Would it help to have a WikiTree free-space profile for an individual who has the Project Protected Profile ?

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Do you think it would help to have a wikitree free space profile template for an individual who has the Project Protected Profile ?

The purpose of such a free space profile is a space to post info without the limitations of a message on an individual profile. This would be a bulletin board type, where messages could be coded "open" or "closed," for example: person A posts "should merge nnn into nnn  and person B posts: merge completed . There would need to be a mechanism to attach the free space profile to the individual PPP profile. Ideally it would allow multiple profile id's to be cut and pasted with the message, for example id for deleted parents, spouses, children.

Currently I have seen this type of communication done with a message posted on the profile or info typed into the biography section. The bounds of a message on an individual profile do not work adequately when a spouse profile is updated, changed parents, detached a few months later and now resides in the disconnect profile group. When we scrolling through the many changes pages it is not clear why some of the updates were made.

I created a free space profile for one of the PGM PPP's to see the result. I would like to know what others think of this. It seems to be limited to only 2 surname/tags and I tried to use three. A different free space template could likely better suit this need.

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You would still have to post a message on the profile, asking people to look at the free space page.

Add a tab to wikitree and have that tab less protected is one way...

See my suggestion with a Research Plan tab

If you do some more advanced genealogy you need to gather all evidences and correlate the evidences you have found. This shoudl be done so other researcher can understand your analyze. The best place to do that is not in the Bio section.... is my experience... and also my experience from other wikis.... the Bio should be clean and contain just the result... he same rule is for a protected or a not protected profile....


If you do {{Space:James_Loomis_Jr_PGM_PPP_1615-1687}}

you can include the Free space profile on other pages.....
Brilliant! Why didn't I think of that? A work page would keep all those working notes from emailing evey google group member!  It's

Re Paula

Yes its something missing in Wikitree to make working together better and easier.... also when you find a profile you can read what has been done...

Things will help if we write down...

  1. A research plan
  2. Track what has been done and transcription of sources...
  3. Track what has been done but didn't give any evidences
  4. Correlating evidences that are not matching each other 100%
  5. And an analyze....


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The question doesn't really relate only to Project Protected Profiles, but actually relates to all profiles, and that is the question of how to handle research in progress.

Magnus is of course right, that the end-objective should be a bio that is clean and contains just the end result.  But where there has been controversy or discovery, the end result should include sourced information related to the resolution of the controversy or discovery.  You can write a brief bio for John F. Kennedy because his genealogical and biographical facts are essentially common knowledge and there is no controversy about them.  Even so, the facts that are cited in the biographical narrative must be sourced, because the sources in the narrative are the only way one knows that the dates and relationships in the data field are not fiction.

Where there is controversy, which has been resolved through research and discovery, however, the should be reflected in the narrative, or else people will not know that the controversy has been resolved, and tend to recreate it.  

I would think that the decision to go to a supplemental free space page would be determined by the amount of material involved in the controversy and the complexity of the response.  I created a free space profile in the case of Katherine Marsham -- http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:The_Legend_of_Katherine_Brent_Marsham -- because the discussion needed to be fuller than would fit on one profile, and affected a number of profiles.  In this case, however, my motivation was the opposite of that suggested in the query -- my desire was not to have a forum where more people could participate -- G2G is best designed for that -- but where I could present an analysis that I claimed ownership of and restricted editing to only 3 of us on the trusted list.  That then facilitated covering only the essential points on affected profiles, with a link to the free space page -- which, as noted, had the advantage that it could be a resource for several profiles, not just one.

In general, one of the strong points of WikiTree is that it accomdates the differing research and writing styles of a number of people.  Anytime we standardize an approach, we are forcing someone to adapt their own style.  Some standardization, of course is needed, and teamwork means making some adjustments.  But we should standardize only when there is a strong necessity to do so.  We capture more of the energy of diverse volunteers when we maximize the freedom of approach.  Suggesting that free space profiles can be helpful in certain situations is a good thing to do.  But suggesting that everyone should use a free-space profile in all instances of a certain kind is unnecessary standardization which will simply suck out the energy of otherwise enthusiastic volunteers and unnecessarily cost WikiTree the enthusiasm which has taken it so far already.
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I believe this idea has broader application than just a PPP situation.  I should be used anytime there is a complex problem to resolve regarding a person's identity or relationship.  I am currently using a free space page to document the research for a possible maiden name of a person in one of my lines.  I needed a way to document which possibilities were ruled out and which were candidates requiring further work.  It was also a way to point out why some of the surnames proposed in some of the published works are wrong.  My example is at: http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Space:Maiden_Name_of_Jerusha_Ayer

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Thanks Warren. I followed your suggestion and posted the 'discussion page' link into the bio of the 3 profiles. This seems a significant improvement over posting a message on each page and then watching 3 profiles to find responses.

I normally add at the bottom of a Free space page the following code ==> you get a link and can see where the page is used...

----[http://www.wikitree.com/wiki/Special:Whatlinkshere/Space:Maiden_Name_of_Jerusha_Ayer Inbound links]

==> you get the result

And it will look on the page at the bottom a link with the text Inbound link

Thanks.  I have used this code on my Source pages, but for some reason never thought to adapt it to these work pages.  Good add.

Inbound links are really great way of tracking things and relations....

Yesterday a major genealogy site i Sweden totally changed structure of the dicussion forum that I link to as I have used templates I can at least track the places I need to change ;-( http://www.wikitree.com/index.php?title=Special:Whatlinkshere/Template:SPC_Anbytar&limit=250&from=0

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