George Caldwell might fit. Please contact me:

Patty, you should join the Caldwell DNA group in FTDNA. There are lots in there. Maybe you could get some answers by checking their trees...or meet new cousins???

I am a DNA Caldwell descended from Antim, Ireland although my branch landed in Pennsylvania.  I am not a member of FTDNA, however.  Is there any chance of trying GEDMatch, which does not require 2 people to have used the same testing company?
You can join FTDNA for free. We'd love u in the Huey group where Caldwell DNA is part of!!
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Check Lasswade and area, Edinburgh, Scotland. I have 3rd Great-grandmother, Christian (Christina) Caldwell, born in 1818, that was from Lasswade, Edinburgh. Her father's name was Alexander Caldwell.

HTH,  Eileen

PS I guess we can't use wiki codes on here :D Okay, the links should take you to their pages.

by Eileen Kortright G2G1 (1.8k points)
Can someone discover the names of this Alexander Caldwell's children? It would help to know where his descendants lived.
Christina is one of them. I remember looking for others, but that was quite a few years ago.
The name Alexander runs rich in the Caldwell branched of my tree.  Here is the earliest member I can locate,, who is also Scot-Irish.  Your Alexander could be related.
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I am related to Caldwell's from Scotland/Ireland too. I know this because of yDNA testing 5 of my male Hughey cousins. Apparently, my Hughey/Huey line married into the Caldwell family at some point...Would love to know more about who, when, where, etc. My brick wall line. Ugh. One day I will.
by Debbie Parsons G2G6 Pilot (153k points)
Are you in the Caldwell project?  I just joined, so my info is at the relative top.  I have DNA hits to 3 people so far.
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Scotch is a drink.
by Norma Farnhell G2G5 (5.5k points)
Sorry! The news article can no longer be edited, but I did rename this heading. Thanks for getting my attention.
It is standard usage in the US to term those Protestant Scots who emigrated to the Plantations of Ireland and then to the American colonies "Scotch-Irish."  Only headaches will result from trying to be a purist on this.
no problem - it was just a flipant remark - the use of Scotch rather than Scotts amused me . The best of luck with your search and I hope you find some answers. :)
and yes Susan it does seem to be an American English expression rather than normal English Language expression. It isn't something you really hear over here.
And I do agree with you, Norma, that it's technically incorrect - just embedded in the language over here by now.  Divided by our common tongue?
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I am related to the Caldwells of Ireland and Scotland myself and have an ancestor from around the time of your John Caldwell, my Irish-born ancestor John Caldwell (Caldwell-399) who lived in Virginia John Caldwell (abt. 1704 - 1761)

His daughter Martha had a son John Caldwell Calhoun, 7th Vice President of the United States.

Perhaps your John Caldwell and mine are cousins.

by Bill Wright G2G1 (1.2k points)
Perhaps our John Caldwells are related! Apparently this is the favored name in your tree.

The name George is common in our branch, and because we have a note that our John Caldwell's father's name was George Caldwell, I am interested very interested in this George Caldwell in your branch of the Caldwell family:
Interesting... I have an ancestor named John as well that was around Philadelphia in the mid 1690's. Wouldn't have been much of a trip south from Philly to Virginia.
Robert, you should join the Caldwell DNA group in FTDNA. There are lots in there. Maybe you could get some answers by checking their trees...or meet new cousins???
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I am a Caldwell daddy was a George Caldwell then Cecil Caldwell then George Washington Caldwell then John Acey Caldwel. but all from Tennessee...feel free to look at my tree.I have even had my dna tested.
by Tammy Caldwell G2G5 (6.0k points)
my Late husband has an ancestor named William Caldwell who was born around 1793 on census records shows he came from Kentucky he died around 1870 in Dekalb County Tennessee.. his wife was Mary Lucy Cooksey ,some of  his descendants also changed the spelling  to Colwell, Calwell, Culwell, Coldwell  .. There is no documentation of his parents ,It is a brick wall ..  his Wiki profile is Caldwell-4815 , wish i could find out more about him ...
You should join the Caldwell group in FTDNA! You may get lots of answers! There are many Caldwell's and Colwell's that come up as DNA matches in my male cousin's Match lists.
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I got excited about this post when I came across this post again! Two reasons: I am related to Irish Scottish Caldwell's too! I only know this through my cousin's male DNA results. I don't know how my Hughey line connects yet, but that is part of the brick wall now. More questions than answers...

2nd reason is that I was born and raised in St Joseph county Indiana too, like George and his son John Caldwell. I still live around the area. I like learning new stuff while breaking my brick wall!!

BTW, any Caldwell DNA testers should join the Caldwell DNA group in FTDNA. You may get some much needed answers from all the trees in there!!

Does anyone know anything new???
by Debbie Parsons G2G6 Pilot (153k points)
edited by Debbie Parsons
I used your GedMatch data and discovered that we are matched somewhere near 8th cousins, or closer cousins with generations removed.  What is the link to the Caldwell FTDNA project?

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